Celebrated Name:Craig T. Nelson
Real Name/Full Name:Craig Theodore Nelson
Age:77 year old
Birth Date:4 April 1944
Birth Place:Spokane, Washington, U.S.

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Height:1.92 m
Weight:90 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse (Name):Robin McCarthy (m.1965; div: 1978), Doria Cook-Nelson (m.1987)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter):Yes (Noah Nelson, Tiffany Nelson, Christopher Nelson)
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):N/A
Is Craig T. Nelson Gay?:No
Net precious in 2021:$55 million
Last Updated:September 2021

Craig T. Nelson is one American actor who is famed for his function in Primetime Emmy Award-winning series ‘Coach’ as Hayden Fox. He has additionally worked in movies like row Crazy, Poltergeist; My surname is Earl, The Incredibles, and additionally starred in the TV collection Parenthood together Zeek Braverman.

Maybe friend know about Craig T. Nelson very well, but do girlfriend know exactly how old and also tall is he and also what is his network worth in 2021? If you carry out not know, we have actually prepared this article around details of Craig T. Nelson’s short biography-wiki, career, expert life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and an ext facts. Well, if you ready, let’s start.

Early Life & Biography

Craig to be born top top April 4, 1944, and also was the child of Vera Margaret, a dancer and Armand Gilbert Nelson, a businessman. He to be born in the beautiful city that Spokane in Washington.

He played and also excelled in football, baseball and also basketball in his high school, Lewis and also Clark High School. He flunked out of main Washington University, i beg your pardon he joined after High school and then saw Yakima valley College. He climate went on to research drama, after being inspired to study acting through his drama teacher in Yakima sink College, in ~ the university of Arizona top top a scholarship.

Personal Life

Nelson has tied the knot twice, as soon as with Robin McCarthy, in 1965, with whom he has three kids, young name Nelson, Tiffany Nelson, and Christopher Nelson, but they gained divorced in 1978, he then married his 2nd wife, Doria chef Nelson that is a freelance writer, president of martial arts association, karate instructor and a previous film and TV actress who appeared in the movie musical Mame.

Apart from being a flexible actor, Nelson has actually other hobbies too. That participated in numerous racing events like ‘Toyota Celebrity long Beach cool Prix’, whereby he finished ninth, ‘IMSA 1994 WSC’, and also many more. He likewise drove plenty of racing cars favor a ‘Toyota-engined summer sprouts SE90’, a ‘Lexus-engined spice SE90’, and also a ‘Ford-engined Riley and also Scott MkIII.’ He likewise likes to collection food stamps.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born top top 4 April 1944, Craig T. Nelson is 77 year old together of today’s day 22nd September 2021. His height is 1.92 m tall, and his weight is 90 kg.


Nelson at first started his career as a comedian and was an early member the ‘The Groundings’ comedy troupe. Nelson, together with the various other members, regularly performed at ‘The Comedy Store.’ He then left the group and moved to Montgomery Creek, CA, in the wishes of coming to be a effective actor. He returned to the entertainment people after five years after functioning in various professionals.

He was viewed in films like ‘….And Justice because that All’ (in 1979), ‘Silkwood’ (in 1983), ‘All the best Moves’ and also ‘The Osterman Weekend.’ he has appeared in countless motion pictures and also TV series like ‘Coach’(which ran indigenous 1989 come 1997 v nelson starring together college football coach), ‘Call come Glory,’ ‘The District,’ ‘My surname Is Earl’ and also ‘Parenthood.’

He has additionally been a part of the movie series ‘The Incredibles’ by providing his voice the Bob Parr, also known together Mr. Incredible, in both the movie ‘Incredible’ and also ‘The Incredibles 2’. He again gave his voice in the video games ‘Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure’ and also in the ‘Disney Infinity video game series.’

During the early 1990s, the made a guest appearance in the music video clip “We shall it is in Free” and likewise had a guest illustration on ‘CSI: NY’ in three episodes. His many recent films include: ‘The Proposal,’ ‘The company Men’ and also ‘Book Club.’

Awards & Achievements

Craig T. Nelson has done plenty of awards win films and TV series. That earned a Primetime Emmy Award because that ‘Outstanding command Actor in a Comedy Series’ for his fantastic work in the TV collection ‘Coach,’ he also won a intuitive Effects society Award because that ‘Outstanding performance By an man Character in one Animated activity Picture’ because that his duty in ‘The Incredibles.’ The other awards in his name room AARP Movies for Grownups award for ‘Best Grownup Love Story’ because that his duty in ‘The household Stone’ and also Prism award for ‘Male power in a Drama series Multi-Episode Storyline’ for his job-related in ‘Parenthood.’

The Ojai movie Festival awarded him the ‘Lifetime accomplishment Award.’

Net precious & value of Craig T. Nelson in 2021

Craig T. Nelson net Worth

Craig T. Nelson has done many films, TV collection during his functioning years, which assisted him to earn a lot of money. He has actually been a part of many awards winning movies and also TV series. All these helped him to bag a happiness of $55 million as of September 2021. His salary, however, has not been revealed.

Craig T. Nelson is one American actor who dealt with his method to the to chat industry. Coming from a little city choose Spokane, he operated hard to make his name in the industry. Craig an initial started together a comedian however soon realized that it was not fulfilling for him. The then checked out CA to pursue his desires of becoming an actor.

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He is well-known for his duties in TV collection ‘Coach,’ which helped him in win a Primetime Emmy award. He has been married twice and has three youngsters from his very first wife. He began from nothing, and also now he has a network worth the $50 million. The is a guy of talent and hardwork. That has presented us that world can attain everything with hardwork, determination, and sincerity.