About our Branch places in Manhattan, new York

CXI has plenty of customer locations throughout phibìc America where clients deserve to exchange foreign currency. Through a servicenetwork of an ext than 100 company-owned retail branches, affiliate retail locations, and agent locations, many of i m sorry are open seven days a week throughout all shopping center hours, CXI intends to provideManhattan, new York the finest foreign money exchange endure to all clients.

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CXI’s company-owned retail places offer foreign currency on demand (no waiting) because that the most renowned international currencies. In addition to exchangingforeign currency banknotes,CXI cashes American to express foreign and US traveler's cheques;and sells gold bullion American Eagle coins1, Canadian Maple sheet coins1, and also Royal Canadian Mint bars1along v other commodities tailored to each market it services.

CXI’s money exchange rates at ours company-owned areas are much better than local banks and much far better than the airplane exchange rates. CXI also has a best Rate Guarantee2 the it will match or beat any type of local financial institution for the same foreign currency and exchange lot on the same day and also time that the exchange. This way, CXI’s clients will recognize they are constantly getting a good exchange value in addition to the added convenience of company seven days a week. Call your the next CXI Manhattan ar to reserve your foreign money today.1Not all services are available at every branch. Check out branch page or call the branch directly for details2The plans of affiliate-owned and also agent locations listed on our website might vary – please call the affiliate-owned areas to confirm whetherthey offer the finest Rate Guarantee



I travel almost everywhere the world and also sometimes the currency I need is not easy to find. Simply call, order, next day pick up. It's that easy.

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Michael M, Yelp

It was sooo stress totally free with this currency exchange!!! your fee exchanged price was the finest I have seen yet!!! anytime I'm travel to Mexico I will certainly take the journey to protect against by there for sure!!!

Emiko, Yelp

Definitely check in to Yelp to acquire your 10% off! i was stressing about how to obtain Brazilian genuine on quick notice. However, i walked into money Exchange International and also my concerns subsided.