Now that I"ve spanned all the worlds which are brand-new to the Civ franchise in the Gathering Storm expansion, I"m going come cover the various other civs that my Patrons voted on. I"m going to begin with Montezuma of the Aztecs. The Aztecs were consisted of as DLC because that the vanilla relax of Civilization VI.

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The Aztec Empire contained a "Triple Alliance" between the city states of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and also Tlacopan in the central Mexican sink basin around Lake Texcoco, based largely approximately the cultivation of maize. They would certainly subjugate various other city says through military conquest, trade, or marriage, and also then download governors to provide those customer states there is no necessarily needing to keep a armed forces garrison. Client states would pay tribute directly to the Aztec emperor, who would limit their capability to communicate and trade directly with other customer cities; thus, making each of the client dependent on the empire for resources and luxury goods and reduce the likelihood of an uprising.

In the early 1500"s, Spanish Conquistadors (lead through Hernán Cortéz) arrived in central Mexico and also occupied the Aztec funding of Tenochtitlan, keeping Aztec Emperor Moctezuma Xocoyotzin a prisoner in his own palace. Because most the his history is portrayed through the lens that the Spanish conquerors, information around Moctezuma"s life and rule are limited and contradictory. He ruled the Aztec realm at that territorial height after number of successful army campaigns, and also he enforced regressive policies that increased the rigidity that the Aztec caste system and severely minimal the ability of commoners to work-related in royal palaces or ascend to nobility. Contrary to his usual depictions in the Civilization gamings as a blood-thirsty warmonger, modern-day Spanish writings imply that Moctezuma may have been quite meek and also was accommodating of the Spanish conquistadors, whom he invited to live in the royal residence as guests. Moctezuma would die during the Spanish occupation the Tenochtitlan, possibly having actually been stoned to death by his own citizens that were frustrated with his inability (or unwillingness) to repel the Spanish invaders.

DISCLAIMER:Civilization VI is quiet a "living game". Strategies for the video game (and for details leaders and civs) may readjust as Firaxis uses balance patches, introduces brand-new features, or increases the video game through additional DLC or expansion packs, or as the Civ community discovers new strategies or exploits. As such, the following strategy overview may readjust from time to time. Ns will try to keep it up-to-date, and also will do notations whenever transforms are made. I"ll also post web links in the main 2K forums and CivFanatics, whereby I"ll also report any kind of changes made. If possible and practical, i will try to retain the original content that the strategy because that posterity.

I welcome any kind of feedback or proposal that readers wish to offer. Feel cost-free to post on the attached forums, or by posting a comment in ~ the bottom the the page.

This overview is up to date as the the release of the Gathering Storm expansion"s "Red Death" update (ver. Aztecs in Civilization VI are built to be very aggressive, using the procurement of deluxe resources come strengthen your armies and support their substantial conquests.


Montezuma that Aztec"s uniques in Civilization VI


Aztec capital start bias: None however I (anecdotally) frequently see the Aztecs start near one or more lakes.

Aztec human being unique: Legend of the five Suns

"Spend Builder fees to complete 20% the the initial district cost."

Aztecs can use their builders (including captured slave labor) to rush the building and construction of city districts. Due to the fact that the price of districts range up end the course of the game, and the builders complete a percentage of the district"s develop cost, this capacity effectively gets more powerful as the gamings goes on. Each Builder charge will certainly be worth much more production together you progression through the game.

You can use multiple Builder dues to rush the manufacturing of a district also further. The will price you 5 full charges to totally finish a new district indigenous scratch. You deserve to potentially add a new district to your construct queue, spend 5 charges indigenous Builders, and have that ar complete and functioning -- all within the exact same turn! since using a Builder fee ends the Builder"s turn, girlfriend would need 5 different Builders, each through 1 charge, if you want to finish a district in a solitary turn. With a 6th Builder, you deserve to maybe even start top top the following district before the revolve is over.

As much as I have the right to tell, the lot of manufacturing that you get from a Builder charge is not modification by any kind of policies that increase the production speed that districts (such as Veterancy). If you have actually such a plan active, climate you will certainly get more bang for your buck by using the Builder charge to chop or harvest (especially if governor Magnus is in the city).

Montezuma"s leader unique: gifts for the Tlatoani

"Luxury sources in his territory provide an Amenity to 2 extra cities. Armed forces units get +1 Combat Strength once attacking for each different Luxury source improved in Aztec lands."


Montezuma has actually a reasonably simple (in Civ VI terms), however very an effective leader ability. Accumulating a many of distinct luxury sources within your region will it is in a huge boon come the Aztec empire. Luxuries create amenity for more cities 보다 normal, and each unique luxury in your realm will boost the offensive assault power that all of your armed forces units by 1 point. This consists of land, sea, and air units, yet it does not count in the direction of theologic combat of religious units. Because Civ VI"s combat supplies the distinction in stamin to calculate the outcome (rather than the portion of the unit"s total HP, as in Civ V), each and also every point of combat strength matters. With numerous luxuries in your empire, this bonus deserve to stack and also make all Aztec units really potent.

The combat bonus only uses on offense, so you have to be aggressive v your devices in order to receive the bonus. Friend can"t just fortify a unit ~ above a forested hill in a chokepoint and also let the adversary throw its militaries at you. You"ll have actually to actively attack or counter-attack in bespeak to gain your luxury combat boost. This bonus additionally only uses to units, and also so her walled cities and also encampments will certainly not gain extr combat strength once bombarding.

Also remember the the combat bonus is just from luxuries improved within Aztec lands. You gain no combat bonus because that trading for luxuries from other players. Girlfriend will have to take the luxuries for yourself. However, friend will shed the combat bonus if you trade the last copy that a deluxe resource.

Unique building: Tlachtli

Game Info: "Provides 1 tourism after advancing to the preservation civis."


Requirements: Games and also Recreation civic, have to be built within an entertainment Complex.

Replaces: Arena.

Cost: 135 production (-15 indigenous Arena).Maintenance Cost: 1 gold per turn (standard video game speed).

Effects: +2 Faith, +1 Culture, +1 Amenity indigenous entertainment, +1 good General suggest per turn, +1 travel after conservation civic.

The Tlachtli is a rather underpowered building that can not be worth concentrating on building. Montezuma currently gets extra amenities from the luxuries he owns, and the army focus means that you"ll likely already have Encampments producing an excellent General clues (though one extra point certainly doesn"t hurt). This structure can be beneficial if you"re going for a religion-heavy strategy, using Missionaries and Apostles to spread out religion, or making use of Warrior Monks for medieval combat. Otherwise, structure it have to be relatively low priority contrasted to various other science, cultural, or economic infrastructure.

Unique unit: Eagle Warrior


Game Info: "Aztec unique ancient era unit that replaces the Warrior. Has actually a chance to record other civilization"s army units by turning them right into Builders."


Requirements: noneReplaces: Warrior.Obsoleted: Iron functioning technology. Upgrades to: Swordsman.

Cost: 65 manufacturing (+25 native Warrior) / 260 yellow (+100 from Warrior) .Maintenance Cost: none.

Promotion Class: melee, Attack Type: melee, Melee Strength: 28 (+8 indigenous Warrior),Movement Speed: 2.

Bonuses:Variable possibility to record enemy civilizations" units and also turn it right into a Builder, +10 combat strength versus anti-cavalry.

Being a replacement because that the Warrior, the Aztecs will begin the video game with an Eagle Warrior currently in play (as well as automatically earning the era score because that training your distinct unit). Training subsequent Eagle Warriors will certainly be a tiny bit an ext expensive than training regular Warriors (they price the same as a Spearman).

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Like with all distinct units in Civilization VI, the Eagle Warrior"s capacity to capture enemy units and convert lock to builders is lost when the unit upgrades to a Swordsman. You"ll have actually to shot to acquire as much use the end of her Eagle Warriors together you possibly can at an early stage in the game. You cannot enslave defeated barbaric units! The capability does, however, work versus units belonging to totally free Cities which have revolted indigenous their initial owner.