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Andy Serkis as Caesar


The face of performance record technology, Andy Serkis has brought to life digital personalities as wide-ranging together Gollum native The mr of the Rings, Captain Haddock in The Adventures the Tintin and also King Kong.

In Dawn the the world of the Apes that plays Caesar because that a second time, top the primate uprising against mankind. Dawn is without concern Serkis"s best performance capture turn to-date.

Toby Kebbell as Koba


Second in command come Caesar is ferocious ape Koba, that favours an aggressive and violent change as protest to his leader"s idealism and a desire to co-exist peacefully through humans. Things commonly turn negative whenever Koba is around, and also bringing him to life is BAFTA-nominated British gibbs Toby Kebbell.

His previous roles incorporate films as varied as RocknRolla and also War Horse, while on the horizon is the component of comic publication villain physician Doom in The great Four.

Judy Greer together Cornelia


Caesar"s wife and also mother to his son Blue Eyes, Cornelia"s presence in Dawn becomes an important when her condition tests the bond between humans and ape. Keri Russell"s doctor holds the an essential to conserving Cornelia v her reserves of antibiotics, yet will Koba allow the two to come face-to-face?

Judy Greer, star the The Descendants and Arrested Development, dons the performance catch suit to supply a relocating portrayal together Caesar"s one-and-only love.

Nick Thurston together Blue Eyes


Caesar and Cornelia"s son, Blue eye finds self torn in between his father and also the head manipulations that the sinister Koba. Nick Thurston it s okay his big screen rest in the component having previously guest starred in a cable of TV mirrors such together Castle, Bones, The Ghost Whisperer and also Grimm.


Like his loyal friend and ally Caesar, orangutan Maurice would quite humans and also apes co-exist peacefully 보다 go to war. In Dawn we see the extent of Maurice"s warmth to homo-sapiens when he bonds with Kodi Smit-McPhee"s character Alexander over graphic novel Black Hole.

What you more than likely didn"t know around Maurice is the the actor depicting him is in reality a she. Thanks to cutting-edge filmmaking technology, Karin Konoval readjusted gender and types to transform into the fan-favourite ape.

Terry Notary together Rocket

Frazer Harrison/20th Century Fox

Like Maurice, Rocket"s loyalties lie through Caesar as battle rages within and also without the ape clan. Terrycloth Notary plays Rocket in both Rise that the world of the Apes and sequel Dawn. Notary isn"t recognized predominantly together an actor, however. He"s served as a movement coach and choreographer for effects-heavy epics such together The Hobbit and also Adventures the Tintin.

Notary is additionally a constant collaborator with Andy Serkis, and also will reunite through him because that Jungle Books: Origins.

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