TheMillennium Earlis the story’s main antagonist. That is the patriarch of TheNoah Family, and his Noah surname isAdam.

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The Earl

The Earl resembles a grotesque caricature of a victor gentleman. A rotund figure, he has actually sickly gray skin and usually dresses in a large coat and also top hat, with an enormous grin that stays fixed also when that is speaking and even eating, and also his eyes permanently surprise behind a pair the pince-nez spectacles. Occasionally they have actually been seen; in the first couple of appearances, he appeared to have actually slitted pupils, yet this has actually not been repeated in later installments. He wears a different hat in each encounter, each through a different decoration. In a gag comic in Volume 2 that the manga, he is displayed taking off his hat, and having another set of hare ears. Newly he has actually revealed two adversary horns under his hat. He deserve to be mistaken because that being actually quite friendly spring in the manga together he is viewed in a darkly comedic light, due to his smile and otherwise flamboyant way of speaking. The is virtually always “happy” in appearance and never stereotypically “frightening”, except in chapter 134 when he exhibits extreme rage in ~ the loss of hisArkdue come the previous actions ofThe 14th. Freshly this form has gone with minor changes, the many notable is that when in this kind The Earl’s face is shorter and rounder.

The Earl in human form

The Earl has actually been presented to have a human form. The was an initial glimpsed in chapter 158, where he shows up as a typical Victorian gentleman in a tuxedo and top hat, and what appears to it is in a monocle. His face is rarely seen and when that is, it’s spanned in shadow. His human form is displayed in full in thing 187, whereby he resembles a handsome guy in his so late 20’s or early 30’s through a an extremely slight beard, medium-length hair, and a slimmer variation of his usual attire. He additionally carriesLeroin a cane kind rather 보다 an umbrella.


A huge grin is permanently resolved upon the Millennium Earl’s face, and also he constantly speaks in a cute, loving manner. Despite this, that does appear to have actually emotions on part level. That has shown concern and happiness in his action forThe Noah, and even anger after the devastation of the Ark, although whether it was since of his reminder of the 14th, or because he destroyed the original residence of humanity, is unknown. After finding out that the original Ark was put into person hands, and also that eighty-percent the the Akuma egg to be lost, The Earl verified an remarkable amount that anger.


The Millennium Earl is the very first Disciple of Noah, and also supposedly the most an effective - his true name is Adam. 7000 years prior to the story, he combated an unnamed opponent wielding the Heart and also lost. Shortly after, the good Flood delete everything out all of humanity, and the staying twelve Disciples founded the second generation of humanity. Together a result, all humans possess boy name genes. As soon as every generation, the genes and Noah memories in ~ thirteen people will awaken, transforming them into Noahs and compelling lock to help the Earl in fighting the Innocence; the Earl comments on lock “protecting” him.

Around 35 years before the collection started, a14th Noahkilled all but Road and the Earl, leaving the Earl crazed until the other Noah began to reappear. The 14th young name betrayed the Noah and also attempted to death the Millennium Earl hope to take his position. However, the effort failed with the Earl killing the 14th.

When Mana, the 14th’s larger brother, died, the Earl cheat his embraced son,Allen Walker, into transforming him into anAkuma. Much to the Earl’s surprised however, Allen hadInnocenceand it activated to kill the Mana’s Akuma form. The Earl simply left as this happened instead of death Allen, an action the Earl would later come to regret and also continually concern himself about. That is implied the the Earl is still feeling the after-effects of his fight with “The 14th” as seen once he doubles over in pain native time to time.

Earl seducing the grieving

The Millennium Earl deceives those who are in grief over dead relatives and friends into producing Akumas. He is a sorcerer from long ago, and he plan to lead the people to that death. In the anime he is shown to have actually a separation personality - the first is his common cheerful, friendly, and happy attitude, nearly like a familiar old uncle. V the Noah, he’s a member of the family, and is particularly playful and affectionate in the direction of Road. His various other personality is one of sheer, sadistic malice, capable of happily playing with people’s lives. He additionally seems come invariably offers polite Japanese. In the manga, practically every one of his present of dialog ends through a heart. DuringCyril Kamelot’s dinner party, the Earl in his human kind appeared far an ext stern, addressing the concern of theAkuma Eggand the heart in a significant manner; he appeared to be frowning, and also he didn’t end any kind of of his sentences with a heart. Throughout the series, he also expresses regret the he didn’t death Allen as soon as he had the chance.

Hoshino says she based the Millennium Earl turn off a legendary alchemist/preacher (most most likely the count of St Germain or Nicolas Flamel, though in plenty of ways he’s also reminiscent the Dorian Gray, probably referenced in “Dorian Grey man” and also thus “D.Gray-Man”, as adjusted in the film The organization of extraordinary Gentlemen) whose tale even cases he still may be lively somewhere.


Introduction ArcEdit

The Earl appears in the shadows together he starts check up on one Akuma he produced as Allen place an end to them.

First Meeting with Millenium Earl ArcEdit

As aBlack Orderscientist’s son, John, began to hound the Earl for a while, the Earl turned John’s friend right into a Akuma powered by the mother’s soul. He had actually John carried to that so he can scare him into stop annoying him or death him v the Akuma.

However, Allen appeared and also as the two exchange ideals, the Earl remembered Allen was someone he had made a Akuma for as he summoned number of Akuma to take him out. Allen then functions withLenalee Lee(anime only) to defeat his Akuma. Allen defeats lock all with his cross Grave yet the Earl escapes and curses exactly how he didn’t death Allen as soon as he was younger. That reminds Allen that everyone is ready to do Akuma encounters him for this reason his military will never wither.

Marshall Yeegar falls ArcEdit

Missions Arc (Anime just Arc)Edit

Order in situation ArcEdit

Lulubell’s attack Arc (Anime just Arc)Edit

Edo and Asian Branch ArcEdit

During theBlack Order’s assault on Edo, the Earl was checked out in the Akuma manufacturing facility explaining the beginnings of the boy name toTyki Mikk,Skin BoricandJasdeviand asking whether they’ve all accomplished their objectives. That then sends a signal out to all Akuma in Japan to conference at a surrounding tower and orders them to kill the Exorcist Generals. He likewise threatens the young name to not fail again; notably, he doesn’t scream at them, but they space still intimidated. He watched the fight until Lenalee confirmed a opportunity of having actually the “Heart”. V this, the Earl casually floats down to her crystallized shield that Innocence and prepares to death her. However, Allen returns and battles the Earl and also surprises him by showing his improvedAnti-Akuma WeapontheCrown Clown. This however only provides the Earl sarcastically question why Allen is being so comparable to him together they room both clowns now. Despite the similarity, the Earl pulls out his sword, war Allen for a second and casually leaves. He then demonstrates his power by leveling every one of Edo, through the exemption of the tower he to be standing on. This power results in the sneezing uncontrollably later on.

Noah’s Ark ArcEdit

Earl playing the piano in the new ark

The Earl operation intoCross Marianagain together he make the efforts to destroy the oldArkand much to his surprise, he is stopped by a familiar piano song.

Invasion the Headquarters ArcEdit

As the Earl arrives to uncover his Akuma Egg unable to do he additionally found the the 14th went back to save the exorcists which causes the Earl to experience good anger to discover that his old opponent had return and also he couldn’t create Akuma for the time being.

Later, the Earl showed up at a ball held by Cyril yet this time he remained in a person form. Tyki even was surprised to uncover that the Earl is in reality a person (The Earl’s human confront is obscured so the reader/watcher cannot check out him). While in ~ the party, the Earl keeps questioning himself why that didn’t kill Allen once he had actually the chance. Regardless of this, the Earl leaves to buy some flowers native a little girl.

Third Exorcists ArcEdit

The Earl with the initial Noah
The Earl, in his person form, prepare an attack

The Earl is first seen talking to a revitalized Noah, the an alleged 13th and remarks that 35 years ago, every one of the Noah obtained memory damages when the 14th died. That is implied however, that road did not receive any type of memory damages due to the reality that she hasn’t adjusted in the last 35 years. The Earl then welcomes back the 13th as a “brother”, and proceeds to veal the real names that the Noah, and their true nature.

The Earl flicker a smile and also confirms that only “Wrath” was left and also wonders who and where the following “Wrath” would certainly reincarnate after Skin being killed. He likewise expresses a wish that the ‘long war’ would certainly be concluded by their generation. The Earl then lapses right into a psychological distress and also a young guy is shown telling the Earl no to push himself also hard and also that he would be there by his side, though his confront is hidden. The Earl’s head seems to hurt as he clutches it tightly and he tells roadway that he deserve to hear “his” voice again. Road then is shocked and also reveals the it was the 14th.

The Earl climate rises and also a dark aura surrounding him when he claims “Let’s spread the darkness broader.” later on on, that is seen v Road, who has actually transformed right into a doll near the phibìc American Exorcist base. Surprisingly, he is in human being form, and comments that the Exorcists room “kind the excited to watch a visitant after together a long time.”

He compare Alma and Kanda’s story isn’t specifically sad as the Noah’s Family. Road (in she Doll form) mentions the 14th as a ache time leading to the Earl to get in a depression state. The Earl beginning the black color Order’s north American HQ and quickly destroys its protective barriers. He reveals his true boy name name, Adam. That is revealed the his signature kind is in reality a shell that encases his true person form. The infiltrates the phibìc American branch and also appears in the room to be Alma Karma is kept with Wisely, roadway (in she doll form), and Cyril. Cyril is seen making use of what shows up to be invisible strings to manage many black Order personnel, namely Bak, Johnny, Zhu, Epsteine, Reever, and Malcolm. Wisely has lugged an unconscious Kanda with him after crushing his head when Kanda looked in ~ his Demon Eye. The Earl inserts himself in a cosmetic means as Kanda regains his conscious and also see his childhood friend, Alma Karma. Cyril ,sitting top top a coffin through a overcome on it, said the Earl the they space waiting for a guest as they supplied Tyki together bait. A gate from the Earl’s Ark open underneath Cyril and also the Earl. Allen and also Tyki propelled away the Earl and Cyril the end of the method as they to be still battling against each other.

However, the Earl is smashed by both Allen and Tyki. After ~ Cyril tells them to obtain off the the Earl, he quickly rebounds and slams Allen to the ground. Together he chokes Allen, the reveals that as the creator of Akuma, they are his feet, legs, eyes and ears, and also thus that knows that Allen is The 14th. The accuses Allen that “calling” come him with a level 4 Akuma, which Allen denies. However the 14th takes over Allen’s body and also confirms the he to be letting the Earl recognize that that is earlier and to plan to death the Earl to become the Millennium Earl himself. However, Allen when again regains control of himself and headbutts the Earl come the ground. He climate proclaims that he is Allen, an Exorcist and will dice before ending up being anything else. As Allen, Tokusa and also Kanda (who has recorded Road) attempts come escape, Cyril stops them with Alma’s body and the numerous pipes in the ground. The Earl then reiterates that Allen will not be returning to the Order and that this will be a party because that his expulsion.

As Alma begins to wake and also transform into an Akuma, the Earl tells him come “kill them” (The Order). He along with everyone else in the north American Branch is

lost in the explosion resulting from Alma’s awakening. He later on turns up in ~ the shadows smiling and also is last viewed whispering in the ear the a captured Allen come come through them (the noah) if he desires them to placed an end to the “show.”

The Earl thanking KandaThe Earl provides to erase the dark matters inside Alma and the 3rd exorcists, so they’ll be conserved if Allen to joins him. Johnny inquiry the Earl why walk he desire Allen to sign up with him even though 14th desires to death him. The Earl reveals that he desires to remain by the 14th’s side. Everyone consisting of the noahs were an extremely surprised at this.

Seed of devastation ArcEdit

The Earl after the battleAfterKandastabbed Allen with his Innocence, the Earl reveals the he was planning this indigenous the an extremely beginning. In order for The 14th to awaken he needed Kanda to injure Allen through his Innocence. The Noah deserve to never forget your hatred towards the Innocence so the much more he wounded him through it the much more that hate gushed out. The Earl appeared overjoyed the The 14th to be going to awaken. He later on whisked far the remaining 3rd exorcists and stated he to be going to usage them together his pawns. The told Allen that he would certainly come because that him later on while stating Allen can no much longer go back to his house place.

After the battle, that was earlier in his human type finally sleeping after crying because that so much, Road declared it was because he was afraid of meeting the 14th. He to be woken indigenous his sleep once he sensed that the 14th was in danger, he sent Tyki, Road, and also the 3rd exorcists come retrieve the 14th and Allen but they failed.

Abilities and also PowersEdit

The Earls Dark matter Blasts

Natural abilities together a Noah: as a Noah, and the most an effective one in ~ that, the Earl has actually absolute command over all the Akuma, also being the just noah who have the right to ressurect the souls to develop said akuma. That can likewise destroyInnocenceby merely touching it. All of his abilities, like various other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. He has additionally shown the capability to create massive explosions of Dark Matter and also Spheres the Dark issue which have the same explosive power and also can be provided in near combat too. He has additionally shown the capability to erect an effective barriers that dark issue for defense, and creating skull choose creatures out of dark matter to grasp his foes. Together a Noah, he is immune come the Akuma blood virus, which is typically fatal to the human’s touch. Maybe also component of his boy name abilities is trip (when hold Lero opened) and also the ability to create clones the himself. The is also immensely physically solid and agile, maybe to save up and also put expert fighters favor Allen and Lavi right into a corner. He also posseses an effective telekinetic capabilities. The Earl additionally apparently has an effective resistance, as one of his clones (noted to be not as an effective as him) take it a full on attack from Lavi’s hammer and came out unscathed. Throughout the series, the is constantly refered to together a magician, and also as such he can cast an effective spells, such as the one he put on the akuma egg, a skull defines that his spells can not be conteracted by innocence, just by another spell.

The Earl mentions that just the twelve various other Disciples of noah reincarnate, implying that is immortal in the sense that the cannot dice in any type of manner whatsoever. However, together he just narrowly defeated the 14th, this can suggest the he is just immortal in the feeling that he never ages.

Akuma creation and control: Being their creator, the Akuma are his hands, feet, and eyes, and also as such, he can feel what castle feel, check out what castle see. This was howthe 14thcontacted through the Earl. V this connection, the Earl is able come summon hundreds of Akuma at a moment’s notice, and also can likewise mentally compel lock to do his bidding.


The Earl using his sword against Allen Walker.The Earl’s main kind of combat entails his umbrella,Lero. The Earl is also able to summon a huge black broadsword through a white overcome embossed top top the tongue from in ~ Lero; interestingly, it is the contrary colors to Allen’s sword of Exorcism.

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The just times the Earl has ever showed rage was as soon as he learned the 14th had sided v the Innocence and also saved the Exorcists in Noah’s arc and also when the exorcists had stolen the Akuma egg, thus preventing him indigenous making more Akuma.His surname is mostly analyzed as “The earl the the millennium”.The Earl apeared in the oneshot Zone through the same rol as in D Gray Man, but with a no so cartoonish apearance.Also the Earl to be the villian that the manga “Continue” whereby he had actually the same apearance but was in reality an alien responsible because that the creation of zombie in earth.