The Oakland Raiders beat the Houston Texans 27-20 on Monday in a back-and-forth affair at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, however Houston coach Bill O"Brien was not pleased through at least one potential missed contact from the officials.

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Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins showed up to have a 60-yard touchdown on Houston"s opening possession after he acquired previous defensive earlier Reggie Nelson, however the officials called him out of bounds after 24 yards.

Hopkins made his feelings clear on the call with this post on Instagram:

O"Brien couldn"t challenge bereason the play was ruled dead, but he did discuss it after the game, per

Was Hopkins out of bounds on that play? No. So prefer, look, I"m not going to sit up below and obtain fined, I"m just a third-year coach in the NFL. But I think we really got to look at every one of those points. You understand, we acquired every one of these camages, and we can"t acquire that appropriate. And I don"t think Hopkins was out of bounds ...

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The NFL mutual the cshed play, while NFL on ESPN caught the moment in question and also commentator Jon Gruden"s response:


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nukdabomb.24-yard gain! #HOUvsOAK