Dark Souls is an action role-playing game that is released by Namco Bandai Games, the publisher who likewise publishes Dragon sphere series. The video game revolves approximately exploration and players space taught to proceed with caution and also learn native mistakes they do in the past. The game received a most traction and also was a successful hit ~ Dark Souls 2.

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Black display on Startup ~ above Dark Souls 3

Despite the popular of the game, over there is a really common problem that plagues a lot of distributions the the game. Users suffer the video game going right into a ‘black screen’ in a number of different scenarios i.e. Top top the game’s startup, as soon as cinematic plays, or when the graphic gets intense. In this article, we will certainly go v all the causes as to why this problem occurs and what the feasible workarounds room to solve the problem.

What reasons the Black display screen on Dark Souls 3?

After ours initial research and also reports by users, we involved the conclusion that the issue emerged due come several various reasons. Usually, the black screen way the computer’s i can not qualify to render the graphic or the gameplay. This deserve to occur because of several various reasons; several of them are detailed down below:

Corrupt surroundings files: There are chances that the installation records themselves are corrupt on your computer. If this is the case, the game’s mechanics will not work and also cause bizarre problems.Game in an error state: This is a very common incident with Dark Souls. There room no solid conclusions regarding why this occurs however there are number of workarounds that may fix the issue.Missing game Config: almost every game has a video game configuration paper stored ~ above your computer system as a physics copy. This config record is supplied to save the game’s configurations and also is fetched by the video game when it tons up. If this config file is missing, there will certainly be issues when that starts up.High-Quality Graphics: If the graphics setups of Dark Souls is high and your computer specs space low, girlfriend will suffer stuttering and also black screens. Lowering the graphics setups helps here.Third-party optimizers: There are numerous users out there who usage third-party optimizers to optimize their gameplay and reduce the stress, overload on the computer. However, this might also backfire and also cause issues since these applications interfere through the mechanics the the game.Incomplete media/codecs: since media players and also codecs are forced to play the cinematics the the game, if there are absent on your computer, they will certainly have issues with the launching process. This can easily be solved by installation these missing components.Computer in error state: there are also instances wherein your computer is in one error state. This have the right to occur due to a number of different reasons and also is an extremely common so nothing to concern about. Power cycling help here.Incorrect graphic settings: Users that have dedicated graphics cards might confront the black display if their graphics setups are set incorrectly. Dark souls need details settings to operation and transforming them fixes the problem instantly.

Before we begin with the solutions, make certain that you are logged in together an administrator and have conserved all your job-related as we will be restarting your computer numerous times.

Pre-requisite: device Requirements

Before we move on to the troubleshooting methods, we have to make certain that your system also qualifies to run the game. If you require your video game to operation smoothly, the is recommended that you have recommended specifications.

Minimum specs:OS: windows 7 SP1 64bit, windows 8.1 64bit windows 10 64bitProcessor: AMD A8 3870 3.6 GHz or Intel core i3 2100 3.1GhzMemory: 8 GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 / ATI Radeon HD 6870DirectX: version 11Network: Broadband web connectionStorage: 50 GB accessible spaceSound Card: DirectX 11 sound deviceRecommended specs:OS: home windows 7 SP1 64bit, home windows 8.1 64bit home windows 10 64bitProcessor: AMD FX 8150 3.6 GHz or Intel Core™ i7 2600 3.4 GHzMemory: 8 GB RAMGraphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, ATI Radeon HD 7850DirectX: variation 11Network: Broadband internet connectionStorage: 50 GB accessible spaceSound Card: DirectX 11 sound device

Solution 1: waiting it Out

The reason you check out the black screen is because the game is still processing in the background and also is stuck with all the computations. One of two people this or it is in an error state (if this is the case, you need to proceed v the various other solutions).

Usually, if girlfriend wait for a tiny while (around 1 minute), the game immediately starts responding and starts displaying the contents of the screen. For this reason we recommend that you wait and if prompted, make certain you save waiting also if the routine becomes unresponsive.

Solution 2: power Cycling her Computer

Before starting any technological workarounds, we will first make certain that your computer is no in any type of error state. Computers are recognized to gain into no responsive states and can conveniently be solved by strength cycling. Power cycling is the action of totally shutting under the computer so all the momentary configurations are lost. As soon as we rotate the computer ago on, the short-term configurations will be reinitialized and the issue will it is in resolved. Conserve your work before proceeding.

Turn turn off your computer. Now, take out the main power supply and press and also hold the power button for roughly 2-3 minutes.Power Cycling her ComputerNow wait for around 5-8 minutes prior to you plug the strength supply ago in and power on your computer. After the computer is on again, start the game and also see if the starts correctly without the black screen.

Solution 3: Verifying truth of vapor Game Files

The first step which us will do is making certain that the game papers are no incomplete and also corrupt. Game papers tend to come to be problematic commonly after an upgrade is stopped abruptly. This is where the computer system is updating and replacing the video game files and also if that is halted, the records are left in between and become problematic. Here, we will certainly be verifying the game files through Steam. Us will additionally be deleting the current game documents from your computer so this are created with default values as soon as the video game launches.

When us verify the integrity, vapor checks the online manifest against your set up files and also replaces/create new files accordingly. Since the brochure will it is in deleted, all the records will be produced anew.

Press Windows + E to launch the home windows Explorer. When in the application, navigate to the following directories:

C:SteamsteamappscommonDark SoulsC:Users"User name"DocumentsMyGamesDark SoulsNote: The directories presented here space in their default location. If you have actually the gamings installed come some various other location, you must navigate there.

Deleting Temp configuration – Dark Souls 3Now delete all the components of the folder. Restart your computer prior to proceeding.Open her Steam applications and click Games from the height bar. Now pick Dark souls from the left navigation bar, right-click it and select Properties.Once in Properties, click Local records category and also select Verify truth of game Files.Verifying truth of Dark SoulsNow, wait till the procedure is complete. Restart your computer system after the verification is complete and also launch Dark Souls again. Inspect if you have the right to launch the game properly without the black screen.

Solution 4: changing Priority that the Game

The priority that a procedure is supposed to clues resources and importance come the computer. The also permits the computer to figure out the precedence it has to offer to the applications over various other ones that space running simultaneously. It is in default, all applications i m sorry aren’t mechanism processes are granted default priority. If Dark Souls no given sufficient resources come function, there will obviously it is in a conflict with the game and it will reason issues favor the black display under discussion. In this solution, we will give it High Priority and see exactly how this works out for us.

Launch Dark Souls on her computer. Currently when the video game is launched, push Windows + D to jump to the Desktop. Now press windows + R, form “taskmgr” in the conversation box and press Enter.Now click the tab the Details, find all the entries of Dark Souls and If you space launching Dark Souls 3 with Steam, the is advised the you adjust its priority together well.Right-click on each entry, float over set priority and set it either to Above typical or High.Changing Priority the Dark Souls 3Do this for all your entries. Currently Alt-tab earlier to your game and also start playing. Observe if this made any type of difference and also our problem is resolved.

Solution 5: replacing GraphicsConfig.xml’ file

Another common problem which we came across was wherein the graphic configuration paper of the video game was missing. This can happen if you have manually readjusted the ar of the game or during a disk cleaning process. This configuration paper is an essential part the the startup mechanism as every the choices are fetched indigenous this file. If the paper is either corrupt or missing, girlfriend will endure a black display screen upon startup and also the game will most likely crash.

Here, we will very first navigate come the directory of the game. Then, if the file is missing, girlfriend can produce a new one and also paste the code given below. Us recommend that you produce a new record as shown listed below even if the configuration document is existing as it will eliminate the possibility of having actually a corruption one.

Press Windows + E come launch windows Explorer. Now navigate come the complying with address:

C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingDarkSoulsIIINow, if the file is present, right-click ~ above it and select Open v > Notepad (you can additionally use third-party applications such as Notepad++).If girlfriend don’t have the file, you have the right to download the record and ar it in the exactly location. Make certain that you restart your computer.After restarting, beginning the game and check if the black display is gone and also the issue is resolved.Note: We likewise received reports that transforming the very first line that says “FULLSCREEN” come “WINDOW” solves the problem.

If also this doesn’t work, you have the right to try an altering the adhering to fields:

Shadow quality: lowLighting quality: lowShader quality: low

Solution 6: check Codecs

Whenever you start a game, the computer needs the assistance of codecs or media players in order come launch the video associated with the game and also get it streaming. If there is no media support, the video will no play and also the video game will get stuck ~ above a black screen and stay there. This is a really common issue. There room two situations where your computer might fail running the video; one of two people you have a windows N or KN variation or you have actually third-party codecs which can be causing trouble. Here, we will certainly target both situations.

Windows N and KN editions execute not have actually media players constructed into them. This versions were produced solely because that legal purposes. If you have actually this version, you will be compelled to download the media player manually.

First, us will examine your version of Windows. Push Windows + S, kind “about” in the dialogue box and open the result of About this PC.When the specifications come forth, look near the heading the Windows specifications at the close to bottom. Here, the variation of Windows will certainly be written.Checking home windows VersionAfter installing it, restart your computer and also launch the game again. Examine if the problem is resolved.

If you don’t have N/KN versions and also are still enduring issues, you should make sure there are not any problematic codecs lying around.

Press windows + R, form “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box and press Enter.Once in the applications manager, look the end for codecs. Watch if friend spot any type of third-party or problem one which may be forcing the system to use it.
Uninstalling problem CodecRight-click on the entry and select Uninstall. Restart her computer and also launch the game. Examine if the problem is resolved.

Solution 7: Disabling third-party optimizing applications

The internet has seen an development of many third-party applications that aim to optimize your games and administer a better experience to you once gaming by freezing the unnecessary applications in the background. Also though this applications could be useful and may carry value, they are well-known to reason issues with several games because they conflict with the in-game mechanics.

Here, you should make sure that these species of applications are either disabled or uninstalled. Push Windows + R, type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box and also press get in to start the application manager. Uninstall all these varieties of applications and also see if this fixes the problem.

Solution 8: Disabling Scaling on Display

If you space using Nvidia the drivers can be configured in together a way that they are performing scaling ~ above the screen instead the the GPU which have the right to sometimes create this error. Therefore, in this step, we will be transforming this configuration. In bespeak to execute so:

Right-click all over on your desktop computer and choose “Nvidia regulate Panel”.
Opening the NVIDIA control PanelSelect the “Adjust desktop computer Size and also Position” option.Click ~ above the “Perform Scaling On” dropdown and select “GPU” indigenous the list.Selecting “GPU” in the “Perform Scaling On” optionClick top top “Apply” to conserve your changes.

Solution 9: utilizing Alt+Tab (Workaround)

Some users noticed the if castle pressed “Alt+Tab” once the video game was loading and then again pressed “Alt+Tab” come get ago into the game, it invited properly. Therefore, you deserve to use this as a workaround just in case you weren’t may be to deal with it otherwise.

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Note: If all the over methods don’t work, Make sure that friend unplug any and all controllers before beginning the game and plug lock in after ~ the video game loads. Also, if the doesn’t fix it either climate you have the right to move on and reinstall the whole game. First, uninstall it using steam (or in your ar if you room launching it from somewhere else) and also delete all the data papers from her computer. Next, install a new copy and then examine if the problem gets fixed.