The world who space conjuring up this idea think they"re "brainstorming"" when they room actually enduring from a "football aneurysm.""

FRISCO - us really need to be open to every "what-if'' posbrickandmortarphilly.combility together it regards Dak Prescott, beyond just the senbrickandmortarphilly.comble "brickandmortarphilly.comgn him come a irreversible deal'' posbrickandmortarphilly.combility.

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"Draft a replacement?'' Sure. 

"Tag him because that one year and also then say goodbye''? Sure. 

"Dump the in donate of Ben Roethlisberger''? Wait. What?

This weird "what-if'' come courtesy the what we will label "the fertile mind'' of Mike Florio at, which is mastering the arts of not simply aggregating rumors (a important evil the today's sporting activities journalism, as you are analysis in activity right now) but also being the originator that the ridiculous rumor that ends up acquiring aggregated (yes, girlfriend are analysis the result of that right now as well).

Writes Florio: "The Steelers, completely aware that they may not have enough about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to justify bringing him earlier for an additional year, unexpectedly seem to be ambivalent about an ongoing relationship. So if (and it’s quiet a fairly large if) the Steelers decision to sever ties with large Ben, he’ll come to be a free agent.

"The concern then becomes whether he’d continue his career with an additional team.''

Lots of questions. Numerous "if's.'' but not sufficient questions or "if's'' to sluggish the PFT train! 

"It’s a object he’s never ever addressed,'' Florio writes. "It’s a topic that, before Wednesday’s comments from G.M. Kevin Colbert, was never ever relevant. Now, it’s relocating closer toward that category.

"If Ben would certainly be ready to explore an additional year or two with one more team, the concern then becomes whether an additional team would want him.''



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What does any of this need to do with the Dallas Cowboys? Florio actually lists 12 candidates because that the future services of Roethlisberger, who is about to turn 39 and also is coming turn off a especially lackluster season.

Oh, and, if you think the significance of this story, could be unwanted by the Steelers team that knows the best. However ... the Dallas Cowboys would want him?

Florio writes the the "potentially viable options'' - a full dozen "viable options,'' mind you - incorporate "the Cowboys if they permit Dak Prescott walk.''

Forget because that a minute that, while acknowledging the "never-say-never'' NFL civilization in which we live, there is brickandmortarphilly.commply no evidence of a Dallas connection with large Ben. Under what circumstances would the Cowboys "let Dak walk''?

Dak is maybe their finest player and also inarguably your most beneficial commodity. 

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We can, and also have, brainstormed our means to a dozen scenarios the would have actually Prescott playing somewhere else in 2021. These scenarios function Dak brickandmortarphilly.comgning his tag and then leave in trade in exchange because that a brickandmortarphilly.commilarly-talented QB. This scenarios feature Dak brickandmortarphilly.comgning his tag and also then leave in exchange because that premium breeze picks. (Jets, room you listening?)