The UFC heads to Dallas ~ above Saturday, with a pair of championship fights atop UFC 211 inside American airlines Center.

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Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic will look come tie the UFC record for continually heavyweight title defenses (two) in a rematch against Junior dos Santos.

Dominant strawweight titleholder Joanna Jedrzejczyk will shot to remain unbeaten in a location defense versus Jessica Andrade.

Let"s take a closer watch at all the peak fights on the card through"s Cheat Sheets, UFC 211 edition. For complete UFC 211 coverage, click here.

Demian Maia (24-6) vs. Jorge Masvidal (32-11), Welterweight

Odds: Masvidal -130, Maia +110

Demian Maia is tied because that the fourth-most wins in UFC history.Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA today Sports

"Every fight is a risk, this is no different"

Despite a 9-2 record due to the fact that dropping come welterweight in 2012 -- and an energetic six-fight to win streak -- Maia says there is no guarantee of a UFC location shot through a success on Saturday.

The man has actually been hit a grand total of 13 times in his last 4 fights, follow to Fightmetric, and also yet a location shot has not to be promised come him. So, he"s law his best not come think around it.

"Every fight is a risk and this is no different," Maia said, when asked if he has an ext to lose than gain this weekend. "The UFC approached me and said I essential to struggle again if I want to fight for the title. So, what can I do? there is no guarantee, ever. Life is similar to that.

"It"s type of in between the present . Never ever a guarantee."

Even though countless would speak Maia"s location shot is well past due, the 39-year-old Brazilian stated he won"t pressure things on Saturday versus Masvidal in an effort to make a statement.

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"My last 2 fights I"ve it is registered guys and also all six fights of my winning streak have been dominant," Maia said. "You cannot put it in your mind the you have to do something big. Friend just have to say, "I will carry out my best." That"s what i think every time I"m in the Octagon. Friend can"t control how an excellent it will certainly be."

Current champion Tyron Woodley (17-3-1) does not have a location defense scheduled, but has claimed he wishes to return to activity in July.

Masvidal calling his shots

Coming right into 2017, Masvidal had two certain targets in mind: Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Maia.

For the previous lightweight, the thinking was simple. Masvidal determined Cerrone as one of the best strikers in his division and Maia together the best grappler. Beating castle both would showcase his versatility as a fighter. Or in other words, cement his case as championship-caliber.

"We were going to occupational on acquiring the Cowboy hit in 2017 no issue what," stated Masvidal, who knocked Cerrone the end in January. "And one more fight I want to do was Demian Maia. I think having those 2 victories under mine belt let"s everyone understand how great I am. To beat those two guys, you need to be one thing, and also that"s a fighter everywhere: standing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling."

With Cerrone already behind him, Masvidal is one success away from perfect his 2017 plan. The only thing left afterward, in his mind, would be a location shot -- versus current champion and former teammate Woodley.

"That"s specifically how I"m looking in ~ it," Masvidal said. "How perform you beat Demian Maia and Cowboy and also not fight because that the title? That would be insanely poor luck or politics."

Key stats Stats and also InfoMaia: 24-6 (18-6 UFC); tied for fourth-most wins in UFC historyMaia: 3 wins through knockout, 12 wins by submissionMasvidal: 32-11 (9-4 UFC); three-fight win streakMasvidal: 13 wins through knockout, two wins by submission


Ask yourself this: If Maia is maybe to take it Masvidal down 3 times, what space the possibilities he wins? Eighty percent? Ninety?

This man is so an excellent on the ground, he yes, really only requirements one takedown each round. Because even if that doesn"t submit you, Maia doesn"t allow you back up. Usually, when he scores a takedown, the round is over in a way. Native that suggest on, it"s about survival or his opponent. Acquire to the next round, as soon as you obtain to stand up again.

Worth noting around Masvidal, his respond to wrestling is very, very good. Transparent his Strikeforce and UFC career, Masvidal has defended takedowns in ~ a rate of 79 percent. And also even though he"s a former lightweight, and Maia is a previous middleweight, ns don"t think the size difference is a substantial difference-maker here. It can come into play a little, however Masvidal is a true welterweight in my eyes.

There is a type of paradox around Masvidal in the he is very fun come watch, but he"s also really technical and also under control. He has probably also been guilty the being also conservative at times. Generally, we tend to think of entertaining fighters as the people who acquire a tiny wild. Masvidal, for the most part, doesn"t execute that. He remains within himself uneven he has hurt his opponent, in which instance he"ll bomb away with the finest of them.

That works to Masvidal"s donate here, because you don"t require to obtain to wildly creative to win Maia ~ above the feet. Masvidal"s power and also accuracy in his jabs and kicks will be more than enough to success this fight standing. Maia has worked on his stand-up and can be properly awkward sometimes, however he has actually a speed trouble (he"s slow) and also he doesn"t throw through power. His just real method at backing an aggressor turn off is the hazard of a takedown.

Don"t overthink this one. The hinges ~ above the takedown.

Maia is slick at convert them. There room times he takes a shot and you think, "No chance" -- and sure enough, he magically access time some outside trip or high-crotch move and also that"s that. Once an enemy stuffs numerous shots, however, Maia looks an extremely human. Under duress, he has actually a propensity to shoot desperately, i beg your pardon will easily wear the out and also put the in a poor spot versus Masvidal.

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Masvidal has had some negative luck in near fights. His last 3 losses have actually been split decisions. But that said, he shouldn"t it is in in a rush to rack up offense here. Defending the takedown is many important. If he does that over the course of the fight, something speak me he"ll finish up the winner.