A new premium mission collection of difficulties released Thursday in Fortnite: battle Royale referred to as “Storm Racers” is all about moving fast and also defying the abnormal regulations of nature pertained to the purple storm that’s out to damage you in the game. Watch tied come the space-themed Season 3, the collection of challenges involves obtaining health within the storm and surviving storm phases, yet one an obstacle has football player “complete a lap of a race track.” keep in mind that it’s not “the” race track, definition that if the significant desert race track ~ above the eastern side that the map counts, it’s no your only option for completing this challenge.

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Despite the many alters over the food of Season X with all the Rift Zones and also whatnot, the 3 race monitor featured in a Season 9 an obstacle remain relevant, for this reason you have the right to choose in between the desert, snowy, and also grasslands gyeongju tracks.

There space several factors that’ll do this difficulty difficult, and they every involve opponent players gift a hassle.

The places on this outdated Season 9 map continue to be correct because that the Season X gyeongju track challenge.Epic Games

In stimulate to finish this challenge, girlfriend must have a vehicle, and in Season X, that method it have to be a Driftboard. You can discover several located at the beginning line of each race track. In order for the difficulty to activate, you have to hop top top a Driftboard and move approximately a tiny bit till the start/finish line activates with a 15-second countdown timer. As soon as that completes, you deserve to proceed v the race track. Be certain to pass through each blue-white ring on her way.

Between the delayed timer, the rings, and also the addressed nature that this challenge, adversary players become severe problem. Typically speaking, players must aim because that whichever of this three areas is furthest away from their fight Bus trajectory, but with 100 players in each match, you’re bound to conference at the very least one enemy no matter what. In every case, it’s a far better idea to scour the area because that some equipment to at least safeguard yourself. If you desire to it is in really safe, you have to probably remove enemies likewise trying to finish the challenge.

I’ve tried number of times to be the quite guy and let others finish the challenges — however that’s acquired me killed much more times than I care to admit. Inspect out ours Season 9 race track overview for much more information about these locations, and continue reading here for particular tips because that each gyeongju track in Season X.


Desert race Track

Being the only race monitor instantly visible from the map, the desert gyeongju track will more than likely be the many popular destination for most players looking to complete this challenge. Since it’s in a flat, exposed area through several buildings that have actually decent loot, many trollish opponent players will certainly grab part weapons and camp out hoping to get rid of the hordes of football player flocking to the start/finish line.

Don’t even try it here unless it’s in the center of the match and also you discover a Driftboard over there or if you able to make sure the area is clear before beginning it.


Snowy race Track

Just northwest that Happy Hamlet, the snowy race track can be the finest option for players looking to finish this challenge. The terrain is quite mountainous, giving natural cover, specifically around the track itself. The food is also shorter than the desert gyeongju track as well.

Consider landing ideal in Happy Hamlet to get sufficient loot to protect yourself. If friend luck out, you’ll have the ability to easily finish a lap approximately the course.

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Grasslands race Track

East that Junk Junction and west the the Block, the grasslands gyeongju track is one of the far better options the the three. The course is brief and straightforward with a structure just east of the beginning line and several RVs to the west with loot ~ above top. Look out for a chest that generally spawns right beside the begin line ~ above the bed that a tractor-trailer truck.

If you land here prior to anyone else, take the chest and also the other loot, climate wait for adversaries to show up. Take it them the end by surprise, and also then proceed quickly through the food (just like I did in the video at the peak of this article.)

Fortnite: battle Royale Season X is at this time scheduled to finish on Saturday, October 5. While the is subject to change, the leaves only a pair more main to finish this and also other challenges.