It's the most dangerous job on earth: crab fishing turn off the Alaska coastline on the icy Bering Sea, home of the many violent waters on earth. Throughout the five-day "season," a handful of adventurers will certainly work approximately the clock versus Arctic weather and brutal waves for a chance at big money. Sadly, they all might not return.

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It's the most dangerous job ~ above earth: crab fishing turn off the Alaska shore on the icy Bering Sea, home of the many violent waters ~ above earth. Throughout the five-day "season," a grasp of adventurers will work about the clock versus Arctic weather and brutal waves because that a opportunity at large money. Sadly, castle all may not return.

battle of emperors

Season 15, illustration 1 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Hours before king season, a massive brand-new boat v a renegade captain discovers the crab are all in one spot. Together the fleet gyeongju to uncover the quarter billion-dollar hoard, captains battle each other and also the Bering Sea to insurance claim their share of the bounty.

supervisor Swarm

Season 15, illustration 2 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Atop the king crab supervisor swarm, full pots cook over into problem as young firearms Sean and also Jake join pressures to set down Sig. Keith and also Harley reignite a years old rivalry, and Sean encounters the long arm that Alaska regulation when crab in his tank come up short.

Knife in the Ribs

Season 15, illustration 3 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

As the very first arctic storm the the season arrives, Saga's deck boss takes a knife come the ribs. Josh and Casey's record-setting haul gets interrupted when a hand it s okay tangled in the coiler. Capt. Invoice takes one critical stab at motivating a lazy greenhorn.

single Point of failure

Season 15, illustration 4 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

With Mandy alone in ~ the helm, a freak accident intimidates the Northwestern crew. Josh changes course ~ above the Cornelia when Casey sleeps. Harley's launcher breaks at the worst feasible moment, and also a brief circuit cuts power to the Wizard's forward lights.

shifting Stack

Season 15, illustration 5 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In the best storm the the season, Jake faces a life and also death decision when a changing stack endangers to capsize the Saga. Sig and Mandy haul through angry seas, when Josh and Casey gambling on quota but find there's much more on the line 보다 sheer numbers.

Blood in the Water

Season 15, illustration 6 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The Bering Sea take away a brutal toll fee on captains and also crew. Wild invoice calls the Cornelia because that help. Jake confronts a disorderly crew, forcing his toughest decision yet together captain. Josh man the helm together Casey renders a risky ship-to-ship move in high seas.

Winter is below

Season 15, episode 7 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In the winter season premiere, the coldest weather in nearly a decade threatens to crush hulls and freeze the sea. Monte have to fill his tanks fast to acquire home come his ailing father, while a shocking mishap pipeline a Hansen household member grasping for life.

difficult Inheritance

Season 15, illustration 8 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

As winter intensifies, Sean deals with an engine room fire. Summer only deck boss suffers a season-threatening injury. Harley uses a newfound nephew a trial operation at greenhorn. Monte races to fill Wizard's Bairdi quota for this reason Keith deserve to say taking leave to your father.

Russian Roulette

Season 15, illustration 9 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Josh and also Casey risk a 500 mile trek north to the icy Russian line. Jake tracks his own fast-moving crab horde. Sig does double duty top top the Northwestern. The Bering sea cracks the Wizard's 74 year-old stole hull as the Colburns face the ns of their dad.

Curse the the Russian line

Season 15, illustration 10 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Josh and Casey haul your all time biggest pots, starting a gold rush to the Russian line. Cpt. Bill gets inside intel, if Harley confirms number his own way. As Arctic Storm Elsa builds in fury, the fleet realizes this ice queen casts a deadly spell.

Hell afoot No rage

Season 15, illustration 11 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The wrath the Arctic Storm Elsa access time the Cornelia hardest together a breakaway pot thrashes Josh and also Casey's crew. Captain Keith order deckhands onto the stack together Elsa's icy blasts threaten to capsize the Wizard. No remainder for Jake as the Saga bring away a rogue wave.

Sixty Foot Monster

Season 15, episode 12 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

As arctic superstorm Elsa intensifies, a rare forecast warns the isolated waves of unusual size. Trapped in the crab-rich north grounds, the Cornelia Marie, Wizard and Southern Wind draw pots as huge as the waves, until one boat faces a 60 foot monster.

Crank wreck

Season 15, illustration 13 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In storm-driven seas, Cornelia Marie's crane goes off the rails, wrecking Josh and Casey's wheelhouse and injuring deckhand Taylor. Sig threats navigating a rocky i in treacherous conditions, and also the sorcerer’s crew face a rogue wave without warning.

Devil's reduced

Season 15, episode 14 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Deckhands pay in blood together captains comprise for time shed to the storm. ~ above the Cornelia Marie josh takes the wheel as Casey conducts surgical treatment at sea. Brenna A tests the mettle that a previous Marine. And also a contact from home has actually Sig dealing with a worst case scenario.


Season 15, illustration 15 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The fleet battles a freight train of ago to ago storms. Sig's crew pays a price for stuffed pots, while Harley dangers gear on an elusive hoard under the ice. Freddy do the efforts self-surgery top top the Wizard, and also the Summer bay crew gets news ~ above Nick's future.

Hell or High Water

Season 15, illustration 16 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Monte returns to co-captain the Wizard just as a freight train that storms slams the fleet indigenous the south. Jake war the risk of hauling pots in 30 foot seas to go back to his family. Wild invoice drives aside from that north right into the icy Arctic than any kind of other boat.

Unholy Alliance

Season 15, episode 17 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

As crab turn elusive, veterans Sig Hansen and also "Harley" Davidson form an unlikely alliance, yet trust doesn't come basic for old institution captains. Freddy pays a price because that Keith's decision to haul in extreme seas, and also Jake tempts fate to become a watercraft owner.

Dark ship

Season 15, illustration 18 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

As smoke filling the Wizard, the Colburns confront a dark ship nightmare. Towering breakers break Jake's steel anchor forcing him come fight to protect against the rocks of St. Paul Island. Quit by non-saw seas Sig turns to household to fill the Northwestern's tanks.

Time and Tide Wait for No man

Season 15, episode 19 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The bone-breaking winter unleashes its rage on the Summer Bay. A rookie mistake leaves Captain Bill quick a hand. Jake access time the jackpot at sea, yet forces top top land cost him dearly. There's hell come pay when Sean discovers the fatal flaw in his crab count.

Dead or lively

Season 15, illustration 20 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In the penultimate episode, every skipper's next move determines that survives the final winter dash. Winds put the sorcerer’s on a collision course v a monster. Jake taps a Hillstrand to conserve the Saga. Josh and Casey struggle numbers no seen due to the fact that Cpt. Phil.

now or never ever

Season 15, illustration 21 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

In the season finale, with simply ten pots to go, a crushing injury requires coastline Guard rescue. Josh and also Casey face a large loss once their offload it s okay cancelled. Sig rolfes the dice on very early finish, if Monte hauls more crab than the Wizard have the right to hold.

Unfinished company

Season 15, episode 101 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The captains go back to Dutch port days prior to the opened of king crab season. Together they prepare their boats and their crews to battle the Bering Sea, lock must additionally face each various other to settle unfinished organization from the past season.

Legend of Sean Dwyer

Season 15, illustration 102 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

The fleet's youngest captain to be born right into chaos - a family members crab boat lost in ~ sea, a beloved dad gone too soon. Yet Capt. Sean rotate tragedy right into triumph, transforming the family company into an fishing empire, raising the bar because that a brand-new generation.

Strategy & Deception

Season 15, episode 103 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

With millions top top the line, a crab captain have to be as strategic together a 4 star general. However is deception a important tactic for a success and survival ~ above the Bering Sea? There's only one means to uncover out is together master fishermen meet the science of polygraph.

Greenhorn Gauntlet

Season 15, illustration 104 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Greenhorns come in netherlands Harbor every season spring to pocket thousands because that a few week's work. However how do crews train a brand-new guy to endure the world's many dangerous job? Captains and a clinical psychologist compare "tough love" to "new school" methods.

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The an enig of F/V destination

Season 15, illustration 105 TV-14 CC HD CC SD

Just miles from the fleet, the fishing vessel destination disappears there is no a trace. In an extraordinary investigation, the secret can ultimately be solved. But captains should make large changes, or risk sailing into the same hazard on the icy Bering Sea.

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