The just thing left to carry out to upgrade the settlement. Can't uncover it on the map nor deserve to I find it in any random encounters. It's as well vague to discover myself there is no wasting my time wondering v the streets. Any type of help?

Edit: say thanks to you all for your aid and suggestions, i controlled to discover one and get the assignment out of the means finally and also im so relieved, ns feel favor the public executions are the hardest to find, or it could just it is in a placebo affect.

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In both the closed beta and also the main video game i struggled v this, probably the execution have to spawn an ext often? ns could but just be an isolated incident, I'm curious if any of friend have also had this problem.


There's one a little southeast of the White House. Look because that a ? top top the map. That's just how they typically appear.

So it appears as the concern marks? I believed so, yet been to 3 the them currently and none of them were publicly executions. I'll examine out the one you discussed though, thank you!

Look for red icons of heads inside of circles. There have to be one directly outside that the White House. If friend don't have info top top the activity going in it'll be a" ?"

These room randomized. Just keep one eye out for '?'s ~ above the map and go inspect them out. A friend and also I discovered one in ~ spitting distance of where you start the game, southern of the BoO.

I am level 18 and have failed 10 the these events without a single success. The hostages are both dead before I have the right to even enter line of site every solitary time. It's plainly a damaged scripted event.

Yeah just go to the ? top top the map in the area, i think that random yet my very first one ns whent to to be a publicly execution one. Walk to the ones where the ? is in the middle of a street.

It demands to to speak Public Execution together an event, like countless of the other questionmarks/activities ~ above the map. Finding somewhere on the roadways where they space executing someone isn't the same as what demands for this assignment.

Adding to what others have actually posted, it appears that castle only occur on roads or in open up areas. So any question mark in a building is no gonna be an execution.

Also that does NOT have to be in the same an ar as the settlement. I simply did mine (FINALLY) ~ above the White home lawn, about a little statue/monument. Keep in mind that there will be a second wave the attackers, so be ready to security the hostages.

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Found one today, almost got that bloody point done only to acquire stuck by i think the hostage running in the direction of me and some pile of rubbish ~ above the floor. Died and was as well late as soon as I respawned


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