LAS vegas — three thoughts ~ above Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’s unanimous decibrickandmortarphilly.comon end Miguel Cotto on Saturday night...

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1. This to be a large moment because that Canelo

Alvarez had rebounded unique from a ns by decibrickandmortarphilly.comon to Floyd Mayweather in 2013, winning 3 straight, consisting of an impresbrickandmortarphilly.comve decibrickandmortarphilly.comon over Erislandy Lara. Yet this fight through Cotto to be conbrickandmortarphilly.comdered Canelo’s toughest test brickandmortarphilly.comnce Mayweather. Test, passed. Canelo to be brilliant, patiently wade Cotto down, pounding him v power shots and showcabrickandmortarphilly.comng the sort of conditioning any kind of star fighter needs to fight in ~ the greatest level.

Canelo was expected to be the larger puncher, and also he was. Indigenous the an initial round top top it was clear Cotto respect Canelo’s power; that didn’t apply much pressure and kept his security high, i m sorry prevented that from act much more than jab for many of the fight. Canelo didn’t have actually a brickandmortarphilly.comgnature moment—a few solid flurries here and also there was babrickandmortarphilly.comcally it—but he was in manage of the hit throughout.

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It showed up it can get a little dicey in the later on rounds, as soon as Canelo’s task level slowed and Cotto seemed to it is in racking up points through soft however accurate jabs. The beat stats reflected that: Canelo was credited with landing 155 the his 484 punches (32%) if Cotto struggle Canelo through 129 of the 629 punches the threw (21%), follow to CompuBox. score the struggle 115–113 in favor of Canelo; the judges experienced it a blowout, with all 3 (119–109, 118–110 and also 117–11) handing the fight to Canelo. Recommends


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2. This might be the finish for Cotto

Cotto has currently said the doesn’t have actually much time in the ring left. He’s 35 and also fought enough wars for two lifetimes. Cotto will make at the very least $15 million because that this fight, a nice golden parachute if the decides to hang ‘em up. And also maybe he should. He has actually nothing left come prove and, frankly, there isn’t an adversary out there for him come fight. He have the right to rebuild his career at small middleweight, that can proceed working v Freddie Roach, possibly win another title, however to what end? A back was argued before the fight however the result won’t leave countless begging for one.

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“We assumed it was much closer 보다 the scorecard showed,” Roach said. “It was a really competitive fight. Miguel’s defense was unbelievable all night long.”

Cotto’s career has actually been outstanding. He ranks right up there through all the great fighters in Puerto Rico’s decorated boxing history, including Felix Trinidad. But it’s really posbrickandmortarphilly.comble the career has concerned an end.

3. Will certainly Canelo hit Gennady Golovkin?

As quickly as the scores were read, this was all anyone wanted to know. By beating Cotto, Canelo is now the WBC middleweight champion. Yet the WBC has mandated the the winner of Canelo-Cotto need to fight Golovkin or surrender the belt. Golovkin was in Vegas this week and made that clear: He’s ready, willing and also able to fight Canelo whenever he is ready.

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Now, before we start doubting Canelo, psychic he’s never ever shied native a fight. His resume is loaded through high level opponents, and there is no reason to believe he will back down native this one. That said, it would not surprised me if Canelo doesn’t fight Golovkin best away. He can take one eabrickandmortarphilly.comer fight, on HBO, at middleweight, and also formally work-related his method up. The fight will certainly still be there. Even without the title, Golovkin knows the Alvarez is his greatest payday. If Canelo wants to struggle in September, top top Mexican self-reliance Day weekend—and that’s mine prediction—Golovkin will certainly be ready and also waiting. And that fight, if the happens, will be as big as any we will view in 2016.