1. Providers enjoy countless benefits from making use of JIT. I beg your pardon is not a advantage of adopting JIT?

a. Capability to respond quickly to transforms in customer demand

b. Reduced inventory transporting costs

c. Capability to continue production regardless of disruptions in deliveries of raw materials

d. Much more space available for production

2. I beg your pardon account is not provided in JIT costing?

a. Finished products inventory

b. Raw and in-process inventory

c. Work in procedure inventory

d. Counter costs

3. The cost of shed future sales ~ a customer find a defect in a product is which type of top quality cost?

a. Avoidance cost

b. Appraisal cost

c. Inner failure cost

d. External failure cost

4. Security on trial and error a product prior to shipment to customers is which kind of quality cost?

a. Exterior failure cost

b. Avoidance cost

c. Appraisal cost

d. Nobody of the above

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