Dawn of TItans: Beginner’s Guide

How walk the enhance event work?

The route of the conqueror.

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In the fragmentised kingdoms, the Infected Domain has actually appeared. That is located in the middle of the world, behind neutral domains. His Infected Troops must be stopped. Assault this domain to reduce its health, and also destroy it come get countless rewards! Infected troops are an ext numerous and powerful versions of standard troops. After ~ destruction, a much more powerful Infected Domain will certainly appear! once attacking the Infected Domain, every troops and spell slots space open. Troops and also Spells that the preferably Level!

Portal Stones

Portal Stones are supplied to assault the Infected Domain;Portal Stones can be obtained by attacking domains of other kingdoms;Portal stones are revived over time;Portal Stones are given as rewards for accomplishments in a compete event.

Guaranteed 3 rewards. gain military trophies - 3 guaranteed rewards after every fight won!

How to begin the building of the Asgard Hall, train storm maidens and also create the Storm Storm spell? after ~ the global achievement is completed throughout the \"Imminent Storm\" event, and if you have reached lock level 14, you have the right to start structure the Asgard Hall, train the storm maidens and also create the \"Storm Storm\" spell. These room the requirements for accessing this gaming feature.

What room shields? Shields are an impenetrable barrier that protects against enemy assaults for up to 24 hours.They protect the garrison on which they are mounted from plunder. However, if friend launch an strike when your domain names / garrison are defended by shields, every shields will be deactivated and also your lands will certainly instantly end up being vulnerable to foe attacks!

If numerous players attacked your domain, ultimately, depending on your league and the variety of domains recorded over a certain duration of time, a shield will certainly automatically show up over your domains. Shields room not created automatically after one attack. If you bought a shield, you have to activate it. That does not instantly activate over her Garrison (players have the right to only purchase shields for their Garrison).


I to buy a castle shield in the store. Exactly how to activate it in the game? when you leaving the video game for a particular time, you want to safeguard your sources so that various other players carry out not attack and also kidnap them. You deserve to buy a lock shield in the store, which when used is valid? ?during? ? 24 hours.


Having purchase a shield, it must be set off (this walk not occur automatically!). To execute this, walk to the range of the Kingdom and also click top top the garrison. There you can add protection, the photo of the shield will certainly be ~ above the left.Touch it and also the shield for her lock will be activated.


Remember: Attacking another player instantly turns turn off the shield, also if it has not expired.

How execute automatic shields appear? once a player attacks your garrison or domain, a shield automatically appears over it, i beg your pardon disappears ~ a few minutes, or as soon as you assault other football player again (note that when attacking the enemy, the shields disappear automatically). Shields over your domain names may appear automatically depending upon the number of captures made end a certain period of time. It additionally depends ~ above which league you are in. See the table below:


Example: Silver organization - if an adversary seizes 4 the your domains within 3 hours , automatic shields will show up over every your domains that will run for 6 hours. They will disappear after ~ the expiration the time or as soon as you start attacking other domain names again.

Please keep in mind that in 4 major leagues (elite, champion, perfect and legendary) automatic shields will certainly not appear, and opponents will be able to capture your domain names without stopping.

What have to I perform with the staying fragments? some players still have actually shards in your inventory. The pieces are offered for the Ascension function, i m sorry is currently disabled and also is gift finalized for subsequent return to the game. You deserve to leave castle or offer them to make room in her inventory. Once the Ascension role is again available, girlfriend will have the chance to obtain shards.

How have the right to I block messages from players in game chat? If you desire to block message from the player in the video game chat, follow this steps:

Open chat.Touch the blog post of the player you want to block.Touch his file picture.From the pop-up menu, select \"Block.\"

Fights with various other players. The goal of the game Dawn that Titans - to develop the most an effective Kingdom, fighting with other players and expanding the borders of his realm to gain victory point out (OP). War with various other players spend portal stones. This resource is gradually being replenished end a long duration of time. Friend can assault the domain names of other players through two goals: looting and also capture. Looting allows you come steal sources from the enemy, and the capture transfers the domain under your regulate and enables you to attain resources end time. Every this will make her kingdom more epic and also majestic.

Be careful! If an additional player catches one of her domains, he will certainly gain regulate over it. Therefore, it is vital to monitor the security of your kingdom.

Loot or capture? When regulating your Kingdom, you regularly have to do this choice: plunder or catch an enemy domain. Looting allows you to steal miscellaneous rewards in the domain that you attacked, without joining the domain to your Kingdom. Capturing a domain likewise brings resources, however, the domain chin becomes among your possessions and also will bring you sources over time. The domain that you manage can be enhanced by enhancing the level the protection and also the number of resources produced.

Be careful! The greater the level of the domain, the more attractive the target for her enemies!

What are victory clues (OP)? OP, or success points, are shown in the top left corner of the screen and are one indicator the the power of your Kingdom. Friend can acquire OP by attacking other players or recording domains that create OP. Remember that you must collect OP indigenous such domains (this is comparable to collecting sources from the farm yard or the Market). If an additional player captures one of your areas or successfully attacks your city, he will receive part of your OP. Therefore, that is essential to monitor the defense of your Kingdom. In ~ the finish of each season, the OP of each player is reset. However, depending upon the number and type of domain names that you own at the finish of the season, girlfriend can acquire a great bonus OP in ~ the begin of the brand-new season.

What room experience point out (OO), and also how to obtain them? obtaining experience in managing the Kingdom is very important. Suffer points, or OO, deserve to be derived by perfect quests and quests in the game. You have the right to only acquire them by winning battles. Beginning a solitary player project in the world of Dawn that Titans, you can complete many different quests and also tasks the will bring you OO. The much more points girlfriend collect, the greater your level will become, through the boost of which you will receive gems and also portal stones the will help you progression in the game.

How to buy resources, for example, food, portal stones, shields and relics? You deserve to spend jewel to acquisition gold, food, and portal stones on the resources tab. Shields and relics are on the matching tabs.Buying them directly for real currency will no work, however you can purchase gems, and then invest them on these items.

Where did the Ascension function go? The Ascension role does not currently work, since work is underway to boost it. That is impossible to say as soon as it will certainly be returned, but be certain that as soon as this happens, it will be much better!

Where room the cells of the Titans? There are no more Titan cells in the game. If you want to add an ext powerful Titans to her Hall the Titans, you will have to improve it. If friend cannot improve your room of Titans, most most likely this means that you have actually reached the best level.


What go the \"Daily Login Bonus\" attribute give? This feature enables players to receive various prizes every work they enter the game. This attribute will appear gradually ~ updating the video game to variation 1.19.

What rewards will certainly I receive once collecting this bonus? Rewards may include food, gold, gems, indicators of altars, relics and also titans.

How numerous days in one cycle? The calendar of everyday entry bonuses will be reset every 28 days.

What time can I gain a bonus because that a brand-new day? The reward for the new day deserve to be built up after 00:00 (GMT).

What happens if I miss one of the awards? players who miss out on a price will have the ability to pick it increase the following day. However, you cannot choose up the reward for the last day of the calendar. Example: if a player entered the video game on the 1st, 2nd, third and 4th day the the calendar, however missed the 5th day, the next day that will be able to collect the reward because that the 5th day, however will not be able to receive the reward because that the 28th day.

Where have the right to I uncover my rewards? Gems, portal stones, food and gold are automatically included to the balance of her resources. Indicators you will uncover on the altars (in the Temple). Relics and titans are put in inventory.

Do Spheres influence the damage of Titan or troops when used? The elemental damage of each Sphere deserve to only be excellent by Titans of a similar element. Example: The Orb the Life used by Siegfried will rise his physics abilities, yet if you arm him v the Orb of Death, the Titan will not do poison damage, due to the fact that it does physical damage.

The same applies to troops: Spheres will only acquire reinforcements for troops that transaction the very same elemental damage. There are no troops in the game that transaction lightning damage. Example: toxicity - panthers, fire - grenadiers, ice - imperials, planet - giants, physical damages - all devices of people. Any type of titan / military that provides one that the Spheres will get resistance come the elements, nevertheless of race.


What is pinning? This feature enables players to protect particular domains so that various other players carry out not capture them. \"Pinning\" is accessible in the video game version no reduced than 1.22. This function is being imposed slowly so that it functions stably for every players. Try updating the game periodically to view if this function has to be added.

What domain names can i pin? You have the right to pin domain names with food and gold. Domains creating OPs cannot be fixed.

Why is the pin button still gray, although ns have already selected this domain? before you pin a domain, you must ensure that it is protected. After you collection the protection, you have the right to fix the domain v gold or food.

After I begin the fastening, execute I need to wait until it works? there is a building and construction time for fixing, but it takes result immediately.

I cannot fix a domain through gold or food, also though they room protected. Why? To fix the domain you require a builder. If your home builders are busy somewhere on the construction sites the the Kingdom, you will have to wait until among them gets totally free and fixes her domain.

Can a fixed domain be depleted? Yes. Due to the fact that pinned domains can be sacked as soon as all sources are removed, castle will immediately be depleted.

Important: pinning will only be easily accessible during the Throne battle event.

Titan Arena Awards Each fight in the Arena of Titans offers a player’s OO and Titan. If you desire a chance to victory trained Titans, you can gain them at the Titan Monument (by chance).

Why was the last fight in the complement not counted? that is essential for players to get in the battle of the compete so that they regulate to finish it prior to the end of the event. If you entered the fight 5 minutes before the finish of the event, that is extremely likely that as soon as the occasion ends, you will certainly still be on the battlefield.Therefore, to include points for the fight to the complete score, shot to complete it as shortly as possible!

Renewal that the gigantic giants. as you already know, giants are the \"cannon fodder\" or \"tanks\" of her army: they are at the forefront and also protect more vulnerable troops from strikes by enemy ranged units. However, now they room not sufficiently maneuverable to play the function of defensive units, and also often experience troubles in the fight with faster and much more agile troops. Therefore, the giants will soon be changed, come to be larger and faster top top the battlefield, which will substantially improve your protective characteristics.

Although giants have an excellent basic health and also armor, lock usually have less resistance to the elements, specifically with relics. As the video game develops, this worsens their survival on the battlefield. To eliminate this drawback, in future events, players will certainly be vested relics that the \"Giant’s Belt\" 3 * and 4 *, which room resistant come poison, lightning, fire, ice and also earth.


Changes come berserker relics. merged with some historic relics, Dancing through the Shadows might make the Berserker Titans immune to ranged damage. This is not ideal, since it reduces the value and also effectiveness in the fight of ranged units. Therefore, the following changes are made come the game: the relic \"Dances with Shadows\" will no much longer be obtainable on the Altar the the spiritual gems, it will be replaced by a new powerful relic the the berserker R5 \"Weaver that Shadows\". This brand-new relic has actually the adhering to characteristics:

+ 70% damages resistance in ranged combat;+ 44-60% come Titan’s health;+ 53-77% come Titan damage.

These transforms will influence only future autumn of the R5 berserker relic.


Where are the portal stones I got in PvP battles? whenever a player receive a portal stone, he immediately adds come the total variety of stones, and also not come the inventory. To watch how plenty of portal stones girlfriend have, madness the event banner.


Experience: the basics. endure points room awarded upon completion of certain game tasks, such together winning battles, upgrading buildings, and also completing a single-player campaign. Experience directly affects the level the the Kingdom, which mirrors the overall power of your Kingdom.

Kingdom Level. your Kingdom rises the level, becomes stronger and also earns more experience that is provided for to win battles, enhancing the Kingdom and also completing missions. To check out your development to a brand-new level, open the file screen. To perform this, tap your profile icon in the top left corner. Raising the level the the Kingdom opens up accessibility to brand-new improvements, buildings and permits you to become stronger in battles.

Stones the the portal: the basics. Portal stones space mysterious resources that enable your military to instantly relocate to various other lands. An assault on a domain or city results in the use of portal stones that are gradually being restored. To increase the maximum number of portal stones the your kingdom deserve to produce, you require to enhance the portal - a structure surrounded by upright stones, i m sorry is located on the banks of the river of your city.

What room relics? Relics room power-ups that aid your kingdom, troops, and also Titans. You can receive free relics in the battle or in the temple of Relics, and buy an ext powerful relics in the Temple. There are three types of relics:

Instant relics can be offered instantly to attain resources, such together money, units, spells, and titans. Brand-new resources will appear in inventory.Relics of battle increase attack and also defense of units, helping you loss enemies.

Relics that wealth assist maximize the usage of obtainable resources. Lock either minimize the production cost of units and also spells, or boost the amount of resources created in buildings.

Dawn of TItans: Fighting Right

Bonus of courage. room you tired of getting tiny rewards for defeating your enemies? Look because that someone equal in stamin to girlfriend ... Or even more! Attacking football player whose lock level is greater than yours, you will obtain a \"Courage Bonus\", thanks to i m sorry you have the right to capture more resources (maximum twice). ~ above the various other hand, attack a player through a lower castle level will alleviate your reward. And if girlfriend are much stronger than your opponent, you will not gain anything!

Why space blue domes displayed over part lands and also domains? The blue dome above the domain way that it has actually an active shield and cannot be assaulted at the moment. Shields space valid for only a couple of hours, so the security does not last forever!

What is a fight log? In the battle log you deserve to see who attacked your domain. You will not see this symbol until you join the union. That is located on the display screen of the kingdom, and on the display of the world.


The fight log shows the players who struck you and gives lock the chance to take it revenge. They space highlighted in red. The Revenge switch will be easily accessible if the player is still in the very same league. If a player has moved to the league higher, you will not have the ability to find him. For this reason hurry to take it revenge. The battle log displays your domains, the attacks on i beg your pardon were successfully repelled by your Titan and troops, and likewise indicates which Titan the foe was attacking you. They space highlighted in green.


Dawn that TItans: Walkthrough

Why can’t some Titans create additional soul enhancements throughout events? Leaderboard events are based on Titan races, Titan elements, or Titan classes. If the Leaderboard event is based on the Titan races , this means that the only races that develop soul renovations are the Elites, Ragnars, Mossmans, Unaki, Humans, Vikings / Northerners. Natural events , top top the other hand, combine the Titans, based on their elements:

Fire;Ice;Land;Poison;Lightning;Physical damage.

In class-based events, amplifications use to the adhering to Titans:


The \" special Titans \" take right into account only the element or class, due to the fact that they perform not have racial affiliation. For instance:

Flameheid is a boar the can develop amplifications in an event for fiery Titans or victors, together he is a fiery winner.However, the is not instantly included in the unak event because it is not part of the gyeongju of unak.Wukong , likewise a one-of-a-kind Titan, deserve to create an occasion boost for planet Titans or conquerors, since this Titan is a conqueror utilizing the aspect of earth. He will certainly not create amplifications in the occasion for people, because he does not belong come the gyeongju of people.

Other unique titans in the game:

Flameheid (fiery winner);Venomtusk (poisonous winner);Snow hill (ice winner);Stone scar (earthen winner);Storm Boar (storm winner);Urkon (earth guard);Auria (ice scout);Astarot (earthen paladin);Kalvarax (ice ranger);Yotunn (ice berserker);Wukong (earthen winner).

Why perform leaderboard occasions end earlier than usual? To offer players the possibility to rest prior to the season end on Mondays, the was made decision to end the events of the leaderboard earlier than normal (10:30 Moscow time rather of 12:00 Moscow time). This to be done to ensure the both events ended without errors, and also that you obtained the appropriate rewards for her work. In addition, game developers space working come ensure that events start earlier and also you have much more time come participate and also receive rewards because that them.

My union received the Leaderboard event Award, why no I obtain it? as with season-end rewards, players have the right to receive an alliance leaderboard reward detailed that they carry out not leave their alliance before distributing the rewards to all players. Please note that having actually left your union prior to the distribution of prizes, you will certainly not get them.

Tip: In order no to miss the prize of the event, wait for the notification in the game around its receipt, expropriate it and also visit the Treasury come make sure that the reward has been received. When you see the reward, you can adjust the union.

I deserve to not discover the sign of the event. If you encounter a trouble while trying to find the badge won throughout the event, very first try to pick up the argorial of the day, and also then the Iron argorial will immediately appear!

Do not waste time, collection souls! If friend leave your union, the variety of souls built up by you will be reset.Be careful! shed souls can not be recovered.

Where have the right to I discover my Titan sign or prize for an event? have actually you just won the Titan badge or other prize for an event (other 보다 the distinctive Titan) and also can’t uncover it? everything is good! A reward awaits you in the temple of Relics!

Where is my brand-new Titan event? Your brand-new Titan has chose to take it a rest in the Treasury! now he’s probably polishing his armor or simply resting for a cup the tea! immediately pick it up from there, together items room stored in the Treasury only for 48 hours! over there you can discover items pertained to the event.

The season / event has ended, where space my rewards? Players have the right to receive prizes based on the results of a season / event, listed that they have actually not left your union prior to the finish of the season or the end of the waiting duration after the finish of the event and also before the distribution of prizes. Please note that having actually left your union prior to the distribution of prizes, you will not obtain them.

Tip. In order no to miss the reward based upon the results of a season / event, wait because that the an alert in the game about its receipt, accept it and visit the Treasury to make certain that the reward has actually been received. Once you view the reward, girlfriend can adjust the union.

Dawn the TItans: how to farm Resources?

How have the right to I to buy portal stones? to plunder or record a domain or kingdom, portal stones space needed. To boost the maximum variety of portal stones the your Kingdom can produce, you need to boost the portal - a structure surrounded through upright stones, which is situated on the river financial institution of your city. Portal stones are restored every couple of minutes, yet if you want to hit continuously, you have the right to reload the portal using gems. Visit the keep to restock!

I accidentally invested my gems, gold, or food ~ above a game item. Have the right to I lug them back? Resources, Titans and relics can not be eliminated / gotten rid of from the video game after their purchase. Therefore, you will certainly not return the gems, resources, shields, and also relics that were coincidentally spent throughout the game.

What is Gold and also how can I to buy it? yellow is a resource that you can use to buy / update buildings and create spells. You can usually collect gold from yellow Mines and captured domain names with gold. If you carry out not have enough gold come improve buildings or produce spells, you deserve to buy this resource for jewel by touching the symbol with a yellow coin in the top right edge of the screen. Yellow cannot be bought directly for genuine currency, yet you can constantly buy gems and also then usage them to buy gold.

What must I perform if my gems or various other resources are lost, return they were not spent by me? If throughout the video game you shed some gems, climate most likely this taken place for one of the complying with reasons:

Purchase of a building;Buying yellow coins / food for gems;Purchase of portal stones;Buying a shield for a domain;Purchase that relics / titans in the Temple;Healing troops ~ the battle;Speeding up construction or improvement;Neutral Domain Update.

Returning gems the were coincidentally spent throughout the game is no possible.

Why have to wait come upgrade cost-free domains? After making use of food to restore totally free 3x domains, the following time you try, girlfriend will receive this pop-up message:


To usage food and also upgrade complimentary domains, you should wait till the wait timer has actually finished counting.

Dawn the TItans: building the City Right!

Welcome to your new city! It might seem to you the all jobs have currently been solved, however do not relax. Girlfriend will need many much more buildings to successfully regulate the growing Kingdom. After ~ the construction of new buildings, they deserve to be boosted to obtain brand-new benefits.

Castle. The largest and also most impressive structure in your city and one of the many important. Although that does no produce any type of resources, boosting the castle provides accessibility to enhancements to all other buildings.Improving the castle allows you come upgrade other buildings and also train much more troops. Improve this building and get the complying with benefits:

Increase the maximum number of units that people;Increasing the number of types of devices of world that have the right to be created;Raising the best level that buildings;An rise in the variety of open structures that deserve to be built;The discovery of brand-new types that buildings.

Farm. The farm constantly produce food till the storage limit is reached.When the storage is full, collect food to restart production. Enhance this building and also get the complying with benefits:

Increase farm yard Storage Limit;Faster food manufacturing at the Farm.

Hall of the Titans. Here you can uncover the Titans who have joined your army. In their free time, they normally comb and also braid their beards. Upgrade this structure to accommodate much more titans.

Temple that the relics. Here you deserve to summon other powerful titans and also get powerful items! One totally free relic awaits girlfriend daily.

Barn.The barn is draft to store food accumulated from the farm. V improvement, the maximum quantity of food that have the right to be save on computer in your city increases.

Grain storage. The serial storage allows you come hide a certain amount the food so that it deserve to not it is in stolen as soon as the city to be plundered by other unions.

The yellow mine. A gold mine produce gold because that the kingdom prior to reaching the storage limit. Once you reach the limit, collect gold come restart production. Boost this building and also get the adhering to benefits:

Increasing the storage border of the gold Mine;Accelerating gold production at the mine.

Gold storage. The yellow vault is supplied to save gold built up at the yellow Mine. Through improvement, the maximum quantity of yellow that have the right to be save on computer in her city increases.

The vault of gold. A gold vault enables you to hide a particular amount of gold so that it cannot be stolen when attacking a city.

Coffers. Serves for the storage of gold collected at the gold Mine. Through improvement, the maximum quantity of gold that deserve to be save on computer in her city increases.

School of doctors. Allows girlfriend to enhance the capability of your doctors to cure troops ~ battles. Update this building to cure troops with an ext severe damage.

Food repository. Protects food supplies during an attack. Update this structure to rise the quantity of share that deserve to be save on computer in it.

Garrison. There room units in the Garrison that will defend your city from opponent armies. Upgrade it to boost the number of troops that you deserve to place.

Barracks. The barracks is a building in which troops room trained. Enhance it to boost the production queue, i.e. The variety of units that have the right to be trained at the same time.

Military camp. The army camp serves to accommodate devices after training in the Barracks. Improving the camp rises the maximum number of trained troops the you have the right to have.

Allied camp. The allied Camp is a place where you can request reinforcements from various other members the the alliance. Upgrade it to rise the number or level that troops you can get.

Arsenal. Arsenal determines the level of troops that will certainly be developed in the Barracks. Update it to increase the level of your troops. This will increase their health and damage done.

Courtyard the masons. The place where contractors are located. This structure cannot be improved, but each Masons’ yard rises the variety of consecutive structures by one.

Portal. The structure where the portal stones space stored, used to relocate your troops right into battle. Through the development of the Portal, the variety of portal stones that the kingdom can develop increases.

These are just some that the structures that have the right to be constructed in the city. As it grows, friend will find new, more powerful structures that will aid your Kingdom bloom.

How deserve to I open up buildings? Buildings open as the castle rises. If you should open a building, yet you cannot do this, most likely you require to improve your Castle. For example, come gain access to the hall of Spells, you must upgrade the lock to level 4.

What are fractions? The emissary board of directors factions are embassy structures belonging to other races that you can construct in your city. The building of these buildings will enable you come receive brand-new units of various other races, because that example, substantial giant ragnars or grenadier unics that are solid in ranged combat. Initially, you have the right to buy emissary council structures for jewel in the Castle, however as you development through the game you deserve to buy them because that gold. As you development through the campaign, girlfriend will be able to buy added buildings of the council of Emissaries.

What is a temple? In the temple of Relics, you deserve to summon and receive an effective items. Girlfriend will additionally receive one cost-free relic, visiting it daily! there are several altars in the Temple. You can use jewel to buy items on them. Friend will receive random types of relics and also Titans. Indigenous time come time in the game occasions of the altars room held, in which special Titans and also relics are added to the altars, and the chance of receiving lock increases.


What do home builders do? In order to build any kind of of the buildings in the Dawn the Titans, home builders are required. You deserve to buy brand-new builders (no much more than 5) in the construction menu, in the section of purchases indigenous the store.


If you carry out not have complimentary builders, you cannot construct buildings until they are vacant. You can always cost-free the builder by increasing the construction.


You can uncover out how many contractors you have actually by the builder icon at the top of the screen.

Can structures be relocated after construction? yes it is possible. To move a building, select it, and then click the relocate icon. Having selected a building, it have the right to be moved to any place if the is significant in yellow. If the ar is marked in red, it method that the building cannot be relocated there.

How can I boost the domain limit? You might run the end of totally free space for domains. In this case, you can buy extr places because that domains. The more domains you have, the much more resources you deserve to get.


This tiny domain symbol through a add to sign means that you have the right to buy additional seats because that gems, the amount of which depends on the number of domains in her possession. The basket symbol means that you deserve to delete the domain and receive coins. Elevating the level of your castle, you will obtain additional room for domains. But you can additionally buy domain an are for gems! You deserve to own no much more than 30 domains.


Dawn the TItans: Quest and Campaign Walkthrough

What are campaigns? campaigns in Dawn that Titans are connected to the main storyline. Come view active campaigns, pick the crossed swords symbol in the reduced left corner of the screen. Right here you will find a perform of levels of your energetic campaigns.


What room quests, and where have the right to I uncover them? quests are added tasks that you deserve to perform come get an additional reward. Come view energetic quests, pick the crossed swords icon in the reduced left corner of the screen.Here girlfriend will uncover a list of your active quests.


Why should I train mine troops, and also how to carry out it? any troops require training in stimulate to become stronger in battle. Come train troops, go to the Arsenal, pick the troops you desire to train, and then click the training icon.Remember the troop training requires food. Hungry warriors will certainly not execute anything. Training rises the level the troops created in the Barracks, and also turns them right into worthy opponents for any type of enemy.


Dawn the TItans: Titans, Races, and also Leveling

Who are the Titans? Titans are exceptionally tall and powerful creatures that quickly wreak havoc in battles. Titans room born indigenous relics of magical domain names known as Elder Stones. Titans have the right to vary in appearance and also size, as well as in the size of the beard. They will certainly accompany friend in every assault and aid to catch the world. They can likewise protect your castle or domains from invaders trying come seize your an useful resources. Titans belong to different classes and races, and possess the forces of the elements curbed by them.

What room the classes, races and elements that the Titans? There space 6 classes of Titans, each of i m sorry is armed in fight with various types of weapons and skills:


There are 6 races of the Titans, every of which curbed one or another element, which offers them strength in battle:

Unaki - fire;Elitins - ice;Mossman is poison;People - physics damage;Ragnars are the earth;Northerners / Vikings - lightning.

Periodically, \"special titans\" of particular classes and also elements appear in the game, but, unlike other titans, do not belong to any type of race.

Hall that the Titans. High above the hills, fields and beautiful landscapes rises the majestic and an effective Hall the the Titans. This is the house of your mighty Titans. Within these walls they will certainly learn and also become stronger.Upgrade the room of Titans to boost the variety of Titans you can place in it.

How to train a titan? To increase the level that the Titans, usage them in battles. Once fighting, the Titans gain experience clues that enable them to gain brand-new levels. Her Titans will automatically level up! Thus, you carry out not have to do this yourself.

How come get an ext Titans? You acquire the an initial Titan in ~ the beginning of the game. If one Titan is not enough, extr Titans can be winner in battles or bought because that gems in the Temple. Or you deserve to join the alliance and shot to success the Titan in the weekly season or the leaderboard events.

How can I add much more Titans come the hall of Titans? In stimulate for her Hall the Titans to accommodate an ext Titans, you need to boost it. Upgrade the hall of Titans to increase the number of Titans you deserve to place in it.


What is Titan’s element damage? each race has actually its own power:

Elitins - ice;Mossman is poison;Ragnars space the earth;Unaki - fire;People - physics damage;Vikings are lightning.

This way that each race will use one facet in the battle. For example, elite will assault their opponents with ice and also ice weapons. Elemental damages also method that part Titans will be fragile to some elements. Girlfriend will be able to arm your Titans through relics in order to rise resistance to specific elements.


The exception is the Unaki-boar Titans (Venomtusk, Snowgor and Flameheid).

I accidentally used Titan to merge. Deserve to i return it? Unfortunately, after Titan was used to merge, it disappears forever. Be cautious when picking a titan come merge.

I accidentally performed a mergers of relics. Can I return a supplied relic? after ~ the relics merge, the used item disappears forever, due to the fact that you used it come improve an additional one. The relics offered to unify cannot be restored, for this reason be mindful when selecting relics to merge!

Dawn the TItans: Alliance Guide

What is a union? It might seem to you the you are able to conquer the world alone, however soon you will find out the entering right into an alliance with other players is necessary for those that are searching for real power. There are numerous unions indigenous which you have the right to choose, and also each that them has its own layout of command games. If you room just beginning to obtain acquainted v the game, involvement the union girlfriend will have the ability to meet various other players, learn around the game and also even make new friends. Pick your union symbol with a shield and also two swords in the top right corner of the screen, next to your profile picture. By clicking this icon, you will be transferred to the union profile.

When you an initial enter Dawn the Titans, you will certainly be inquiry to sign up with an alliance or develop your own.

By picking the Search symbol at the bottom the the screen, friend can uncover hundreds the unions and view data about them to decide which one come join.

I am the head of the union. What wake up if ns decide to move to another alliance? when the head of the union decides to move to an additional union, that will instantly be replaced by the administrator through the many OP received throughout the past season.

What is one OO union? POs received by the union throughout the season room converted come the PA of the union.


Union NGOs are necessary to progressive the level that union. With the rise in the level of her union, its sign will end up being larger, change color, and its architecture will become more complex. The union authorize will reflect your place in the league. In the future, Union NGOs will administer various benefits depending on the level of union. Follow the news!


How perform I join an alliance? choose your union symbol with a shield and two swords in the top left edge of the screen, next to your profile picture. By clicking this icon, you will be transferred to the union profile.

When you very first enter Dawn that Titans, you will be asked to sign up with an alliance or develop your own. By selecting the Search icon at the bottom of the screen, friend can uncover hundreds of unions and view data about them to decide which one to join.

How carry out I leaving the union? leave the union is simple. ~ above the union file screen, click the \"Leave\" button.Do no worry, friend will should confirm your decision before you continue and also leave the union.


Why have actually I been expelled from the union? The concern of member of football player in the union is solely dealt through by the leader and also administrators of each union. If you have been expelled native the union, it is time to take the next step and establish your own union.

Why go the pinned message disappear? message from the leader that the union are resolved in the conversation of the union just for an hour.

Why does union search no work? Make sure that you go into the name of the union correctly, specifically if there room special characters in the name. If girlfriend still cannot uncover a union, it might be a closed union. Closed unions execute not appear in search results. If you want to join a close up door union, you should receive an invitation.

The deliver of the standing of the leader the the union. In stimulate for every players to continue to have actually a great time in the game Dawn that Titans, the leader status deserve to now be moved to one more player if the existing leader is inactive. This wake up after the finish of every season (Mondays). Carry is subject to the complying with conditions:

Leadership is transferred just to the following administrator or deputy through the greatest castle level.If the union walk not have actually an administrator or deputy, the leader condition will be moved to the participant through the greatest castle level. The leader need to be inactive for 28 work or longer.

No special scenarios are taken right into account, personal applications because that a leadership position will certainly not be considered without verification. An applications for a leader place does not guarantee friend this position.

Dawn that TItans: advanced Tactics

What carry out the 3 designations because that titanium mean? Dawn that Titans has actually three essential designations: maneuverable, long-range and heavy. Because that example, Venomtusk is a heavy Titan. He is slow, belongs to the class of Champions, and also his aspect is poison.


And Cormac is a maneuverable Titan. That is fast, belongs come the course of Scouts and deals physical damage.


The militia titans are agile and fast, many thanks to i beg your pardon they have high maneuverability signs .

Archers are ranged troops, and also their toughness is in accuracy, so they have high range indicators .

Spearmen have actually heavy armor, which renders them slow and also heavy, therefore they have high damage resistance.

What is Reinforcement and also how does that work?

To inquiry reinforcements, merely touch the allied Camp, i m sorry is located just below your Castle, and also then tap the \"Request\" button.



Enter her request in the message box. The is recommended to suggest which troops friend need, so the the allies know exactly how they can aid you. Remember the the message is confirm by moderators, so requests include insults will certainly not it is in registered.


After sending out your request will show up in the union chat. Allies will have the ability to see her request and send girlfriend troops. The variety of troops you deserve to receive will certainly vary relying on the level of your Allied Camp. After ~ you get reinforcements, discover the domain an ideal for the attack, select \"plunder\" or \"capture\" the domain and also touch the reinforcements during preparation because that the battle to include troops sent out to you. Contact up reinforcements throughout the battle by poignant the summon button in the lower right corner of the screen. Reinforcements will automatically show up on the battlefield.


Remember the reinforcements are temporary units that will assist you in just one battle. Having dealt with for you in battle, they will certainly leave her army, nevertheless of even if it is they endure or not. Players may request reinforcements only once every few hours after ~ a attribute update. You have the right to make a 2nd request without wait for the feature to it is in updated by paying a few gems.


Capture resources. once attacking an additional player’s garrison, you can capture some the his gold and also food, and gain vital victory points. To view how numerous resources you deserve to capture, insanity the opponent garrison and also look at the number under the caption: \"Available for capture.\" The amount of resources that you can steal depends on the dimension of the reserves the enemy has, the ease of access of yellow or grain in the domain, as well as your ship bonus.

What is an archer? provide support to her archers, and they will certainly effectively attend to spearmen and also other leisurely units. Archers are solid against spearmen, however weak versus militias. Archers space long-range units, they transaction physical damage. Kind of movement - march.

Who room the militias? Fast and deadly militias perform ideal in battle against ranged units. Militias are strong against archers, yet weak against spearmen. Militias space maneuverable units, they inflict physics damage.Movement form - rapid attack.

Who are the spearmen? trained spearmen, clad in long lasting armor, can conveniently cope with militias.Spearmen are solid against militias, but weak versus archers. Spearmen are hefty units, they deal physical damage. Type of activity - march.

Who room the Panther Mossman? Panther mossman move quickly and wear light armor, which enables them to attack from the flank perfectly. Panther MossMans are maneuverable devices that inflict toxicity damage.Movement type - rapid attack.

Who room the grenadiers unaki? Grenadier unaki do incredible damage in ranged combat, but are fragile to melee attacks. Unaki-grenadiers are long-range units, they transaction fire damage. Form of activity - march.

Who room the elite spearmen? elite spearmen are bound in strong armor and also are qualified of terrific attack and also defense. Upstream spearmen are hefty units, they deal physical damage. Movement type - quick attack.

Who room the huge Ragnars? Ragnar-giants space slow, but differ in endurance and also inflict vast damage. Large Ragnars are heavy units that deal ground damage. Form of motion - march.

Dawn the TItans: how to pat after the update?

List the Titans available now in the Temple. distinctive Titans come and resolved in the Temple, and some of the easily accessible Titans gotten in the civilization in find of new adventures. You deserve to now win at the Temple any kind of of the following Titans:


These Titans are available on the adhering to altars:

Altar the the Titans;Altar the 5 Titans;Altar that 15 Titans;Altar the the Titans level 15-40.

Please note: throughout special events, the Temple might transform, and other Titans may appear on the altars in ~ this time.

With the intensification of conflicts and the come of the gods, the Titans room constantly spring for brand-new adventures and new horizons. This method that brand-new Titans deserve to regularly appear in the Temple, and its present inhabitants will go on new campaigns. On simple days once there are no events, execute not forget to inspect which Titans are obtainable in the Temple.

Changing Altar Information. Information about the Altar has been changed. Now it indicates the number of guaranteed 4-star relics falling on every altar.


Why can’t ns equip elemental Titans v the ice Hammer? The an initial skill that the relics ice Hammer is disabled to avoid problems in the game. Also, this article no much longer drops in battles and Altars. Players who have actually retained this relic deserve to equip the ice Titans with it to rise the damages of the Titan (2nd skill).

Why can not I check out the current event in the game? come make certain that you have the latest version of the video game with the latest occasions installed, it is recommended to restart the game from time come time so that your profile data is synchronized v the game servers.

Why is Zeus’s 3rd skill displayed as stage II and also not stage III? the is evidenced that this is just a typo, and the enhancements of phase III the Zeus possesses in the game are + 40% to the wellness of the Imperials and +10 lightning in the Storm Storm. The error will certainly be resolved soon, however for now, be certain that that is amplifications occupational correctly.

Dawn that TItans: Donator Guide

How to acquire gems? First, madness the environment-friendly plus sign situated in the upper right corner of the screen. The Gems display opens, whereby you can select and also buy gems. Over there you deserve to buy resources, shields and also relics. Gems have the right to be provided to make up for food, gold, and also portal stones, or in some cases spend them instead of coins.

In-app purchase


In the video game Dawn that Titans, you can buy additional gems! castle are separated into sets of different sizes. For instance:

A collection of gems 1: $ 4.99 - 2000 $ 4.99 gems;Gem collection 5: $ 99.99 - $ 60,000 gems because that $ 99.99. This is 49% an ext compared come gem set 1!

You can also receive special supplies for purchase gem sets. They are randomly dispersed to players, therefore don’t miss out. Prices and also percentages might vary relying on your country and the exchange price at the time of purchase.

Where have the right to I uncover purchased kits? sometimes players receive supplies to acquisition random sets. Depending upon the materials of the set, after a effective purchase, items will certainly be sent to their areas in the game. Right here are the items that are most often consisted of in sets, and information on whereby you can find them (restart the video game after do a acquisition so that the changes appear in the game).

Gems. The main currency of the game. Offered to gain most resources, advice the building / innovation of buildings, etc. If you buy a set or a set with gems, they will immediately be included to the balance that gems.

Tip: examine the balance the the gems prior to making a purchase to make sure that they to be added.

Food and gold. Sets that encompass food and also gold space automatically included to the relics list in the type of relics. In sets, castle are presented differently relying on their worth (5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 200K, 500K).



Portal Stones. Commonly provided to plunder or seize domains. They can be acquired with part sets or purchased because that gems. ~ the purchase, the portal stones will automatically be added to the balance of the portal stones.

Tip: also remember the variety of portal stones before purchase come make sure that you obtained stones after ~ purchasing the set.

Signs. The video game has various indications (daily signs, indicators of relics, titans and also epic titans), which are accidentally contained in some sets. After ~ purchase, these signs are immediately added to the Temple. Depending on which authorize you received, on among the altars girlfriend will watch \"x1\" and you can use the sign.


Sign that the builder. The authorize is included to the construction section of the save (the overcome hammer and also wrench icon in the reduced right edge of the screen). Open a store. Next to the Masons’ Courtyard girlfriend will check out \"x1\".

Troops and spells. Some set may encompass troops and spells. They space automatically added to the armed forces Camp or the room of Spells and also are all set for use. If this vaults are full, troops and also spells loss into the relics inventory in the form of scrolls. These scrolls will not immediately fill up empty spaces in ~ the army Camp or the hall of Spells. The player must go into the inventory and also touch the \"Use\" button to usage them.

Dawn of Titans is a shareware game. What does that mean?Many of the finest mobile gamings to date are classified as shareware. Shareware method that you can download the game and get access to all the contents of the video game Dawn of Titans absolutely free, yet you are given the possibility to acquisition in-game money for genuine money. All purchases made in ~ Dawn the Titans room made v Google to protect your personal data. If you are afraid of do unauthorized purchase from your account, you have the right to configure the security attributes in Android to block purchases.

How to avoid unauthorized purchase in Dawn the Titans? To block the opportunity of many random or innocuous purchases ~ above Google Play, set up a password request for each purchase. Come activate this feature, open up Google Play and also tap the \"Menu\" switch in the top left edge (three lines). Select \"Settings\" at the bottom of the menu that appears, then in the \"User Controls\" section, insanity \"Require authorization because that purchases.\" select the \"For all purchases top top Google pat on this device\" choice to permit this setting. Now prior to each purchase you will certainly be inquiry to enter a password.

Dawn that TItans: Customize the game correctly!

How to change profile snapshot in Dawn that Titans? Unhappy through the existing profile picture? To readjust the file picture, select the profile symbol in the top left corner of the screen, then click the \"Change avatar\" button.



How come disable push notifications? (iOS) If you desire to turn off notifications on your iOS device, follow this steps:

Close the game and also open the iOS settings menu;Select \"Notifications\" and find the application for i beg your pardon you desire to disable notifications;To turn off all notifications, use the switch next to \"All notifications.\" For an ext detailed notification management, disable or allow individual options below.

How to disable notifications? (Android) To turn off notifications on your Android device, follow this steps:

Close the game and go come the Android settings section. In the \"Device\" menu, pick \"Application Manager\", and then uncover the name of the application for which you desire to revolve off notifications;Uncheck the box next to \"Display notifications.\" All subsequent notifications will certainly be hidden.

On different devices, this process may differ slightly. For an ext information, check out the accuse for setup up your device or walk to the an equipment manufacturer’s website.

Why walk Dawn that Titans need an web connection? An internet link is compelled for playing together with other Dawn of Titans players. In addition, connecting to video game servers will carry out backup of your profile.

How to connect the video game to Facebook?The item \"Facebook\" is in the profile menu in the \"Options\" section. You have the right to log in come your on facebook account and like that on the official Dawn the Titans page.

What does the Restore tranquility error post mean?


From time come time, you may receive a \"Restore the World\" error message. There are several factors why players can see this message, in most instances this wake up when numerous players assault the same domain / kingdom. The difficulty may additionally be with your connection. Make sure you usage a steady internet link for the game. Try switching native Wi-Fi come mobile web or evil versa when this message shows up or when downloading Dawn the Titans on your device.

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