With the 2015 spirit Train Awards simply a few days away, organize Erykah Badu is back on the music scene through her very first full length project because 2010. Dropping she well awaited brand-new mixtape But friend Caint use My Phone (a pat on her 1997 struggle “Tyrone”), Ms. Badu is below to remind you just why she’s so respect in the game.

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Featuring her remix to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” – which has actually been change the name “Cell U Lar Device” – and “Phone Down,” Erykah boasts one 11-track mixtape that will have you begging for a brand-new album right now. Join by Drake on “U use to contact Me” and ex-beau André 3000 ~ above “Hello,” Badu gives us a good follow-up to New Amerykah part Two (Return the the Ankh).

But U Caint use My Phone is easily accessible to download solely on iTunes and steaming via to apologize Music because that one week. It will certainly be availalbe on staying streaming partners and also digital retailers December 4.

Stream the mixtape below!


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