WWE Clash of champion 2020 is ready to take place on the upcoming Sunday, September 27, 2020. The occasion is the 16 WWE pay-per-view this year and the 4th installment in the Clash of champion chronology.

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Marketed and promoted as “Gold Rush,” the pay-per-view will put every active WWE Championship ~ above the line. Generally, this does not happen due to the fact that the key roster at this time has 10 championships consisting of the 24/7 title.

Some matches room repeated yet many are unexpected. Because of the pandemic, the event would not have actually a live audience however fans deserve to stream the present live on WWE Network.

There room nine shown matches together of now.

WWE Clash of champions matches

Universal Championship complement – roman Reigns (C) vs. Jey Uso

This is may be the many sought after enhance of the night. The return “Tribal Chief” winner the universal Championship in ~ Payback 2020.

This will be his first title defense, that too versus his real-life cousin Jey Uso.


This is Uso’s an initial singles/world title opportunity. That sneaked into the number one contender’s complement on SmackDown, many thanks to big E’s injury and Roman Reigns’ insistence.

Is Uso being collection up for a betrayal by the champion? Or might this enhance be a stepping rock for something even bigger in the future? There room a the majority of possibilities. Hopefully, WWE will make sure they usage the chance to that fullest extent.

WWE Championship Ambulance enhance – drew McIntyre (C) vs. Randy Orton

The rivalry in between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre is most likely the oldest one in the PPV. Starting from SummerSlam 2020, it has actually grown intense v each event.


With Randy attacking McIntyre and also the vice versa every week, the Ambulance match stipulation come as no surprise. If the ‘Viper’ has his punt and RKO, the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ is prepared with his Claymore Kick.

With Orton’s vow to success his 14th Title and McIntyre’s will certainly to teach the ‘Viper’ a lesson, this promises to it is in the most heated match in the WWE Clash of champion 2020 lineup.

Intercontinental Championship Triple threat Winner Takes all Ladder enhance – Jeff hardy (C) vs. AJ formats vs. Sami Zayn

Jeff Hardy winner the Intercontinental title after defeating AJ layouts on SmackDown. Naturally, AJ asked because that a rematch in ~ Clash that Champions but Sami Zayn gotten in the scene to do things much more interesting.

Sami Zayn asserted he never lost his title and that both AJ and Jeff to be “frauds.” write-up that, that interrupted many matches including Styles and Hardy, staking his claim to the Intercontinental Championship.


Last week, a irritable Hardy announced the triple risk ladder match to recognize the undisputed champion. Even though ladder matches room Hardy’s specialty, his adversaries are equally good. The complement will be a joy for the slightly hardcore fans together well.

Raw Women’s Championship – Asuka (C) vs. Zelina Vega (Kick-off show)

This match had resulted in a havoc among the fans once it was very first announced. Many thought that it should have been Mickie James instead of Zelina, who just went as much as Asuka and also challenged she for the title.

Next week, she beat veteran Mickie James and also earned her spot. WWE relocated this to the pre-show come avoid more fan criticism.

Considering Vega’s brand-new entry come the main roster and Asuka’s recurring reign because Payback, there is nothing amazing to look forward to.

SmackDown Women’s Championship complement – Bayley (C) vs. Nikki Cross

Nikki overcome earned she title opportunity versus Bayley by to win a fatal-four way match. However, Bayley seems least interested in Cross. The Champion is proceeding her rivalry v former ideal friend Sasha Banks.


Sasha Banks and Bayley have been embroiled in a long unavoidable storyline. Sooner or later, financial institutions will recover and also go after ~ Bayley’s title. Cross, ~ above the other hand, has actually her finest friend Alexa Bliss come take treatment of.

The SmackDown Women’s title enhance is nothing yet a filler. In short, Nikki overcome is just a placeholder because that Sasha financial institutions till she is prepared to compete.

Raw tags Team Championship enhance – The Street earnings (C) vs. Andrade & point of view Garza

The longest-reigning raw Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits, will fight Andrade & point of view Garza for the titles.

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On the last illustration of Raw, Andrade & Garza outlasted Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo and also Seth Rollins & Murphy in a Triple hazard Tag Team enhance to earn an additional championship opportunity.