The rule state that once the players cannot feed your colony, lock should place a scarcity token in the food supply and decrease morale because that every starvation token in the supply. What to perform after the is unclear to me.

Do you lose morale after every round because that every starvation token you have actually in the food supply? Is there a way to get rid of starvation tokens?


There is no method to get rid of starvation tokens yet they only reason a lose of morale once there is not sufficient to food come eat for the round. In that situation, friend would lose 1 morale for each scarcity token in the food supply.

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This is covered in the rules in the ar that defines the salary Food section of the nest phase. The rules indicate that in the situation where you execute not have enough food in the food it is provided to feed the colony, you execute not eliminate the food, yet instead add a famine token and also then to decrease morale because that each scarcity token in the supply.

This to be further shown in a forum conversation on BoardGameGeek that affiliated Johnny Gilmour, one of the video game designers.


You keep the scarcity tokens in the food supply for the rest of the game, however, lock only reason you to shed morale once you don"t have sufficient food that round.

For example, you don"t have sufficient food this round and also you include one scarcity token come the food supply yet keep the food the was already in there. This causes you to lose one morale. Two rounds later, you don"t have enough food again, and also you include a second starvation token. This reasons you to lose two morale since there are now two famine tokens in the food supply.


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