Boy oh boy, critical weekend was a surprising finishing to an currently shocking month. This is quick review of every that occurred in October:

And then, ~ a month of one improbable even after the other, the an option committee gives us even an ext to it is in excited about with its an initial iteration of this season’s college Football Playoff rankings. Sure, we might not it is in in those rankings, however that doesn’t average we can’t enjoy watching various other teams’ championship aspirations rise and fall. Besides, who knows, if we store playing well, we might potentially operation the tables and also make it come the Pac-12 Championship (everyone, please knock ~ above wood)!

For every the curious reader who have actually been wondering how our model has actually been performing this past few weeks, it has leveled out at a 76 percent accuracy rate. Not quite as good as the 80 percent accuracy we started with yet hey, at the very least we’re far better than a coin flip, right?

On that less than inspiring note, below are this week’s predictions and also top games!

DayTimeHome TeamAway TeamSpread

This is the most vital game the ACC will feature all year, and also hopefully, the ACC referees will carry their A-game to this matchup. ~ all, this game will essentially decide the ACC Atlantic division winner – Clemson would certainly be 6-0 v a win, and also everyone else in the department will have at the very least two losses, if FSU wins, lock would have the tiebreaker between the just two one-loss teams. All points considered, points look grim for Clemson’s undefeated record. Clemson has lost four of the last 5 matchups versus FSU, consisting of one at house two years ago when lock were additionally undefeated. On optimal of that, FSU will have both its offensive weapons back — quarterback Everett Golson is ago after absent last week’s game as result of a concussion, and also running ago Dalvin chef will be looking to proceed his streak of averaging an ext than eight yards every carry and 12 yards per reception despite hamstring issues and also an fishing eye injury sustained in the loss in ~ Georgia Tech. Nonetheless, Clemson’s offense is deadly and much an ext than simply quarterback Deshaun Watson. Running back Wayne Gallman has become a star in the ACC. It’s these attack threats, merged with Clemson’s difficult defense that makes Clemson a strong favorite because that this game.

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No. 2 LSU in ~ No. 4 Alabama (Spread: -10.5)

Both teams space coming off bye weeks, for this reason they both should be well rested for what’s billed to it is in the best matchup this week. This matchup is a special moment from an odds standpoint; our model agrees through Vegas the Alabama, in spite of being ranked lower, is the favorite. Both teams operate with a taxing video game plan: operation the football until the various other team is as well exhausted and banged up to fight back. LSU has been may be to monitor this blueprint quite well many thanks to running back Leonard Fournette’s leading performance this season. Alabama might not have actually Fournette however running ago Derrick Henry deserve to grind under defenses v the finest of them.

And boy, are both to run backs in because that a lengthy game. Both run defenses have allowed under 100 rushing yards per game this season.

This is generally the part where ns say the this leaves both teams no choice but to rely on your quarterbacks. Sure, perhaps Jake Coker and Brandon Harris will certainly decide this game’s outcome. Or perhaps this game will be a true SEC matchup that ends v both teams slowly wearing each various other down.

No. 8 Texas-Christian in ~ No. 14 Oklahoma State (Spread: 2.5)

To begin the conversation of this matchup, let’s compare past opponents. TCU beat West Virginia, Kansas State and also Texas by a merged 80 points, whereas Oklahoma State to win those very same teams by 12 an unified points, and also one the the gamings went to overtime. This distinction in offensive manufacturing seems to show that TCU must be the clear favorite. ~ all, TCU averages 616 offensive yards per game, much more than 100 yards every game more than Oklahoma State. And also TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin is breaking so many ankles that also the head coach the the the contrary team feel compelled to offer him a high-five. There’s no means the spread out is for this reason small, right?

Well, yes, you can definitely expect a an excellent showing from TCU; however, the truth that Oklahoma State is undefeated this late in the season is no fluke. When the individual performances for Oklahoma State nothing jump off the web page they way they execute for TCU, this is a deep group that has proven us week after mainly to continue to be undefeated.

So yes, TCU is going to score a lot of – maybe even an ext this week come prove they worthy a greater playoff ranking. Yet don’t expect Oklahoma State to simply roll over after coming this far.

Arizona at USC (Spread: -19.5)

Who would have thought with every little thing that has actually happened this season, we would certainly still it is in in the running for the Pac-12 South? Granted, Utah demands to shed one more time and also we require to proceed our interim head coach success streak however it’s university football — something is possible!

For this to happen, USC will require to be able to stop Arizona’s operation game, i beg your pardon is averaging 265 yards per game, and boy have actually we had actually a hard time stopping the run.

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Now that hand surgery can sideline JuJu Smith-Schuster, once Kessler walk drop back to pass, he could want to usage the chance to start spreading the sphere around, because the passing video game has to be so one-dimensional because that our offense.This will certainly be a good spot to build the trust of the younger kids, like sophomore Steven Mitchell and also true freshman Deontay Burnett, who recorded three balls for 82 yards against Cal. Yet if Helton continues to usage our trio of to run backs effectively, USC’s violation should have actually no difficulty running anywhere Arizona’s soft defense.