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STARTER DECK DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAMESTARTER DECK 15-Pride of the Saiyans- Release date MSRP Contents Details

August 13, 2021


・Deck Cards x51 ・Play Sheet x1 ・Rule Manual x1

9 Exclusive Starter Deck Cards (5 Types): ・Silver Foil/Gold Stamp Card x2 (2 Types) ・Silver Foil Card x7 (3 Types)

*Release day may differ by area. *Release day subject to readjust.




Each starter deck has actually 5 exclusive card types! The Leader card and also a Uniboy Card are in silver foil via a gold stamp! (SD15-01, 02) 4 more starter exclusives are in silver foil! (SD15-02, 03, 04, 05)


No. Color Card Name Group Rarity Pieces
SD15-01 Red SSB Vegeta, Spirit Boost Elite LEADER ST 1
SD15-02 Red SS Cabba, Spirit Resonance UNISON ST 2
SD15-03 Red Son Goku, Spirit Boost Warrior BATTLE ST 2
SD15-04 Red Surpclimb Attack Son Gohan BATTLE ST 2
SD15-05 Red Surprise Attack SSB Vegeta BATTLE ST 2
BT1-014 Red Saiyan Cabba BATTLE C 2
BT1-027 Red Cabba"s Awakening EXTRA C 2
BT3-027 Red Unending Awakening EXTRA C 2
BT4-012 Red Intensifying Power Trunks BATTLE UC 2
BT5-023 Red Afterimage Technique EXTRA C 2
BT6-010 Red Support Attack Trunks BATTLE C 2
BT6-011 Red Bulma, from the Sidelines BATTLE C 2
BT6-025 Red Transcendent Strike EXTRA C 2
BT6-026 Red Is That All You"ve Got? EXTRA C 2
BT9-031 Blue Android 18, Steadrapid Technique BATTLE C 2
BT10-008 Red Yamcha, Merciless Barrage BATTLE SR 2
BT11-008 Red Son Goku, Saiyan Youth BATTLE UC 2
BT11-011 Red Vegeta, Saiyan Youth BATTLE C 2
BT14-006 Red Super Saiyan Son Goku BATTLE C 2
BT14-010 Red Tien Shinhan, Universe 7 Challenger BATTLE C 4
TB1-023 Red Strategies of Universe 7 EXTRA UC 2
TB1-055 Green Infinite Energy Android 18 BATTLE UC 2
DB1-019 Red Niagara Drop EXTRA C 2
DB2-004 Red Piccolo, Namekian Fortification BATTLE C 2
DB3-001 Red Master Roshi, Potential Unleashed UNISON UC 2



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