Notes: obviously thinking Sureshot/Zen Moment/Snapshot/Outlaw together the exclusive right to use. Not a huge hand cannon user and also the omolons simply feel weird to me quiet (someone discussed 'juice bullets' and that's every i have the right to think - esp. With handcannons). Not so sure about the arcetype - i.e. If it's good, what that lacks. I recognize some civilization swear by lock though, so probably this is one to lastly sway my opinion that them? you guys tell me

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A) Low affect HCs are dumpster tier in PvE

B) same for PvP since if friend fire it at the optimal ROF, i beg your pardon you need to in stimulate to out TTK the Hawkmoon-type impact, you'll obtain shit-tons of ghost bullets.

C) nobody of this matters because that gun has pathetic variety by default and also you don't have actually a selection perk. Insta-shard.

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Op · 5y

good to recognize i'm no crazy for disliking the down and also doubt in general. Just saw the combo of perks and also thought it might make a an excellent gun great, ns guess just not this one :)

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