If Demetrious Johnson wins on Saturday, he"ll tie Anderchild Silva via the most consecutive effective title defenses in UFC history at 10.AP Photo/John Locher

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnchild will attempt to tie Anderson Silva"s record of 10 consecutive title defenses Saturday once he meets Wilboy Reis at UFC Fight Night in Kansas City, Missouri.

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It"s a historic possibility for Johnson. For Reis, it"s a first crack at UFC gold and also something he has actually eyed carefully considering that last summer, when an initial meeting through Johnboy dropped via due to injury.

Who will prevail in Saturday night"s attrenergetic lineup of fights inside Sprint Center? MMA analyst Brett Okamoto (
bokamotobrickandmortarphilly.com) provides his predictions for the height matchups.

Demetrious Johnkid (25-2-1) vs. Wilboy Reis (22-6), flyweight championship

Odds: Johnboy -840; Reis +660

What"s the obligatory expression in a fight prefer this? "Everybody"s gained a puncher"s chance"? That"s what we say, anyway, but I don"t recognize if it uses this time.

Reis has been fighting professionally for almost 10 years, nearly 30 fights. He has actually won 22 times. Never before by knockout. That"s downideal tough to execute. Yes, he"s a Brazilian jiu-jitsu babsence belt and also his bread and also butter has actually always been his grappling, but to never before also loss into a random knockout victory? That"s a heck of a stat.

That"s not to totally discrmodify Reis" striking, which is sufficient, yet it does say something about his power. And as soon as you"re trying to shock the world and upcollection the odds, power is a nice commodity.

He"s not a terribly reliable striker from a distance. He"ll throw a great leg kick here and also tbelow, however he"s not terrorizing Johnchild with it. His finest punch is probably his right hook, however he has to be pretty tight to land also it and, generally, as soon as Reis is in tight, his main focus is locking an adversary up.

You have the right to say this around Reis: Amerihave the right to wrestlers are not his kryptonite and also never have actually been. He has faced a number of excellent ones over the course of his career and also pretty much beaten all of them. A lot of that is attributed to his quality takedvery own defense. Really, if you look at his record, through the exemption of Jussier da Silva, Reis has actually just shed to bigger opplace through excellent BJJ -- wbelow he couldn"t impose his grappling.

Will he be able to impose his grappling versus Johnson? Probably not. Let"s remind ourselves that Johnchild did enrespond to a scary minute in his last fight, once Tim Elliott recorded him in an early guillotine and also rocked him through a left hand also moments later on. Johnson is close to being invincible -- but he"s still human. You can not totally dismiss Reis" possibilities of capturing him via a entry, yet it sure appears unmost likely.

Reis is a muscular flyweight, and also that shows in his physicality in the clinch, yet Johnson"s clinch game is second to none, perhaps in the entire sport. Reis" usual routes to acquiring height position are either takedowns from the clinch or sprawling on attempts to take him down, which he generally transforms into favorable positions.

Johnchild doesn"t lose those battles though, particularly when he"s not dealing with a size disadvantage. With his feints, footwork-related, rate and also combicountries, Johnkid will certainly dictate variety, as he pretty much constantly does. The finest counter Reis hregarding all that is most likely just pure, straightforward aggression -- but again, also if Reis is effective in chasing Johnkid dvery own and gaining right into cshed quarters, I"d still favor Johnboy in that type of fight.

Prediction: Johnchild using decision.

Michelle Waterkid (14-4) vs. Rose Namajunas (5-3), strawweight

The secret is out on Waterchild, who was constantly talented sufficient to be a risk in this division however had been hampered by injuries. She has actually battled a dimension disadvantage in this department, though. Will Namajunas take benefit of that?

Prediction: Namajunas through submission, second round.

Ronalperform "Jacare" Souza (24-4) vs. Robert Whittaker (17-4), middleweight

It"s not unreasonable to imply that on any provided night, Souza is the best middleweight in the civilization. Can"t say the very same around Whittaker ... yet. Souza"s power-grappling game is constantly difficult to bet versus.

Prediction: Souza via TKO, 3rd round.

Jeremy Stephens (25-13) vs. Renato Moicano (10-0-1), featherweight

Knockout is constantly on the table for Stephens, specifically versus a willing striker prefer Moicano. The young Brazilian certainly has actually courses to victory, however his margin for error is fairly small.

Prediction: Stephens by decision.

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Roy Nelkid (22-13) vs. Alexander Volkov (27-6), heavyweight

Both of these heavyweights are iron-chinned. It"s not an excellent authorize once maybe your best attribute is taking a punch, yet these 2 are, nevertheless, rather outstanding at doing so. Slobber-knocker potential, here.