If a company has stockholders same of $60,000 in ~ the end of the year, i m sorry of the adhering to statements need to be true

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Emmitt had the following final balances after ~ the very first year that operations: assets, $55,000; stockholders" equity, $25,000; dividends, $3,000; and net income, $10,000. What is the lot of Emmitt"s liabilities?
DW has an finishing Retained earnings balance the $51,100. If during the year DW paid dividends that $4,300 and also had net income of $22,500, climate what was the start Retained revenue balance?
It is on the right side of a t-account the represents rise in liabilities It represent a decrease to assets
A agency received one order indigenous a client in June for services to it is in provided. Those solutions were noted in July, and the customer payment the complete amount in August. Follow to the revenue acknowledgment principle in i beg your pardon month need to the firm record revenue?
A firm orders office offers in June. Those provides are received and paid for in July. The supplies are offered in August. In i beg your pardon month must the company record gives expense
When a magazine sells one-year subscriptions to customers but receives the complete amount that cash immediately, the is an instance of a(n):
Receiving a utility bill for costs in the current period but delaying payment till the following period is an example of a(n):
Recording the usage of office supplies Recording the expiration that prepaid insurance recording unpaid salaries
The adjusting entry forced when amounts previously tape-recorded as deferred earnings are deserve by providing goods or solutions to customers include


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