Clinton Anderson Aussie Tie Ring (!! Visit mine Ebay store To purchase It currently !! ) ( made by BlockeR ) As watched on ..... RFD TV 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed view my ebay keep for Clinton Anderson No concerns Tying DVD I have actually used this aussie tie ring because that my own horses and also it works great! at the Barn or in the Trailer friend won't be disappointed!!! Clinton Anderson is constantly looking for products designed to assist owners in the for sure care and training of your horses. The Aussie Tie Ring by Blocker provides a quick, an easy and safe means to tie a horse , enabling you to control the degree or amount of "hold" by implementing among several tying options . Often when a horse backs up against a rope and also finds the is tied solid, he panics - break something or risking injury. This tie ring allows a equine to traction slack once resisting the rope, without becoming untied . As soon as tied in a trailer, the ring allows the equine to pull enough slack to acquire up, have to he autumn while being transported. Once teaching young equines to was standing tied, the Aussie Tie Ring is a product Clinton has incorporated right into his maintain program. As soon as young horses pull earlier and don't feel trapped and also confined, they often tend not to panic, hence learning that being bound is nothing to fear. Comes v tie ring, shackle and eye bolt for mounting, and also detailed instructions. Remember, this is a s upport system and training tool, not a re straint system . A message from the inventor that the Blocker Tie Ring, After year of watching and hearing of equines injuring and also even killing themselves, from gift tied solid and people acquiring hurt make the efforts to acquire them loose. I made decision that t have to be a far better safer much more humane means to tie a horse. For this reason after year of thought, trial and also error, I occurred the Blocker Tie Ring to be provided In cross Ties, solitary Tie, Groom & Tack areas, to wash racks, picket lines, outside and inside of horse trailers or anyw friend tie her horse. The level or quantity of hold deserve to be regulation by one of several tying alternatives from as tiny as a couple of pounds or as lot as a couple of hundred pounds, depending on the horse and also the Situation. When the steed pulls difficult enough, he can pull part slack in the lead rope release pressure and the source of pain and panic. To reduce the risk dramatically too as permitting the steed to pull himself enough slack to obtain up must he loss down in a trailer. Ns designed this Tie Ring out of compassion for the horse. Payment info : · Payment have the right to be made by Paypal or through Money stimulate or Cashier's examine drawn indigenous a U.S. Bank. Personal checks will be accepted, but item will certainly not be shipped until inspect has cleared our bank. · Paypal is preferred for payment, PayPal confirmed shipping addresses only. · Payment have to be got within 5 days after the auction ends. · all sales space final, no return or exchanges space allowed. Unless item description is not accurate. · please send me email prior to bidding if you have any questions. · B y placing a bid, you show your acceptance of this terms. Shipping info : · S hipping in ~ the 48 continental unified States. · will certainly not ship to Puerto Rico , Hawaii , or Alaska . · will certainly not ship outside the United says . · I carry out not offer local pickup. · Item will be shipped in ~ 3 organization days ~ receipt of payment. Say thanks to You for Bidding The complimentary listing tool.

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