Divided by 13 is a famed tube amplifiermaker and their FTR-37 (FTR37) is reregarded here. Is this point really worth the cost? And would certainly I buy one?

Divided by 13 (⁄13) FTR-37 Tube Amplifier Inside and Out Review

These Divided by 13 males seem to have it all together; colors, tubes, old style tag board, huge fat transformers and much more on market. But at approaching £3500.00 or even more for the amp and very one-of-a-kind cab they should! This amp was kindly loaned to me by R&B Music, Crewe, Cheshire, UK by Dan Kelly who had actually this one made specifically for himself. Dan is an old frifinish that I have actually recognized for a really lengthy time and if Dan says the thing is cool then probably it is, he"s a bit of a connoisseur as soon as it comes dvery own to excellent tone. But whatever is subjective.

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Anymethod, if you desire among these then Dan have the right to aid you - he sells them and also I do not sell anypoint so examine the end of the testimonial to find out Dan"s details. He"s a good man and also I"m sure he can carry out a deal for a lot of guys. On to the amp under testimonial the FTR-37 and also it"s corresponding cab.


Dan and also the FTR-37 with its cab as reviewed - click any kind of photo for a larger view

I constantly think of this amp like an old amp that"s new (if that provides sense) and also someexactly how, it has all those features that those old tube amps have actually (except for that green).

Now I understand that the owner preferred the green color and each male to his own I have no difficulty with that, however personally I could well have acquired the babsence spray paint out and also... whoops... on second thoughts this amp is expensive and also green or not it"s most likely better of as it was offered. After all, it could have actually been close to sufficient ANY shade in a wide range of options. You view, this is one of those assets that is hand developed fro the ground up wbelow top quality is everything and also alternatives abound - and also Divided by 13 know a thing or two about practice tube amps.

And they need to. Here"s what they say about this amp:

"Capturing and exceeding some of the finest tones offered by our favorite amp from Fullerton and our favorite amp from England, the FTR 37 from 1 to 10 deserve to create the the majority of pure and also bodied clean tones, to differing degrees of medium and over-the-optimal kinds of complicated and also full-bopassed away overdrive. Coupled via the exterior switching/rise gadget, the Switchazel, the flexibility available in both channels, either sepaprice or blended, sell an boundless variety of guitar tones rarely believed possible for the music maker these days."

here"s some specifications:

Specs/Features of the FTR-3737 Watts, Class AB1/A2 Discreet ChannelsCH 1: V, T, B, RCH 2: V, ClickPush/Pull Mid/Gain BoostReverbHalf Power Switch (18 Watts)Tube Rectified (5AR4/GZ34)Power Section: 4 x 6V6 GTPreamp: 12AX7, 58794, 8, 16 Ohm outputdimensionsHead: 27.25W x 11.25H x 8D, 43Lbs.
Color Options

Of course, prefer all manufacturers they want to confer their unique features to the buyer and text from manufacturers is designed to do that. But on this website we do not use that sort of language :-) and also so we"re going to offer this little bit beauty (depends on if you like green in this case) a run for it"s money. The FTR-37 is made in sunny The golden state to high standards tright here is no doubt. CheckDivided by 13"s webwebsite for this amp and also you deserve to see what we intend. And if you"re more regional than the Zambezi river here"s a connect to Dan"s webwebsite wbelow he sells them:R&B Music

So, that"s the plug out of the means (it"s the leastern I might do - Dan loaned us the amp for review). This FTR37 actually is a straightforward amp. It (at least to me) is reminiscent of a JTM-45 style amp and also while the actual circuit might well be various in a variety of ways, there"s also this type of "dejavu" feeling around this amp. And inside its straightforward too and that have the right to be the making of a really excellent amp.


As many type of regular tourists to this website will certainly understand, commonly in a review of this sort I prefer to go "inside" the unit under question, whether its a tube amp, a processor or indeed anypoint else I deserve to gain in to.

One factor (and also being inquisitive) is that there"s nowhere to hide in there if you are a manufacturer and it will generally show the country of manufacture (as opposed to package it comes in) or indeed precisely wbelow the components come from. It"s necessary in my view bereason somepoint assembled in the USA (not particularly referring to this amp) is not fairly the very same as something MADE in the USA with all USA components.

Imagine opening a really highly priced amp to check out cheap (and also I really mean cheap) Chinese stuff inside thrown together and it can occupational for a while style of build! AND you passist thousands for it! Yes that can take place. But I"m pleased to say that in the situation of Divided by 13 amps that is absolutely not the case - take a look:


And some much better top quality close ups (click for larger images).



As you deserve to see from the above imperiods the truth is that this amp is basically a contemporary derivative of the old suggest to suggest pcb that so many type of males seem to prefer. They will certainly tell you that they have the right to "hear" the sound difference, that the PCB is easier to fix and also of course that this is the "proper" way to make an amp. Looking closer, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a hand made amp (you have the right to check out the hand also soldering and the extremely neat wiring around the tubes (unfavor many kind of Chinese made amps and also unlike some USA ones too).

But this amp (at least to me) shouts out Marshall from the highest structure approximately via maybe a smack of those old Fender amps thrvery own in for good measure. Quality components via genuine chokes and also great old fashioned wiring and circuit deindicators I bet. Sort of choose a "tidied up" JTM-45!

There are evident distinctions also, examine this picture:


Yummy, look at all those preamp tubes! 6 of the ideal whereas the good old JTM-45 had actually no such luck in that department. Well that was then and also this is currently. And via practice transformers, tradition tone stack mods and also a hold of various other excellent stuff it"s even more choose a JTM45 on steroids. Lastly from the allude of check out of the chassis here"s a picture of the tone stack mod:


This is a nice bit mod too - one of which I have seen many type of amp custom guys use including Lee Jackson amp modder to the stars you and I have heard of. Tone hounds indeed. Check out Lee Jacksons understand series of videos for amp mods of Marshall amps and also certain sufficient its all in tbelow - incredibly similar indeed. Anyhow, sufficient of that, I don"t want to acquire you all killed especially if you do not understand around that good stuff.

So to conclude the inside section: This amplifier is mostly made to exacting requirements of the greatest level and also most likely built on tried and also tested "old school" amplifier designs but raised via a variety of modifications in that style such as added preamp tubes, modified tone stacks, practice output and power transformers and probably some other points I have actually not examined also closely - yet all to an excellent conventional of construct. Not a solitary piece of poor weld to be watched everywhere on this steel chassis which is coated similar to Marshall amps to sheight it rusting over time.


It"s really nice to view an amplifier of this quality, and while there are many type of building contractors these days (seems to be a fad) this one does indeed stand also out when you check it closely. The amp case is made from thick plytimber in the heritage of these things and also others and so is the corresponding cab. So it"s not a rapid buck chipboard or pshort article board pressed in some sweatresidence in the much east. Actually I do not know the origin of the plylumber so it can conceivably from a sweathome making ply rather. Although looking at this amp I really do not think so. It"s extremely most likely to be great old USA or Canada perhaps as an origin for the Ply.

Simple points choose the handle is long lasting and also shows up to be leather (they probably are at this price) and also the in its entirety feel is of quality from eextremely angle consisting of underneath the amp think it or not. Tright here are many kind of color alternatives for this amp as you will certainly have actually checked out from the swatches even more earlier in this testimonial so if you do not favor puke green as I do not - I spilled the Bud on it in the video (jokingly of course) then tright here are some fine selections accessible such as the purple or green that is even more to my taste - or possibly that dual tome of grey and oselection, that looks cool as well.

The brand also logo design is put in the middle height of this amp head and has actually a nice warm glow when the amp is turned on. That"s just aesthetics, bereason as soon as this amp is turned on trust me on this you will understand it. For your information the amp cab (which is optional) comes via an open earlier and also a closed ago - so you simply swap out the earlier to the one that sounds finest to you and hey presto - a various sounding amp. That"s a really nice touch, it will not cost the maker a lot to execute it, and also the benefits to the user are excellent.


A shot reflecting the speaker plan for the cab - a Celestion G12H 30w and also a Celestion G12 "blue" simply choose the amps of the old days. By mixing 2 various speakers in this means the result on the tone will be dramatic - as will certainly cshedding off that hole you view the speakers with. Like I said, Divided by 13 supply the alternative cab earlier via the unit for free.

Other Details

Although there is a specification over and also the majority of of it is covered in there I simply want to talk a small around the features of this amp and also the benefits (or not) of this amp.

The Effects LOOP

Don"t look for one. It"s not tright here. So as a "purists" amp ideal off the bat it hits the nerve points. Unfortunately (and just choose the old amps or copycats or reissues) many kind of men desire an results loop in there. My JTM-45 is the very same. While this might be a deal breaker for many type of guys, the fact is, that by design (or luck) this amp (and also the JTM-45) functions wonderfully via pedals slapped on the front end. So in truth you have the right to get those sounds if you really desire to include them all.

But many type of males who will usage this amp I"m sure will certainly desire somepoint like a TS808 (original, modded or hand wired - inspect my evaluation for those on this site) to drive the amp nicely, good for rock. Other more lassist ago formats of music will certainly use this amp as is.

Two Channels

This amp functions 2 "channels" and while that"s not really two networks as we understand it, some of those preamp tubes deserve to be switched in for the lead channel and it makes quite a difference. The firm offers a foot controller also so it can all be done from one location, which they refer to as "Switchhazel" this pedal does indeed have actually one more boost and also can switch "channels" in and also out on assorted combicountries. It"s most likely if you own this amp then you will certainly be making use of this pedal.

Don"t look for MIDI - it"s not there. So that rules all those MIDI controllers out? Right? Well, actually, wrong!

I"m reviewing a Polish MIDI controller foot controller that does use midi, however it additionally supplies SIX loops best in the pedal, there"s power for each loop or pedal, MIDI control for various other external processors and those "loops" deserve to be routed individually to even a rack as outboard effects. So sophisticated that, you can actually have full control over this amp (if that"s what you want) through approximately 100 presets where all or any loops could be switched in or out and also you could manage other devices with the MIDI. Now THAT"S adaptability.

The "Switchazel" pedal is OK and also advantageous, it"s simply not as useful as that various other pedal.

The Power Tubes

When I pulled this amp acomponent I noticed that the tube brand also preferred by the manufacturer was JJ. These are well tried and also tested and lots of men use them. Some swear by them and others swear at them. Personally I think they are a great brand also, yet constantly remember via tubes that quality occasionally does waiver a little, and also if you end up with some Chinese light bulbs :-) then remember that you will certainly obtain what you pay for regularly with tubes.

The "Click" Switch (capacitor mod for tone stack)

I proved this picture greater up the web page, it looks choose 4 capacitors stuck on a switch... and also that"s exactly what it is. By using the switch in circuit (in the driven channel) you deserve to adjust the sound of the tone in between any kind of one of the four or entirely remove the capacitor out of circuit. All this has an impact of offering the channel 5 various tones, which I would certainly describe as progressively rerelocating the optimal end (that"s what the capacitor will certainly execute in this configuration) and to my ears making the sound more "woolly" or much less characterized.

But remember I play rock and favor that treble (at leastern a little) so possibly I"m not the finest man to define those tones. Or possibly I am if you play rock? In any type of case it"s a tried and tested mod and also will sound good to some tone hounds out tright here.

Power Amp

The power area uses 4 x 6V6 GT giving on this amp 37 Watts output. My JTM-45 offers 30 Watts and also while that amp is loud, you can actually run it flat out. This one is an additional story. This amp is different. There"s a fifty percent power output switch on tbelow to mitigate the output to 18 Watts (thankfully).


The preamp provides 12AX7 tubes (as much as 6 of them) in between two "channels" and also that"s a well received mod for my money. Since if you have one of the "old design" amps via simply 3 tubes it"s sometimes a little of a pain to get them drive enough for that lead work-related. That"s not the situation right here.


This amp has a developed in reverb tank of the old deindicators favor accutronics (it can even be accutronics - I just did not desire to disturb it in it"s bag) and the sound is somewhat an obtained taste compared to today"s digital stuff. The one point I wan not too impressed with was the amount of reverb. Even backed off it was still apparent. The only method to entirely remove the reverb was by fitting a switch in the reverb socket on the ago of the amp and also actually switching it off. Foracquire the pedal and you can well have to carry out this too.

In Use

This is a nice sounding amp in actual life, yet you will notice (if you watch my video on this amp) that to record it with a video clip recorder might be a little hard. Actually it deserve to be really difficult!Why you can ask? The answer is that this amp is exceptionally loud. When Dan and also I did the video of the amp we ran it on 18 Watts out via differing channels and also ultimately flat out I wanted to leave the room. But at 37 Watts it might hurt your hearing! Really! This is an extremely loud amp and also the declared 37 Watts? Maybe it is, however my guess is that in this configuration it"s better output. It will blow your socks off, and your pants too; you have been warned.

So do not think you"re going to buy among these FTR-37 amps and cabs and think that you are just going to execute a little practice stint on your home or bedroom. You are not. So if you are not a giggling musician then I would seriously consider what I just said. You really have to trust me below - in the studio - I wanted to leave! The JTM-45 through it"s 30 watts is bearable, however this FTR-37 is a wolf in sheep"s (green) garments (can you imagine that?) that will bite you if you gain as well near.

In my opinion that"s one reason why human being like marshall are moving to the power reduction circuits in the latest amps so that they have the right to actually usage them at home.

As you might imagine though, the sounds that you acquire from this thing are superior and also they need to be. The clean channel is exactly that. And while the gain channel is the evident alternative for lead guitar, you would be extremely surprised at the tones for lead guitar from the "clean" channel particularly if "pushed" a small. For me, the reverb was not what I would certainly personally use, it was cavernous, and even through it on minimum there was still output unmuch less "turned off". The amp has actually the usual selection of tone stack stuff; volume, treble bass reverb and so on while channel 2 has actually the "click switch" and also volume. The tone stack shows up to be common through the clean channel.

Overall Conclusions

For the connoisseur of older deindicators that desires that little extra this is the amp, although you will certainly have to watch out for that enormous volume. It"s a pricy affair and also for me would not be my choice of amp, yet for might it might be. You will have to decide if the value is there for you, what via shipping, UK VAT and also every little thing else Dan told me that the cost was over £3500 complete so I would have to really favor this amp AND be a pro player to invest that a lot money in this amp.So for me the excellent things I liked were:

Quality of this product is exceptionalBuild The "click" switchThe supplied floor pedalOptional colorsAmp designCompact cabDecent speaker mix for "that" toneThe speaker earlier plate adjust for open or closed configuration

What was much less inspiring (aacquire for me) was:

The PriceHigh volume (also in my studio)Reverb soundNo loop (although I might live with that)On this amp the green ;-)

So my last score for this amp is around 7 out of 10 for the factors declared above. That"s not to say that this amp is not value for money, or that there"s any type of quality problems tbelow are not. If what you view right here sounds great to you (inspect the video AND the one profiling the Kemper for an extra exact sound) then this can well be a good amp in your hands.

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And if you play AC/DC it"s perfect! But then aobtain so would be a Marshall Vintage style amp or three for this price!

Many type of many thanks to Dan Kelly who loaned the amp and also cab personally, he sells these also and also can be found on his webwebsite at: R&B Music Crewe Cheshire United Kingdom and also I deserve to recommfinish Dan as a fine male that will not rip you off in any kind of way. Check him out.