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In two weeks, the Bucs are most likely to have an chance to include a first-ballot room of Famer to a position of need.

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Don’t perform it.

The Vikings say they haven’t got to a decision about Adrian Peterson, yet it’s not complicated to read between the sidelines. If the former league MVP isn’t willing to restructure his contract, he’s gone.

Minnesota isn’t about to trigger an $18 million alternative on a running ago who transforms 32 on in march 21. It looks favor Peterson will certainly be enabled to test the free-agent market, and also that’s wherein the Bucs come into play.

A year ago, the Bucs believed they were set at running back, at the very least for awhile. Doug Martin to be coming turn off an All-Pro season and also Charles Sims accounting for much more than 1,000 yards native scrimmage as Martin’s backup.

But Martin injured his hamstring in mainly 2 and also Sims struggled as the main back. Once Martin returned, he to be ineffective and now the is suspended for the an initial three games of 2017 because that violating the NFL’s drug policy.

There’s a great chance Martin has played his last game for the Bucs, who ran the ball poorly in 2016. While there is no doubt running ago is a priority place this offseason, Peterson isn’t the answer.

Drivel Time

NFL history tells united state that 32-year-old to run backs rarely make one impact, especially ones through Peterson’s wear and also tear.

Speaking of tears, Peterson endured a take it meniscus in mainly 2 last season and finished the year v 37 carries because that 72 yards. That’s yards-per-carry typical makes martin look like Ezekiel Elliott.

Peterson is currently trying to reach out to his following employer. He has actually mentioned the Bucs and Giants together potential landing spots, but that’s simply free-agent chatter.

A many drivel goes ~ above this time of the year, favor Jameis Winston saying he’d welcome DeSean Jackson. What else is the face of the franchise an alleged to say?

If Winston had actually been asked about Randy Moss, that would have said come on down.

And by the way, that report arguing Winston and also Jackson have a “rapport” is just fake news. Supposedly the “rapport” is composed of Winston rooting because that the Eagles if Jackson was capturing passes from Donovan McNabb.

Whether he’s play for the Bucs, Vikings or Giants in 2017, Peterson wants to it is in paid because that what that has achieved — and it’s quite a body of work.

Peterson’s median of 95.5 rushing yards per game for his career ranks No. 4 all-time, behind Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and also Terrell Davis. Right behind Peterson space Eric Dickerson and also Walter Payton.

That’s high cotton.

No Threat

Peterson’s Canton bust is assured, however the Bucs don’t care around what he put on tape during his peak. A.P. New stands for After Prime.

Peterson is only an important in terms of future performance, and that’s why the Bucs need to pass top top him.

He’s never been much of a blocker or a pass-catching danger out that the backfield, for this reason Peterson has to make his mark with the sphere in his hands. And in the eight games prior to that torn meniscus, Peterson average 2.9 yards per carry.

That’s Doug martin territory.

Granted, this free-agent course of running backs doesn’t obtain Buc fans specifically excited. When Eddie Lacy is just one of your headliners, it’s a weak crop.

Still, the Bucs should avoid the Peterson trap and make a wise signing prefer Latavius Murray. And don’t avoid there.

This draft is an alleged to it is in deep at to run back. You can uncover value past the first round, and GM Jason Licht thrives ~ above hitting the lengthy ball on job 2 that the draft.

Peterson would certainly be a sexy signing, however he makes little sense because that this franchise.

Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

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