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The winner of mainly 15’s Broncos-Colts showdown won’t acquire much an ext than pride. The loser will gain a little extra leverage in that rebuild.

A 4-9 Denver team will take trip to beat 3-10 Indianapolis in a video game meant to do each side wistful for the work of Peyton Manning. Each side has actually struggled v quarterback play since losing the future hall of Famer, whether it’s keeping a star passer healthy and balanced (Colts) or just finding one in the first place (Broncos).

These two offensively-challenged teams accomplish on Thursday Night Football. The broadcast starts at 8:30 p.m. ET and broadcast live ~ above NBC and also the NFL Network (live stream).

Time, TV channel, and streaming infoTime: 8:30 p.m. ETLocation: Lucas Oil Stadium, IndianapolisTV: NBC/NFL NetworkBroncos in ~ Colts news:These are four reasons to tune in to Thursday Night Football.

You can make a solid argument the the Broncos need to take a quarterback. Yet consider the they play against pass rushers choose Joey Bosa, Justin Houston, and also Khalil Mack twice every season. Having a an excellent offensive heat is paramount, and Denver specifically needs an upgrade on the ideal side. Williams is the draft’s optimal offensive tackle and also could begin for Denver straight away.


Marshall received PFF’s video game ball because that posting an excellent 94.7 class in operation defense. That posted 5 tackles and a piece sack in the game. Overall, the whole defense rallied to completely shut down the jet in every phases that offense.

He’s law fine. Communicating via email and text, make progress. Ns think everyone knows he is in Europe somewhere getting some an excellent treatment. Wherein that is exactly, you men probably know an ext than i know. Ns don’t acquire on society media and also all that stuff, so ns don’t know.

Will either of Thursday’s starting quarterbacks it is in starters in 2018?

Week 15’s element time matchup — a video game Amazon dropped almost $5 million to stream -- will attribute the immortal QB pairing the Trevor Siemian (benched twice in 2017) and Jacoby Brissett (New england’s third-string quarterback in August). The final three main of the season might be a critical hurrah because that each player. General manager man Elway has replaced Siemian with possibility Paxton Lynch and malfunctioning stilt-robot Brock Osweiler this fall, and also Denver will likely look to include another influence quarterback this offseason. Brissett is under contract with the Colts for two much more seasons ~ this, but a healthy and balanced Luck would leave the as one of the league’s better backups.

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Each QB still has time come prove himself as a legit NFL starter — yet that time is running out quickly.

Broncos in ~ Colts prediction:

Six of our eight experts chose the Broncos in your Week 15 picks. Adam Stites and Geoff Schwartz both took the Colts. So did OddsShark’s computer.