The satchel is ~ above the soil opposite the bag of human body parts and will give you the asylum as the following location.

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Talk come the manager of the asylum to discover out about the escaped patient and also the diddly squat they"re doing about that.

Location #3 - Asylum

The torn clinical journal is top top the last cell ~ above the left and will furnish you v 2 an ext addresses.

Location #4 - Shack

When you rise over the fence to go into the area, you"ll be challenged with a cart brimming with dismembered body parts.

Clue #2 - leather Straps

The husband of the victim mentions that she to be last seen heading to the butcher shop.

Clue #2 - indications of Struggle

Scale the external of the structure to inspection the an initial floor, because no one has actually the require for stair in this place. Examine the chaos on the floor because that this clue.

Clue #3 - raw Meat

Interact with the blood trace on the floor for the last clue in this area.

Location #8 - Butcher Shop

Talk to the butcher to include his statement come the case file.

Clue #3 - statement of the Butcher"s Assistant

When one of your doubt is someone who"s described as "definitely not appropriate in the head" and also happens to it is in a dab hand with a butcher"s knife, ns think we can stop the search - it was Simon Larue the butcher"s assistant.

Make a beeline because that the butcher shop to challenge Simon if you don"t want to choose up all of the clues.

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Cut The middle Man
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