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Last updated: April 10th, 2020

In this buyer’s guide I’ll go over the ideal budget office chairs under $50 because that your home office in 2020.

As a blogger and also freelancer, ns work mostly from home. As such, having a comfortable office chair that’s not only ergonomic, yet that’s stylish and also fits in nicely through the decor the my house office is important. After all, this is my home, no an office I have the right to walk out of in ~ the end of each day.

Office chairs are generally quite expensive, so once I discover quality ones that punch means above your price tag, I’m very excited to share them v you. Below are 5 budget plan office chairs that room ergonomic, stylish, and extremely budget friendly. And yes, they yes, really do expense $50 or below.

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5 5. Flash Furniture Mid-Back black color Quilted Vinyl Swivel task Chair

1. Furmax Mid ago Office Mesh Chair


OFM’s stylish Essentials Micro Fiber Office Chair will certainly make friend feel like an executive sit on it, there is no the hefty invoice the follows. It’s a good budget office chair that’s constructed to last, through a minimalist design and incredibly sturdy frame that supports as much as 250 pounds.

I love the plush microfiber product that adorns the chair– it’s very soft come the touch, v attractive tailored stitching detail that exudes high quality.

Comfortable plush material: The OFM Essentials uses premium class microfiber towel that feels exceptional to the touch.

Protruding headrest because that head support: The integrated headrest helps support the back of her head and neck once you lay back.

Built to last with recurring stress tests: This might be an office chair that costs around $50, but it doesn’t typical it’ll let you down in a couple of months. The human body of the chair has been put through grueling drop tests, the tilt mechanism tilted 100k times, and the casters put through 46 miles of travel to ensure whatever still hold up in ~ the end.

Simple, no fuss assembly: girlfriend should be able to put with each other this chair in under 10 minute flat.

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Extremely sturdy frame, sustaining up to 250 pounds.Good top Body support with incorporated headrest.Plush micro fiber cloth that’s greater grade than countless competitors’.


Recline no lock right into place.Fixed armrest.

3. Furmax Mid ago Office Chair


This is just one of my favorite low back office chairs. The boss Office task chair is compact, lightweight, and also offers surprisingly an excellent comfort and ago support for such a simplistic chair. The “s” form of the mesh backrest hugs your lower ago perfectly, and also with a load of just 17 pounds, girlfriend can easily move this chair indigenous room come room v ease. Not bad for a budget plan office chair.

The chair of the ceo Office job Chair is 17.5″ broad and have the right to accommodate a maximum weight volume of 250 pounds.

Compact and also lightweight: Weighing just 17 pounds, the chair likewise features smooth rojo casters that make the even easier to deliver the chair from ar to place, depending upon where you require it.

Plenty of color choices: The AmazonBasics low earlier computer chair come in 4 an excellent color options to enhance the mood of her room- pink, blue. Green, and also red.

Good lower ago support: The chair’s contoured ago snuggly adheres to the form of your back perfectly, v a mesh design that keeps your earlier cool in ~ the very same time.

Comfortable and adjustable: 2” thick chair cushion store you comfortable, if the pneumatic knob allows you adjust the height of the chair from 16.5” come 18.5”.

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Compact and also portable chair with smooth gliding casters to relocate it around easily.All mesh, breathable seat and backrest.“S” shaped low backrest offers great lower back support.


The chair does no recline in ~ all.Lack the headrest, gift a low back chair.

5. Flash Furniture Mid-Back black color Quilted Vinyl Swivel task Chair


If you’re trying to find an elegant armless job chair v an distinct style that its own, the flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Chair is a good choice. The quilted upholstery doesn’t just look stylish, however offers a plush sit experience. The waterfall architecture of the front seat allows great leg circulation if removing press from her thighs. The unique padded backrest is comfortable to skinny on ~ a lengthy day’s work.

The chair can support weight as much as 250 lbs and the actual seat cushion is 18’’ x 18’’. I choose that the chair swivels 360º so that you can reach around on your workdesk without straining any component of the body. You can also adjust your seat height the method you like it with the pneumatic adjustment lever.

One of a type Style: While most office chairs space covered in mesh or faux leather, this chair has a unique style that will absolutely turn heads when you have actually guests over. The quilted vinyl upholstery is soft and really comfortable to sit on.

6 vibrant color choices: This flash Furniture Mid-back chair come in 6 great color choices- black, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple.

Pneumatic Seat elevation Adjustment: Go native a low 16.75″ up to 21.75″ with ease using the pneumatic height knob.

Comfortable and also adjustable: 2” thick chair cushion save you comfortable, when the pneumatic knob allows you adjust the elevation of the chair indigenous 16” to 20.5”.

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Choose native 6 fresh, contemporary colors to match any type of décor.Easy to put together and also super comfy, v the tufted quilted upholstery.Mid ago backrest offers great back coverage and also support.

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The chair and earlier of the chair aren’t adjustable. But the gas cylinder adjusts the elevation of the chair.

I expect you love this ultra affordable budget chairs as much as i do. At $50, they are as an excellent as that gets. I you’re ready to invest a small more, there space some an excellent office chairs under $100 with an ext adjustments and even a specialized headrest. It’s good to it is in a consumer today!