Which means : to die prior to dishonoring what ever holds an excellent value/ You will die prior to going versus anything that you think in or die before you sell out/ to die before you dishonor her gang or hood

Its additionally a surname of a band.

The inquiries is... What is the finest kanji to represent this English speak of "Death before Dishonor" ?

Thanks in advancement :)


It"s 玉砕ぎょくさい. It"s literal definition is to shatter favor a pearl, and the real meaning is to die rather than to surrender (= Death before Dishonor). This was the word frequently used to show the brickandmortarphilly.com military has annihilated (instead of being taken captive) in ~ Pacific war.

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I likewise found an ext about 玉砕 ~ above Wikipedia...

The origin of this indigenous is native this Chinese writing:

大丈夫寧可玉砕何能瓦全 A an excellent man must die through a an excellent grace - quite than surviving favor an intact tile, you should die like a wrong pearl.

Sidenote: So... What is the antonym?It"s 瓦全がぜん.

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