A preview the what to mean from the Clemson quarterbacks in yet one more potentially historic season.

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naught is much more important come a team than its leaders. Of course the first place to look for leadership is the head coach; and don’t issue kids, Dabo has actually us covered. But once the players hit the field who takes over? The quarterback. It must be no shock the Clemson is coming into the 2016 season as among the favourite to walk the distance. In ~ the helm, Deshaun Watson is in the best type of anyone in college football, and doesn’t look to be slowing down any kind of time soon.

Looking into 2016 we deserve to expect one thing for sure, Watson will go off. The is the favourite to victory the Heisman Trophy and is leading the Clemson offense, which has actually been ranked together the 2nd favorite to carry home the nationwide Championship. When the university football offseason has been complete of controversial issues, Watson has done nothing but get better, and also it’s walking to display this season. So, let’s take it a look at what to expect from Watson and also the quarterback corps that the explosive Clemson offense:

Deshaun Watson

Watson is returning to the Tigers together the very first team All-ACC quarterback and also making first team All-American. On optimal of those accomplishments, Watson likewise took home the Davey O’Brien compensation (Best Quarterback). These success are simply the beginning, we have the right to expect the exact same output together last year, and most likely an ext than what we observed in 2015.

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while most human being wouldn’t want to construct their next season off of a nationwide Championship loss, that’s every Clemson pan would want Watson to work-related from; consider his nationwide Championship statistics:

National Championship box Score:

Passing Yards: 405 (Game High)

Passing Touchdowns: 4 (Game High)

Comp/Att: 30/47 (Game High)

Rushing Yards: 73 (2nd many behind Derrick Henry)

A good deal that the usual powerhouse schools uncover themselves running around, hoping and also praying the the quarterback they’ve selected is walk to it is in as great as advertised; no Clemson. We’re sitting ago relaxed a little; Watson has everything we might want in a quarterback, not to cite the pieces about him have collection him approximately be the absolute ideal in the country.

Our receiving corps is so solid that us were may be to lose a main target in Mike Williams, critical year, and also still go undefeated. Through a stellar team consisting of Mike Williams, Artavis Scott, Hunter Renfrow, and also Deon Cain, Clemson is locked and loaded to put up huge numbers this year. That group doesn’t take into account our amazing running backs, tight ends, and also offensive line, that have actually only gotten far better and stronger since last season.

So what deserve to we really intend from the quarterback unit?

Well, look at it this way, Watson will not be playing once Clemson is up by a considerable amount. In the long run, Watson, as well as the remainder of the team, desire a nationwide Championship more than a Heisman Trophy. Watson said the media simply that critical season once he was invite to brand-new York for the Heisman presentation; he desires the ring much more than the trophy. So when Clemson theatre schools like Troy, southern Carolina State, wake Forest, and Boston College, there is a good chance that Kelly Bryant and also Tucker Israel will be acquiring reps.

Kelly Bryant

It isn’t intended to it is in a dig at the schools provided above, last season we experienced Kelly Bryant beat in seven gamings (Wofford, app State, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Miami, Syracuse, and Wake Forest). So, it no unreasonable to think he will gain a good bit of touches this year together well. We specifically saw him have a breakout in the Miami game, wherein he ran for 2 touchdowns ~ above 59 yards.

Another way Bryant will be offered this season is in the ‘wildcat’ formation. We witnessed this critical season in the Wake forest game because that two full series. The formation attributes Bryant in ~ quarterback with Deshaun Watson at wide-out. While nobody is dumb sufficient to think we’re throw deep balls to Watson, they have to respect the speed and also elusiveness the brings any type of time the is on the field.

Tucker Israel

We have actually yet to see Israel tested other 보다 in the spring game, wherein he played relatively well. We have the right to reasonably suppose him to command a few drives this season, most likely in the an initial two gamings at home versus Troy and South Carolina State. While it may seem a small crazy to stretch the offense and play three quarterbacks in a game, Watson is gone next year, and also we require a critical replacement because that the 2017 season. That wouldn’t surprised me at every to view both Bryant and also Israel really display out this season for that purpose.

The large question will certainly be what the coaching staff decides come do about Nick Schuessler. Though thought of together the backup, Dr. Schuess is a senior, and also frankly, no the future the the team. He has actually been getting second team snaps in loss camp and there is a concern that once Watson is pulled from games Schuessler will be the very first man in. That will hurt Israel and also Bryant this year. Schuessler hasn’t exactly impressed in his limited action and his existence either method Israel and Bryant aren’t ready or that he yes, really is better than both. No are good things for Clemson.

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The final QB ~ above the roster, and also one the we most likely won’t hear much from this year is Zerrick Cooper. The student in the first year is most likely to redshirt in 2016 in preparation for a QB competition following spring. Cooper is 4-star QB the end of Georgia and also some think the holding him this year is a mistake. Better to offer him experience now to obtain him prepared to contend in 2017. But that seems unlikely.

Needless come say, Clemson’s offensive strike will be lethal, and our quarterbacks will certainly be leading the way. Watson, Bryant, and also Israel have to all check out some touch this year, many likely just Watson and also Bryant, yet nevertheless they will certainly be placing up some superior numbers.