Cousin Sal NFL picks Week 8:

Cousin Sal’s record for the 2016-17 NFL season is currently 13-8-0 (+$1150). Regardless of being 7-2 end the critical 3 weeks he has actually dropped his last two finest bets; both that which associated buying fifty percent a point. Here is the Cousin Sal NFL picks Week 8 breakdown.

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Falcons (-3) vs. Packers

Cousin Sal has actually placed $440 to success $400 top top Falcons -3:

Dan Quinn has something come prove after bad play calling critical week.Green bay is 2-6 versus the spread out in their last 8 gamings as one underdog of 4 clues or fewer.Packers lack a run-game.Green Bay’s defense will have actually a tough time maintaining up with Atlanta’s external speed.

Saints (+3) vs. Seahawks

Cousin Sal has actually placed $550 to success $500 top top the Saints +3:

Seattle is play their 2nd road video game in a row.Seahawks defense spent 46 minute on the ar last week.New olions is 14-3 versus the spread in your last 17 games as one underdog.

Best Bet: Parlay Patriots and Broncos (-106)

Cousin Sal is risking $636 to success $600 ~ above a Patriots/Broncos moneyline parlay:

Both the Patriots and also Broncos are in search of revenge over their opponents.Tom Brady 8 touchdowns and 0 interceptions this season.Bills will certainly not have a an excellent run-game.Denver simply lost to mountain Diego two weeks ago.Broncos room 8-1 straight-up in their last 9 home games.

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Cousin Sal Fantasy

Gem: Brandon Marshall

Bust: golden Tate


Cousin Sal’s NFL choose Record

Cousin Sal’s document for the 2016-17 NFL season is at this time 13-8-0 (+$1150):

W1: Titans +2 (-$770)W1: Lions +3.5 (+$1200)W1: Bears +6 (-$1980)W2: Steelers -3.5 (+$700)W2: Saints +4.5 (+$800)W2: Panthers -13 (+$1400)W3: Bengals -3.5 (-$770)W3: Buccaneers (-$880)W3: Bills +4.5 (+$1000)W4: Raiders +3 (+$500)W4: Panthers -3.5 (-$770)W4: jets +2.5 (-$1100)W5: Lions +3 (+$300)W5: Giants +7.5 (+$400)W5: Patriots -625 (+$1370)W6: dolphin +8 (+$300)W6: Chiefs +1 (+$500)W6: Eagles -2.5 -130 (-$1040)W7: Chargers +6.5 (+$400)W7: Bengals -9.5 (+$500)W7: Titans -2.5 -130 (-$910)

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