Luke Bryan, who has actually been picking off one entertainment artist of the Year compensation after another, is the halftime performer that today"s game between the Cowboys and Carolina Panthers.

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Charlotte Jones Anderson is in charge of lining up artist to kickoff the Salvation Army"s Red Kettle Campaign. The Cowboys executive vice president selected Bryan since he"s "incredibly relevant and will be sure provide a present that"s worthy of national television.""

Plus, the club won"t need to ask that to change any the his lyrics.

Destiny"s boy in 2004 to be arguably the finest halftime performance _ OK, there"s yes, really no discussion _ on Thanksgiving. It came numerous months ~ the Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson wardrobe break down at the supervisor Bowl.

Let"s let Anderson, that told this story on Intentional grounding on The Ticket Wednesday evening, take it native here.

"There was such one incredible, chop lockdown on lyrics and also what the league would approve,"" she said. "And clothing. I"m not kidding you. We had actually to send pictures.

"Once we acquired her (Beyonce) lyrics ago the organization office, lock circled like eight words. Then they (NFL) dubbed me and said, "you should go talk to her and also have her change the words."

"I had to obtain on the phone with Beyonce. "Hey, Bey, it"s me Charlotte and they say us have obtained to readjust these words.

"Oh my gosh, that was not a good picture. She was not happy. However to her credit, when she come in us went earlier into the coaches" office and also she re-recorded the music and readjusted the native on stage and she began the whole thing make the efforts to set the different tone. She had actually to rewrite she words and also relearn them on top of that prior to performing it.

"I was like this is never going come work. But it did and also she was really a great trooper.

"It was, through far, i think among our greatest shows.""

David Moore, Cowboys Insider. David is in his 4th decade of spanning sports on the DFW scene. You recognize what the means.He's old.



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