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(1) (C) every firm is too little to influence sector price. (2) (A) In long run, benefit or lose is zero.…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: continuing to be Time: 1 hour, 56 minutos, 15 seconds. Question Completion Status: concern 1 perfectly competitive firms can not individually affect market price since There is an infinite demand for their goods. Need is perfectly inelastic for your goods. Over there are plenty of firms, no one of which has a far-ranging share of total output. The federal government exercises regulate over the market power of vain firms. Inquiry 2 i m sorry of the adhering to is a consequence of free entry and exit? A palliation of prices and also profit in the long run. Positive economic profit in the lengthy run. Removed of the most efficient firms. Price-gouging behavior. Question 3 Price (per unit) 09 market Price PEMR Chick Save and also submit to save and also submit. Click conserve All answers to save all answer question Completion Status: amount (units every week) number 23.6 given the current market price, we intend to view Firms exit from the industry, driving increase the market price. Firms departure from the industry, driving under the market price No adjust in the variety of firms in the industry and also no change in the industry price Firms enter the industry, driving under the sector price question 4 expect a syndicate firm to produce bicycles and can market 10 bicycles per month at a price that $700 per bicycle. In order to incre bicycle every month, the monopolist must lower the price of its bicycles through $50 come $650 per bicycle. The marginal revenue of the $150. $50. $50. $7,150 inquiries If a monopolist is creating a level of output where MR is much less than MC, climate it need to Swift its marginal cost ourve upward. Rise its output. Lower its output reduced its price Click Save and also subunit to save and also submit Chek Se every Ar to conserve alla blackboard.sanjac.edu continuing to be Time: 1 hour, 55 minutes, 37 seconds. Concern Completion Status: inquiry 6 which of the adhering to would take place as the result price distinguish in a will area? tourists pay a lower price 보다 locals do. Tourist pay a higher price 보다 locais carry out Tourists pay the exact same price as locals de Not enough information question 7 la firm is developing at the kink in its demand curve and also it decides to boost its prion, according to the kinked-demand model: that will acquire market share. It will certainly lose market share come the firms that carry out not monitor the price increase Its market share will certainly not be affected. It will certainly not gain market share however it will certainly increase profits. Concerns In an initiative to maximize profits, oligopolists can participate in all of the folowing except Collusion Price solving Cartes Price wars. Inquiries If a monopolistically competitive for sure raises the price the will: no lose any type of of that is customers. Get customers shed some that its customers, but nowhere near to all its client Lose every one of its customers Click Save and also Subs and also Chick St e lle concern Completion Status: question 10 new firms get in a monopolistically compete market, the need curves for the present firms will shit to the Loft and become much more price inelastic. Oloft and there will certainly be no readjust in price elasticity Oloft and also become more price elastic Right and also there will be no readjust in price elasticity concern 11 explain why economic profits in all perfectly competitive sectors will send towards or in the long run. TTT Ariel 31200 T . . Words: 0 question 12 locative officiency define how a perfect competitive market causes allocative Miciency to occur. What is the mathematical necessity for Why is this need met in perfect competition and in no other industry structure? TTT A 3 (12) T. E .23 Chick Save and also submit come owe and submult. Click save All Anrvers to conserve all answer S