The dividend productivity is defined as:A. The last annual dividend separated by the current market price per share.B. The last yearly dividend separated by the current book value per share.C. Following year"s meant dividend split by the existing market price per share.D. Following year"s expected dividend separated by the current book value per share.E. Following year"s supposed dividend split by the par value per share.

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The resources gains yield equals which among the following?A. Full yieldB. Forced rate of returnC. Industry rate that returnD. Dividend yieldE. Dividend expansion rate
Which one of the following types of securities has actually the shortest priority in a bankruptcy proceeding?A. Convertible bondB. Senior debtC. Usual stockD. Wanted stockE. Right bond
Mary owns 100 share of stock. Every share entitles she to one poll per open up seat on the board of directors. I think there space three open seats in the current election and also Mary casts all 300 of her votes for a single candidate. What is the term supplied to define this type of voting?A. ProxyB. AggregateC. CumulativeD. StraightE. Condensed
There are two open up seats top top the plank of directors. If two separate votes occur to elect the brand-new directors, the for sure is using a form of voting that is best described together _____ voting.A. SimultaneousB. StraightC. ProxyD. CumulativeE. Sequential
Kate might not attend the critical shareholders" meeting and also thus she granted the government to poll on she behalf to the managers of the firm. Which term uses to this granting of authority?A. StraightB. CumulativeC. Consent-formD. ProxyE. In absentia
Dividends are best defined as:A. Cash payments to shareholders.B. Cash payments to one of two people bondholders or shareholders.C. Cash or stock payments come shareholders.D. Cash or share payments to one of two people bondholders or shareholders.E. Distribution of stock to existing shareholders.
Which form of stock payment a fixed dividend, receives very first priority in dividend payment, and also maintains the right to a dividend payment, also if the payment is deferred?A. Noncumulative preferredB. Cumulative preferredC. Senior commonD. Cumulative commonE. Noncumulative common
Newly authorize securities are marketed to investor in which among the following markets?A. ProxyB. Declared valueC. InsideD. SecondaryE. Primary
What is the market called that facilitates the sale of shares in between individual investors?A. PrimaryB. ProxyC. SecondaryD. InsideE. Initial
A broker is an certified dealer who:A. Trades top top the floor of an exchange for self or herself.B. Buys and sells native inventory.C. Offers brand-new securities because that sale to certified dealer only.D. Is all set to purchase or market at any kind of time.E. Bring buyers and sellers together.
Any person who owns a license to trade on the NYSE is referred to as a:A. Dealer.B. Floor trader.C. DMM.D. Member.E. Proxy.
A human who executes customer orders to buy and sell securities top top the floor of the NYSE is dubbed a:A. Supplemental liquidity provider (SLP).B. Designated market machine (DMM).C. Runner.D. Floor broker.E. Sector maker.
The currently of customer instructions to buy and sell securities is referred to as the:A. Order flow.B. Market maker.C. Execution stream.D. Operations flow.E. Buyer"s stream.
Inside estimates are defined as the:A. Bid and also asked prices presented through NYSE DMMs.B. Last bid and also asked price readily available prior come the sector close.C. Lowest asked and highest bid offers.D. Daily opening bid and also asked quotes.E. Critical traded bid and asked prices.
.Which among the complying with will boost the existing value of a stock?A. Decrease in the dividend growth rateB. Increase in the forced returnC. Increase in the industry rate the returnD. Diminish in the meant dividend for following yearE. Boost in the funding gains yield
The price of a share at Year 4 can be express as:A. D0/(R + g4). B. D0 × (1 + R)5.C. D1 × (1 + R)5.D. D4/(R - g).E. D5/(R - g).
The compelled return top top a stock is same to which one of the following if the dividend top top the stock decreases by a continuous percent every year?A. (P0/D1) - gB. (D1/P0)/gC. Dividend yield + capital gains yieldD. Dividend productivity - funding gains yieldE. Dividend productivity x funding gains yield
Sugar Cookies will pay an annual dividend of $1.23 a share next year. The for sure expects to boost this dividend through 8 percent every year the complying with four years and also then decrease the dividend expansion to 2 percent each year thereafter. Which among the complying with is the exactly computation that the dividend because that Year 7?A. ($1.23) x(1.08 x4) x(1.02 x3)B. ($1.23) x(1.08 x4) x(1.02 x2)C. ($1.23) x(1.08)4x(1.02)2D. ($1.23) x(1.08)4x(1.02)3E. ($1.23)x (1.08)4x(1.02)4
The dividend yield on a stock will increase if the:A. Dividend expansion rate decreases.B. Share price decreases.C. Funding gains rate decreases.D. Stock price increases.E. Tax rate on dividends increases
Which one of the adhering to must equal zero if a firm payment a consistent annual dividend?A. Dividend yieldB. Funding gains yieldC. Total returnD. Par worth per shareE. Book value per share
The consistent growth model deserve to be used to worth the share of firms that have actually which type(s) of dividends?A. Dividends that readjust by either a continuous amount or a continuous rateB. Dividends that readjust annually by a constant amount or that are zeroC. Dividends that adjust annually by a constant amountD. Dividends that are either constant or readjust annually at a consistent rateE. Just dividends that rise at a continuous rate
Jensen Shipping has four open seat on its plank of directors. How numerous shares will a shareholder need to regulate to ensure that his or she candidate is chosen to the board offered the reality that the firm offers straight voting? Assume each share receives one vote.A. Twenty percent the the shares plus one shareB. Twenty-five percent the the share plus one shareC. One-third that the share plus one shareD. Fifty percent that the share plus one shareE. Fifty-one percent the the share plus one share
Which explain is true?A. From a legitimate perspective, desired stock is a form of corporate equity.B. Every classes of stock must have equal voting legal rights per share.C. Typical shareholders elect the corporate directors while the preferred shareholders poll on mergers and acquisitions.D. Preferred dividends provide tax-free revenue to separation, personal, instance investors.E. Desired shareholders prefer noncumulative dividends end cumulative dividends.

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Dividends are:A. Payable at the discretion the a firm"s president.B. Treated together a tax-deductible expense of the issuing firm.C. Paid the end of after tax profits.D. Paid only to desired stockholders.E. Only partially taxable to high-income individual shareholders.