This key mission take away you right into the love of The Tempest, and also we’re going to show you precisely where to go


The FFXIV City the Ancients pursuit is part of the key scenario so, if you want to see the complete Shadowbringers story in every its dramatic bombast, you’re walk to need to solve that eventually. The trouble is, the game doesn’t call you explicitly where you must go, and also the brand-new area you should search is pretty sizeable.

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City that the Ancients in FF14 is a level 79 key Scenario quest (MSQ), so you’ll need to have actually put a decent chunk that time into the story the the third significant expansion to the resurgent MMO. In this quest, Seeker the the sunlight Y’Shtola Rhul work you v finding a particular structure the resembles the FFXIV Qitana Ravel mural. As soon as you discover it to successfully complete the objective, you’ll it is in rewarded with 820K XP and 968 Gil.

As you’ll recognize from our FFXIV leveling guide, MSQs are among the ideal ways of proceeding through the ranking fast, so you’re walk to desire to head come the peaks that The Norvrandt steep to get this done. Not just is it an excellent view, however you can then move past this tricky stage and also crack ~ above with ending up being a Warrior the Darkness. So, here’s how to find the FFXIV City of the Ancients quest solution.

FFXIV City of the Ancients search location

The map the the mural reflects a structure collection against a background of mountains and also shooting stars in the sky. The quest summary reads: “Find a structure which resembles those in the copy that the Qitana Ravel mural, then inspect it native the inspection point.” Those are the degree of the ideas you need to go ~ above but, to conserve you some an important questing and exploring time, the desired spot deserve to be uncovered in the hills of The Norvrandt Slope, northwest of the key hub area in The Tempest.

To be specific, the works with are 22.0 , 11.0. This need to take you come the height of a hill the overlooks bowl-shaped terrain full of greenery and also trees with an ext mountains in the background. Right click on the spot v bright sparks rising from it and a cutscene will certainly play to check that you’ve perfect the task.

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And there you have it, that’s exactly how to finish City that Ancients in FFXIV. Shadowbringers is not lengthy out the early accessibility and, with the sheer range of the development in mind, you’ll likely have actually plenty still left to do. If you’re in the mood for something different, take a look at our FFXIV Blue Mage spells overview but, for all other tricky Shadowbringers missions, save an eye top top PCGN.

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Published: Jul 2, 2019

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