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Chromium plays the video fine.

I acquire the error using a fresh install Ubuntu 20.04 with third party software choice checked on install.

Issue began in Ubuntu 19.10 when I switched over from Comcast come Sonic fiber had error with other versions that Firefox.

My network has actually Snort configured top top a Pfsense router yet the error still occurs when I disable Snort and clear all clogged URLs.

What have the right to I check?

firefox video 20.04
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I"ve run right into the very same problem and also it looks choose installing ubuntu-restricted-extras walk the trick:

sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extrasHope that helps!

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answered may 3 "20 at 1:02

Santiago LDSantiago LD
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I additionally went with the exact same issue. After some digging I review on Netflix website that the Firefox have to be "verified" one. So ns manually set up the Firefox authorize by "Mozilla". And everything is functioning fine now.

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