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Home News Briefs 'Dragon Ball Super' episode 60, 61 spoilers: lid lifted on Goku Black's actual identity

A screenshot of Babsence Goku from "Dragon Ball Super"YouTube/Toei Animation

The identity of Goku Babsence has been revealed before the airing of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 which will certainly unveil this longstanding mystery.

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In a synopsis for the episode, which is titled "Back to the Future, Goku Black's Identity Revealed," the Goku doppelganger was reveabrought about be none various other than Zamasu himself.

The "Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 synopsis as revealed by Gojitaaf reads: "The true identity of Black is Zamasu who traded his mind and also body via Goku thanks to the Super Dragon Balls. In addition, it is now likewise prstove that Zamasu and Black are at the origin of acts which are also more atrocious."

This is why Goku Babsence and also Zamasu share the same ki blasts and also even fights the same way, as per YouTube user The Fan Guy. The facial functions likewise show similarities. All of this is meant to be revealed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 60.

Tright here were the majority of speculations through regards to the genuine identification of Goku Babsence. Tbelow were ones saying it was Gohan while others sassist it was the Supreme Kai Gowasu from Universe 10.

Interestingly, there was also a conjecture that Goku Babsence was wimelted to visibility from the Super Dragon Balls, which is now revealed to be true, partly.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 is supposed to go into detail regarding exactly how Goku Babsence came to life and also which version of Goku played the duty in the trade. The Zamasu that resides inside the villain is most likely to be from one more timeline.

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As for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61, Gojitaaf likewise revealed the synopsis for the episode, which is looking to be another exciting one. The description reads: "Babsence Goku sees Goku and also the others as the greatest obstacle in completing 'The 0 Humans Plan.' He transforms into Super Saiyan Rose to get rid of them when and for all."

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 60 is schedubrought about premiere on Sunday, Oct. 2, while episode 61 will air on Oct. 9.