Family guy Season 16 illustration 17 Review: switch the Flip

Brian hit it on the nose once he warned Stewie that his machines constantly seem come fail in ~ the worst time, but it didn"t stop the 2 from swapping bodies so that Stewie could turn Brian"s life around.

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Or at least try. When a loser, constantly a loser.

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Stewie couldn"t do anything to aid Brian out, and also his little venture into Freaky Friday territory finished up resulting in havoc transparent Quahog.

Brian was the first one to complain around our dependency on technology, but it didn"t take him lengthy to come to be addicted to family Guy"s variation of Alexa.

I think the entirety idea that Alexa is creepy. For some people, it"s essentially taken the location of another person. Why bother connecting with world when friend can communicate with a machine?

It"s just one an ext step towards finish isolation.

Brian: There to be a time, no to long ago, when human being would talk with each other.Peter: Yeah, the negative time. The sucky ages.Brian: Our society is doomed. Human being and technology are a negative match. Similar to moms and Radiohead.

Our society is in a sad state. Stores are closing left and right because of an innovation and mega stores favor Amazon i m sorry has end up being a one-stop shop for everything. Is there anything you can"t gain on Amazon?

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Now, Amazon"s solved another problem. Feeling lonely and also lazy? Just gain yourself an Alexa app, and also you"ll have a forever friend.


Stewie realized the his friend required to change his life. I"m surprised Stewie didn"t think of creating a human body swapping machine sooner.

Brian was excited in ~ the believed that Stewie would revolve his loser life around, however not even Stewie might work miracles.

It didn"t take it Stewie lengthy to realize that being Brian wasn"t easy and that no matter just how he tried, there wasn"t any hope because that Brian having a effective life.

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But if Stewie thought it to be going to it is in easy just to switch back bodies, the had one more thing coming. Leaving it come Peter to screw points up.

Being in Brian"s body was bad, yet having to it is in Peter was also worse -- especially due to the fact that it was the weekend Peter and also Lois to be going to a sex seminar.


I loved just how cool chris was through the whole body swapping thing, but where to be Meg? I understand I"ve request this before, yet is she even component of the Griffin family anymore?

I would have loved to have seen she switch bodies through someone. Quagmire would have been a good switch for her. That would have been much more tasteful than Glen convert bodies through a guinea pig.

Quagmire is a larger pervert 보다 I ever before imagined. Why would certainly he require a guinea pig as soon as he has actually women throwing us at him left and right?

Whatever. That"s not even the point.


I can"t imagine what it would be choose to end up stuck in who else"s body. It might be funny for a while, yet I"d quite be in my very own skin. Still, that would permit for a much better perspective of what someone rather is experiencing, and also that"s what Stewie realized once he swapped bodies with Brian.

It"s not easy being someone you"re not.

It to be funny that Brian lastly got his ultimate wish once he finished up in Peter"s body. You"d think the would have spent a little more than 3 minutes in bed v Lois. 

He might have do a whole night the it, but it verified Brian"s true nature -- he"s selfish and also immature. Even if Stewie had obtained him a job and a girlfriend, that wouldn"t have adjusted Brian"s essence.

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It"s not that world can"t change, however it take away a hell of a many of effort to change your life.

And if you don"t have actually to communicate with other people due to the fact that you have a friend choose Alexa, what would certainly be the suggest of do a far-reaching change?

The prize is over there is over there is no point.

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My favorite component was as soon as Brian was in the bar, and also the hooker took him into the bathroom. Brian"s reaction to what she was about to do to him was hilarious.