Along through its B-side, "Hang up My Rock and also Roll Shoes" (which peaked at #29), this was Chuck Willis" last Top 40 hit.

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Coy from Palestine, TexasJerry Wexler, of Atlantic Records, released Willis last album posthumously through his actual tombrock on the cover. Sammy Price, the great Boogie Woogie pianist plays on Willis recording of "What Am I Living For". For years, it was considered negative luck to record this record. Many type of people feared the jinx of "What Am I Living For" had struck aacquire once Conway Twitty, who videotaped it, passed away of a ruptured artery in his stomach. Chuck Willis had passed away on the operating table from stomach ulcers.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 3first 1958, Chuck Willis perdeveloped "What Am I Living For?" on the ABC-TV afternoon weekday program "Amerihave the right to Bandstand"...A bit over two months later June 8th, 1958 "What Am I Living For?" would top at #1 for 1 week on the Billboard"s Most Played by R&B Jockeys chart...Sadly simply ten days after his appearance on "Bandstand" Mr. Willis would certainly pass ameans April 10th, 1958, some web sites claim he was 30 years old at the moment of his death, while others say 32 years old...May he R.I.P.Mary L Torres from El Paso, TxI was extremely pleased through this web site because I am arranging my music and I required indevelopment on this song by Chuck Willis , I will certainly be utilizing this web website later. That was music to listen to. Tright here will never be any kind of music choose the 50"s, 60"s and also 70"s. Thank you for your aid. P.S., LOVED THIS SONG.Jon from Destin, FlWhat a great song. I choose Conway"s version yet Chuck"s blows it ameans. Heard it over and also over in MS earlier in "58 once I was a small child. Was analysis that Chuck Willis was often introduced as the "Sheik of the Shake". C.C. Rider established Willis as the King of the Stroll". He died during surgical treatment from peritonitis, a complication of surgical procedure for stomach ulcers on Apr 10, 1958. He was simply 30. Posthumously "What am I Living For" came to be his greatest crossover hit. I really wish Elvis had actually spanned that song. Elvis did document his "Feel So Bad" and also "C.C. Rider" as "See See Rider". Chuck was born and passed away in Atlanta. Barry from Sauquoit, NyBesides Conway; Percy Sledge & Ray Charles likewise charted through this song. Conway peaked at No. 26, Percy reached to No. 91, and also Ray topped out at No. 54!!!Doug from Tempe, AzConmethod Twitty spanned this song at an early stage in his career.check out even more comments
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