Driggs, Idaho, is a tiny yet popular recreation and resort area in Teton sink offering tasks year-round including art and music festivals, sport tournaments, rodeos and antique fairs.

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Teton sink Cabins

(866) 687-1522Driggs, ID

Teton valley Cabins creates a relaxing getaway retreat for those who room looking to unwind close to Yellowstone, Jackson hole & Teton Valley.


Moose Creek Ranch & Cabins

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Classic luxury, contemporary & cozy cabins room perfect for families, just 20 minutes from Jackson Hole. Click to check out our selection of alternatives including glamping & Airstream rentals.


Teton Springs Lodge & Spa

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Luxury full-service resort in Teton Valley. Nearby to cool Targhee, with access to Jackson Hole. Onsite cross country skiing, fishing, restaurant, spa, and more!

simply 32 miles from Jackson, Driggs is located on the western front that the Grand Teton range. Driggs has usual services to assistance visitors passing through and locals who commute to adjacent jobs consisting of lodging, dining, and also shops. paris fishing the Teton River, mountain biking at grand Targhee, and hiking increase Teton Canyon are just a couple of summer tasks that you have the right to enjoy in the area. Reap skiing and snowboarding at grand Targhee in the winter.

Driggs, ID, has actually a many to sell locals and also visitors enjoying Teton Valley, ~ above the western side of the Tetons. Celebrating its first 100 year in February, 2010, Driggs is the ar seat for Teton County, combining old west charm with contemporary business enterprizes and year-round recreation opportunities.


Driggs, ID, is a small yet bustling city in the Teton sink on the West next of cool Teton national Park and Teton Pass, around 32 miles from Jackson, WY.


Driggs has typical services to assistance visitors pass through and also locals that commute to adjacent jobs including 17 acres of park land, a pair hotels, lodges, and also bed and also breakfasts, a tiny private airport, a bookstore, an really Austrian bakery, notable artist galleries, cafes, pubs, a couple restaurants, outdoor equipment shops and also guide services.


Driggs is a good place to shop because that eclectic gifts, uncover tasty treats at the summer Farmer’s Market, and also to dine out. But it just starts there.

Hot air Balloon RidesHot air balloon rides market a glimpse that the valley and also the west next of the Tetons. Teton Valley"s fourth of July festivities encompass an yearly multi-day hot air balloon rally. Paris fishing is superb in Teton Valley.

Fly FishingCast a line into or to rise the Teton River, i beg your pardon runs best through the middle of the valley.

GolfingA handful of golf courses in the area attract golfing enthusiasts in the summer months.

Mountain BikingDiscover epic mountain biking trails in the large Hole Mountains, top top the west side of the valley, and at cool Targhee Resort. A variety of mountain bike gyeongju are organized at the resort in the summer.

HikingCanyon after ~ canyon ~ above the west side of the Tetons offers an excellent trails because that a family members hike or a multi work backpack. Make sure to wander increase Teton Canyon towards Alaska Basin, where the trail at some point meets up with Grand Teton national Park, if you have actually the time.


Just 11 mile up the road you will uncover Grand Targhee Resort, a winter and also summer destination. Skiers and snowboarders will discover epic quantities of flour in the winter. In the summer, uncover hiking trails, tons of hill biking trails and also a grasp of bicycle races, and two famous music festivals, the Targhee Fest and also the Bluegrass Festival.

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Getting Here

From Jackson, take W Broadway/US-191 S/US-26 W/US-89 S and turn appropriate on WY-22. Proceed on ID-33 West come Driggs.