Registration appointments are arranged by stage, distributed throughout several organization days because that spring and fall registration.

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Students are randomly assigned come a stage based on student type (e.g., graduate student) or by the total variety of cumulative credits. For the functions of assigning registration times, cumulative credit total includes both completed and in-progress credits. Audit courses room not counting in the cumulative credits, nor are they counted together credits in progress. 

Appointments space not readjusted based upon scholastic credit awarded ~ appointments have been assigned.

When can I register?

View your specific registration date and time by clicking the "Registration" tab in MyU: Academics. Usage the registration Shopping cart to register for classes anytime after her appointed time. Registration is unavailable during weekly maintenance on Sundays, 3:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

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Stage 1Graduate/professional students and also undergraduates with 90+ cumulative credits April 12 - 19
Stage 2Undergraduates with 60+ cumulative credits April 20 - 22
Stage 3Undergraduates through 30+ cumulative credits April 23 - 27
Stage 4Undergraduates v fewer 보다 30 accumulation credits April 28 -29
Stage 5Open enrollment (non-degree, senior citizens, and visiting students)April 30

Times for virtual & Distance finding out (ODL) registration

There are different registration times because that Twin cities Online and also Distance Learning expanded term (9-month) courses. You may register because that term-based (semester) ODL process on the very first day of it is registered (the first day of phase 1) nevertheless of your registration time.

Tue, Oct 26, 2021 Fall second 7-week session begins
Wed, Dec 22, 2021 end of loss semester
Tue, jan 18, 2022 Spring complete semester and very first 7-week sessions begin

Tue, Sep 14, 2021 last day to receive a 100% tuition refund because that canceling complete semester and very first 7-week conference classes
Tue, Oct 26, 2021 Fall 2nd 7-week session starts
Mon, Nov 1, 2021 critical day to get a 100% tuition refund because that canceling second 7-week session classes