The word ‘’ Crown” is derived from the Latin indigenous “Corona”meaning Wreath. The crown is thought to have originated indigenous Asia and also Egyptbefore being embraced in Europe, wherein it has actually been supplied for a really long time (severalthousand years) together a price of power and also majesty. A crown can be characterized as atraditional symbolic form of specially design headwear, worn through a monarch orby a human being (Hero and Heroines) for whom the crown to represent power, authority,legitimacy, glory, victory, triumph, honor, immortality, justice andresurrection.

A raven is often an emblem that the monarchy, a monarch’sgovernment, or items endorsed through it. In this regard, Kings and queens ofEngland have actually stored crowns, robes and also other items of your ceremonial regaliaat the tower the London for over 600 years. Upon the death of a monarch, thecrown is put on the casket during the funeral service.

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The King’s Crown



The king crown likewise referred to together Imperial crown, isdesigned with eight hoops increasing up from the crown ring and also joining in themiddle under an orb the blue enamel through gold stars and a tape of pearls. At thetop, there is a overcome of six amethysts. Four of the hoops room flat and shapedlike oak leaves. The four other hoops room filigreed and shaped choose bay leaves.In the middle of the crown ring is a large, green tourmaline. The cap of purplevelvet is decorated with tiny crowns and 50 pearls.


The crown is made of 20-carat gold, pearls and also assortedgemstones such as amethysts, opals, peridots, chrysophrases, topazes,tourmalines, sapphires and emeralds.


Height: averagely26.5 cm

Diameter:Averagely 20cm

Weight: Averagely1500 grams

The Queen’sCrown



Just favor the king’s crown, the queen’s crown likewise referredto together the Royal crown, consists of eight hoops that sign up with at the optimal underneath anorb that blue enamel and also a band and also a cross of pearls. One more band that pearls,153 in all, line the upper edge the the crown.

The lid is sewn of purple velvet and also is embellished withstylized flames embroidered through tiny pearls. The main gemstone in the crownis large amethyst.


The crown is do of silver v gold gilding and settings,and decorated through amethysts, citrines, chrysophrases, topazes and also numerouspearls.


Height: Averagely17.5 cm

Diameter:Averagely 14.5 cm

Weight: Averagely550 grams

OtherDistinguishing Features

The queen’s crown has been design withdepressed arches whereas; the king crown has arcs that arise come the center.The queen’s crown has actually a unique curved height whilethe king crown has a solitary rounded dome top.

Classificationof Crowns

A crown being a price of power and also majesty deserve to beclassified into three distinct types, which include:

The coronation crown: This is a type of crownworn by monarchs during their crowing (during coronation ceremony).State Crown: This type of crown is normally wornby the queens whenever or wherever they space attending come or showing up for statefunctions and protocols.The Consort Crowns: This type of crown is wornby the queen’s consorts. A queen’s consort is the wife of a reigning king andwears this type of crown to denote the location she is granted as a constitutionalcourtesy protocol.

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Different kingdoms have various preferences on exactly how theking’s and also queen’s crown need to look prefer in regards to specifications anddetails that design. However, there are some kingdoms that perform not have differentcrown designs because that the queen and king. Therefore, you need to know thatthere space no standard differences in regards to designs, when it involves thequeen and also king’s crown.