Vancouver"s Cobie Smulders is relishing her tourism of duty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also it"s most likely she will return

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Vancouver’s Cobie Smulders is relishing her tour of duty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the determined Maria Hill, she co-starred in the superhero flicks The Avengers and also Captain America: The Winter Soldier and showed up on two episodes of the ABC collection Agents that S.H.I.E.L.D. Smulders reprises her component in Avengers: period of Ultron. The 33-year-old previous model sat down v Bob Thompson come talk about life amongst living gods.


A she’s warming up to the idea of utilizing their superhero powers for great in the movie. As soon as you check out the comic book she’s very anti that.

Q Hill seems like she’s ~ above her very own this time. Is she?

A first of all, she gets hired by Tony Stark therefore she’s like a one-woman team. She doesn’t have actually the agents that S.H.I.E.L.D. At she disposal yet she still keeps on eye ~ above everybody.

QDo you prefer the ensemble nature of the Avengers movies?

A i think us all feel it is a group effort. It to be a pretty reunion to see them again.

QAre girlfriend anticipating more appearances in Marvel movies?

A through the Marvel world, there room so countless different characters and so countless places come go, and also it is genuine cool come be invited to the party. So ns hope I will certainly be invited again.


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QDo you have a special partnership with Joss Whedon?

A i think we all do. If he calls, ns answer.

QIs that overwhelming to promote the Marvel films, specifically at mountain Diego’s ComicCon?

A that is. ComicCon is the closest i am ever going to get to feel like I am on phase in a absent concert.

QDo her fans identify you as exactly how I Met her Mother’s Robin or The Avengers’ Maria?

A It’s typically Robin and also then castle say, “I love The Avengers.”

QDid you gain the TV series’ run?

A I execute realize what a gift it was to it is in in such a good show because that nine years, specifically having that consistency as soon as you have a family. I was really grateful.

QHow is your functioning life after how I Met her Mother?

A It’s certainly been a shift. It’s practically been a year due to the fact that we covering the show.

QHave you to be busy?

A right after, I visited shoot Avengers in London and also then i shot a film called Results in Austin and also then one, Unexpected, in Chicago.

QAre friend picky around the duties you select?

A It’s every little thing comes my way but I have the right to be small bit choosy. It’s nice to pick a character the interests me.

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QAre girlfriend excited around career prospects?

A ns don’t understand whether it’s the Canadian in me, yet when I end up a job, ns think, ‘Well, that was fun and I am never going to work again’.