CONOR McGREGOR'S career has actually gone up and down since he very first stepped foot in The Octagon - however not as much as his fighting weight.

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The former featherweight and lightweight UFC champion went back this year come beat American veteran Donald Cerrone, 36, in simply 40 seconds.


Despite plotting a rematch versus 155lb champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, McGregor make his comeback in ~ welterweight.

But months later on the Irishman announced his third retirement in 4 years after gift left frustrated with the UFC at no being may be to determine his following fight.

McGregor then uploaded a picture online which triggered his coach man Kavanagh come joke that he should relocate up come middleweight - which would be hist 4th weight course in the UFC.

Here, SunSport investigates McGregor’s dramatic body transformations as that chopped and adjusted through the divisions.


The infamous exploded on to the UFC scene in 2013 in ~ 145lb winning six straight bouts before difficult cage legend Jose Aldo because that the location at UFC 194 in late 2015.

After simply 13 seconds and one left hand thrown, McGregor dethroned Aldo to become the new featherweight king - but has not battled in the division since.

The Irishman famously went with a gruelling weight reduced to acquire down come the 10st 3lb border looking gaunt because that the weigh in but appeared much bigger the following day.

Immediately after ~ beating Aldo the was given a lightweight location shot versus Rafeal dos Anjos, however after the Brazilian pulled out, that went ~ above to challenge Nate Diaz twice at welterweight.

The Diaz rivalry derailed McGregor’s featherweight run, even though he hosted the title up till he challenged Eddie Alvarez because that the lightweight crown, coming to be the first to simultaneously hold two belts.

But the UFC ultimately stripped him of his featherweight yellow in 2017, definition he reigned for 18 months together champion there is no defending the belt and also having beefed up since his 145lb run, it is i can not qualify he will return to the department he very first made his name.


McGregor would go v a gruelling weight cut to make featherweight


McGregor gotten in the UFC as the Cage warrior lightweight champion, but did not fight in ~ 155lb for one more six years.

After continually welterweight bouts against Diaz, the Irishman was given a lightweight title clash against Alvarez in ~ UFC 205 - win by second round KO.

McGregor admitted this to be his most comfortable weight, having actually been undersized in ~ welterweight however in a significant battle to reduced down to featherweight.

After switching to boxing for a money-spinning cameo in the ring, losing to Floyd Mayweather in 2017, The well known again lost his belt exterior the cage.

In McGregor’s critical bout in ~ lightweight, he tested rival Nurmagomedov for his old title, however was it is registered in four rounds.

Despite the return at welterweight, McGregor insisted before his organization at lightweight is not over, together he vowed come avenge the Nurmagomedov defeat and face the now-interim champ Justin Gaethje.


The Irishman asserted lightweight is his many comfortable division


McGregor took a year out of the cage in 2017 to challenge ring legend Floyd Mayweather in a boxing crossover.

The struggle took ar at super-welterweight, 154lb, i beg your pardon was only a 1lb lighter 보다 lightweight in MMA, the department the UFC star fought at prior to his boxing debut.

Mayweather was marketing largely at welterweight (147lb) before facing McGregor but the Irishman was happy to go v the terrors of a weight cut to do the money-spinning bout happen.

In the finish the contest was collection for super-welterweight and still Mayweather’s team were adamant McGregor would certainly not make the weight.

When that did range at 153lb it to be reported he placed on over a stone for fight night, as ‘Money’ weighed in in ~ 149lb method under the limit.

But McGregor’s rapid start captured up on that in the last rounds with Mayweather scoring a 10th ring stoppage win.


McGregor combated at super-welterweight because that his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather


McGregor experiment the welterweight department in 2016 after Dos Anjos pulled the end of his showdown versus McGregor, leaving the UFC with 10 job to uncover a replacement.

Before the fight he gloated how he might eat what that pleased, as he all set to jump 25lb, almost two stone, native featherweight come welterweight - in spite of weighing in in ~ 168lb.

But the steak diet backfired together McGregor ran out of steam against Diaz and also was it is registered in the second round.

After a much better preparation The infamous won the rematch 5 months later yet will fight at welterweight for the first time due to the fact that the Diaz rematch, regardless of coming nearby to obtaining an interim title shot in summer 2018.

Before McGregor's go back to welterweight he sweet in in ~ a job heaviest 170lb - coming 2lb under the limit on his two fights prior.

White stated after the leading win end Cerrone the he plans because that his star guy to move ago down to lightweight yet hinted it would not it is in the critical time the fights at welterweight.


NOT impressed

'Stop this s***' - White dismisses UFC star Usman's chances versus Alvarez


As McGregor was left frustrated back home in Ireland between the coronavirus pandemic, his next moved was an ext than uncertain.

Gaethje stepped in ~ above late notification to beat Tony Ferguson because that the interim lightweight belt i m sorry in turn collection him up because that a unification bout v Nurmagomedov.

McGregor was dubbed out to a 176lb catchweight struggle by middleweight legend Anderson Silva - and it to be swiftly accepted by the Irishman, who was willing to fight at the 185lb limit.

The idea was shot down immediately by promoter White and also soon ~ McGregor made the decision come retire again, having actually been left "bored of the game" through MMA not exciting the multimillionaire anymore.

The 31-year-old has still to be training in ~ home and also appears to have actually remained bulked up from his last fight as trainer Kavanagh made the tongue in cheek middleweight remark.

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When or if McGregor does decision to again reverse his retirement, White plans because that him to fight in ~ lightweight having currently promised that the winner in between Nurmagomedov and also Gaethje.


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