LOS ANGELES, July 4 (brickandmortarphilly.com) -- Actresses Cloris Leachman and also Pia Zadora are to trade lives for a mainly on the reality present Wife Swap, alphabet announced.

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Nature lover Leachman, 89, is an Academy Award- and also nine-time Emmy Award-winning actress who lives in the quiet ar of Topanga Canyon, Calif., with her daughter Dinah, Dinah"s husband Tom and also their daughter Hallelujah. Dinah and also Tom are vegetarians who very own a shop whereby they make and sell artisan candles. Leachman married writer-director George Englund in 1953 and also divorced him 1979. She never married again.

Zadora, 62, is a gold Globe Award-winning actress and singer who lives in las Vegas through her husband Michael and also Jordan, her child from a vault marriage. Zadora met her current spouse as soon as he was a police officer dealing with her case about a stalker. She prefers staying inside through the window blinds drawn, air air conditioning on high and also a fire constantly crackling. Zadora is no a fan of the outdoors and calls it s her a "germaphobe," on regular basis venturing the end in security hats, gloves and masks. She has actually a stable gig performing in ~ Piero"s top top the vegas Strip where Michael and Jordan regularly reap lavish steak dinners.

"When it"s time for the swap, Cloris and Pia arrive at their new homes and are immediately nothappy. Through the air conditioning on high, Cloris is cold and also wants to let the sunshine in," a push release said. "Pia, not a pan of the outdoors, feels favor the home is too open up with bugs and "critters" every over. Once the women satisfy their new families, Cloris learn she is going out for dinner and also must undertake Pia"s protective equipment as she steers she motorized scooter outside. Meanwhile, Pia, who is an avid lover of meat, sees the Dinah is cooking a gourmet vegetarian enjoy the meal for the family. Sitting external to enjoy dinner, Pia hits a breaking allude when a pest is found inside someone"s food, having flown in during the food preparation process."

The illustration is booked to air Wednesday ~ above ABC.

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