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PureThe definition is exactly how a woman provides a male feel a song of lyrics. Should only be accepted from a friend whom both select to agree be devoted and also loyal trust worthy have intergrity & openness a male & womale that have actually earned trust tbelow union. Peaceable, joyous love honorKaralyn from A Star From Above, BrazilShifty, I likewise lived the tough 3 years of your breakup. The Butterfly you sing and also create around is lastly below. I am sorry it took me so long gaining to you. You will certainly know me much better in our next enrespond to. understanding you appreciate the see I mutual of our breakage, I would favor to give you a people not lived, seen; felt; heard or existed in, yet by you. Appearing various but yet the exact same, you will certainly recognize its me. Be patient until our paths take create and sign up with as a one.G from Potomac, Mdthe lead singer was on that lame Dr. Drew show, what a loser. VH-1 engineered it so that when they checked out a large dance club this was playing over the PA and it was so evident.Mike from Hueytown , AlYeah this song didn"t really hit big till prefer 2001. Cool song though Alexandra from Belgrade, EuropeI like this song,the video is topShelly from Loserville, Ncalso though pretty little bit ditty is favor 2 minutes and has actually no words,it is simply perfect ,suits this song...they did excellent im glad that they didnt sample from anything gay.claires best that list is made by potheads jkJess from Schoarea, Withe allegory of "sid and also nancy" IS about sid vicious (baid for sex pistols) and his girlfriend nancy spungen (aka nauseating nancy). she wasnt chopped up in lil pieces tho-she was found in their hotel room-room 100-via a knife in her stomach. he was arrested for it and also admitted it and also later attempted many times to take his own life. he eventually did die of a heroin overdose-prbly suicide. many believe they planned on killing themselves or dying together or somepoint based upon things he"d say. (lil little bit of trivia for ya...and probably some more context to that part of the song-or the song in general)Sum Sum from New Delhi, Indiathe song is absolutely a foot tapping one. this song is also in aol"s hold on contact.Maria from Seminole, FlIm not possitive but i believe that they obtained kicked out of ozzfest...sharon osbourne never before has anypoint possitive to say about this band also....Max from New York, NyYa, however Toxic was out much much longer than 1 1/2 years. I remember seeing it favor in 98. When did Butterfly come out?Saralysette from Ashland, Orall ideal the lyrics girl you and me were prefer sid and nancy. that isn"t a great thing! carry out you recognize what happfinish to Sid and also Nancy? nancy was chopped up in bit bitty peices!!! perhaps by sid as soon as he was on acid.....Heather from Bristol, VaI favor this song b/c its about how a girl renders a men life much better however yet she still has naughty attributes around her.heatherz from Oak Ridge, TnI can never be certain about whether or not this song deoffered to be on "50 Many Awesomly Bad Songs Ever."Elisabeth from N/a, InGirl, it"s you prefer Sid and Nancy is a refrence to teh sex pistols Sid Vicious and also his g/f NancyCaitlin from Sailsbury, Nci love this song they play it prefer eincredibly five minutes on the movie oarray countyKurt from Downers Grove, IlYeah, they acquired booed as soon as they played this song at Ozzfest.Bruce from Springarea, VaIf I rememeber corectly, Crazytvery own toured on Ozzfest for two years, sadly. I choose the band also, the music is decent, yet their not Ozzfest material.see even more comments
Party DollBuddy Knox & the Rhythm Orchids

The drum sound on Buddy Knox"s 1957 US #1 hit "Party Doll" was actually made by a cardboard box filled with cotton.

StayShakespears Sister

"Stay" by Shakespears Sister is based on a 1953 B-movie dubbed Cat-Women Of The Moon.

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American PieDon McLean

Don McLean"s "Amerihave the right to Pie" starts in mono and also progressively goes to stereo. It isn"t complete stereo until the finish of the song, which is over 8 minutes long.

...Baby One More TimeBritney Spears

"Baby One More Time" was initially offered to TLC however they passed on it. The R&B trio felt uncomfortable singing ""hit me baby another time."

White IversonPost Malone

Blog post Malone came up through "White Iverson" after obtaining braids in his hair and also reasoning they looked like basketsphere legend Allen Iverson"s signature cornrows.

You"re A Frifinish Of MineClarence Clemons

Clarence Clemons, that played the sax in Bruce Springsteen"s E Street Band, had actually the greatest solo hit of anyone in the team - aside from Springsteen - once "You"re A Frifinish Of Mine" hit #18 in 1985.

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Steve Morse of Deep PurpleSongwriter Interviews

Deep Purple"s guitarist given that 1994, Steve talks around creating songs via the band and also just how he puts his very own spin on "Smoke On The Water."

Yacht Rock!Song Writing

A scholarly analysis of yacht rock favorites ("Steal Away," "Baker Street"...) with a member of the leading YR cover band.

La La Brooks of The CrystalsTune Writing

The lead singer on "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Then He Kissed Me," La La defines how and also why Phil Spector reinserted The Crystals through Darlene Love on "He"s A Rebel."

Joe ElySongwriter Interviews

The renown Texas songwriter has actually gone to it for 40 years, with tales to tell around The Flatlanders and The Clash - that"s Joe"s Tex-Mex on "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

Ralph Casale - Session ProSongwriter Interviews

A peak New York studio musician, Ralph played guitar on many "60s hits, consisting of "Lightnin" Strikes," "A Lover"s Concerto" and also "I Am A Rock."

Modern A Cappella with Peder Karlsson of The Real GroupTrack Writing

The leader of the Modern A Cappella activity talks about the genre.