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ago in July 2006 at UFC 61 Dana introduce Silva to the UFC crowd and brings the in the cage. This is before the entirety Pride acquisition so this was a vast event at the moment as over there was constantly question regarding which organization had actually the far better fighters. Wandy it s okay the mic and also says he desires to the fight the finest in the UFC, i.e. Mr. Iceman, therefore in come Chuck and also they have actually a small stare down. The announcement was for the fight to it is in in November with one stipulation, Chuck had to to win Renato Sobral "Babalu" in August and also retain his title.
*Side note: Babalu obtained fired indigenous UFC for no relinquishing a choke hold in a later fight after ~ the ref called him to stop once his opponent tapped, serves him right!*August came and went and Babalu, a Jiu-Jitsu black color belt do the efforts to walk toe to toe v Chuck. As meant he took a little nap in the ring and now the fight with Silva need to be a go for November, other than for one big problem. Cro-Cop kicked Wanderlie in the head with poor intentions in September in ~ the Pride open Weight tourney. Now, I execute not understand if he got hurt yet the fight never happened. There to be a most reasons floating around, yet who knows for sure which one is true. Either method does not matter. Fight to be off, and appeared come be turn off forever. Rumors came and also went but then UFC owners, the Ferttitas, purchase Pride. What a an excellent move setup up the best versus the best! So, several stuff has actually happened but the hit is now on for Dec 29!!!I usually have actually a gut feeling that I think will win however this time i am not sure. Both fighters have lost your last 2 fights. Wandy obtained KO"d double (Henderson & Cro Cop), Chuck obtained rocked by Rampage and then shed a brutal fight come The Dean of typical Keith Jardine. The mental video game has to be a variable now. These men are supplied to having their hands raised so 2 casualty in a row has to affect them mentally, that can"t not! chuck has even gone so far as to seek aid from Tony Robbins to aid him get his fire ago as he yes, really looked absence luster versus Jardine. An ext than just a couple of men who want to prove them selves this is a career fight for both that them. Who walks away v their record showing L-L-L and that is going kill main occasion status and title contention for a really long time. The winner but jumps up the ranks. So, if the tension of losing two fights front was not enough, throw that into the mix because that them!Chuck"s record is 20 - 5. Making use of 2003 together a cut off he is 8 - 4. I usage 2003 as to be an indicator the the an ext recent performance together all fighters evolve in your career. I see a lot of wrestlers in that list the opponents. He lost to Randy Couture as soon as who is proven to it is in a room of famer over and also over again. He fights the 2 an ext time and also knocks him out both times. He placed Tito to sleep 2 times. Looks come me like he has actually the wrestlers figured out, other than one. Quinton Jackson. Prefer Iceman has Tito"s number, Jackson has Chucks. He has actually 2 right losses to Rampage, both by KO. The remainder of his fights are versus some good fighters however not top tier by any type of means. The stand out is the fight against Jardine. No doubt the was a tune up complement for him that UFC meant him to use to get earlier on his feet after losing the belt come Rampage. Well, the sure back fired. He shed a decision and also that sets the back, way back in the rankings! lucky for the he is most likely the most well known UFC fighter around and after 2 directly losses he still gets a co-main occasion for his third fight. I am not certain there are countless fighters that would gain that opportunity from the UFC. Correction, there room none.The surname Quinton Jackson comes up again once you look at Wandy"s record. Except it"s the other means around, Silva has actually KO"d Rampage 2 times! like they say, it"s all about styles. This by no way, shape, or type confirms he have the right to beat Chuck, yet it is an amazing stat! Silva is 10 - 4 due to the fact that 2003 with rather a list of opponents. Many notable wins over Sakuraba, Jackson, Arona, & Fujita. I saw Fujita to win Bob Sapp (google him and look at just how immense Sapp is at 350lbs the muscle) and impressed just how he simply manhandled a complete monster in SAPP. I was even more impressed once Silva obtained the TKO end him. A big difference in the Pride people is they finish up fighting males who are means bigger in the open weight tourneys. Once Wanderlei fought Mark hunt he to be at an 80lb weight disadvantage but he walk the street in the fight however lost the decision. To be felt by numerous he deserved the win given the large size difference. His four losses come indigenous Hunt, Arona, Henderson, and also Cro Cop. If her going to lose 4 fights, those room the men to help you execute it.As much as I desire to to speak Silva had far better competition to confront it is a bolder statement provided Chuck put down Couture 2 times. I will certainly say the Couture"s stand up is not as an excellent as Silva and that Chuck has actually an edge over the wrestlers as he is very good at standing as soon as he is take away down. I have actually yet to see him be organized down. The alone is impressive. Silva is not a wrestler but a BJJ black belt and also a gifted wake up fighter through awesome knees. Take the BJJ the end of the equation though, they desire to cheese it out, no means it"ll be a ground fight. The cage comes right into play as Silva is used to a ring, sounds like a small thing, but it is a mental barrier for males to over come. Silva has moved to Florida and trains at too much Couture (trained there with Ray!) so i am certain he is prepared for the adjustment. Both males want to redeem themselves after 2 losses.Silva - 2nd round.
UFC 79 on December 29th, 2007 is the rumored date for the struggle to take it place. The meet is in las Vegas and the anticipation might not be any type of higher. It"s true the both Wanderlei and Chuck are coming off ago to back losses, yet when you look at those losses and also the top quality of the opposite it"s clear that both the these guys are still at the optimal of your game.Wanderlei Silva has fought an absolute who"s that of 205lb combined martial artists and won the vast bulk of those battles. He"s defeated Quinton Jackson double in dominant fashion, defeated Dan Henderson, Ricardo Arona, Kazushi Sakuraba, but has however to confront the best of the "new" UFC. Exactly how will Wanderlei enhance up versus Chuck Liddell, Keith Jardine, Houston Alexander or Forrest Griffin? ns personally think that Wanderlei"s strength, power and also aggression is an overwhelming for any fighter to deal with. He has a wild format that could either do it a very easy night because that Chuck, or the worst night of lining Liddell"s career.Wanderlei likes to litter looping hefty punches, much like lining does, back Chuck"s are just a touch straighter. The difference is in the clinch and also ground game where I believe that Wanderlei Silva has actually a distinct advantage over Liddell. If Wanderlei gets lining in at close quarters it will certainly be a an extremely tough night because that Liddell and also three casualty in a row might spell retirement for the "Ice Man".Chuck Liddell requirements no advent to combined martial arts and especially UFC fans. The has defeated two legends of the sport twice each. With large wins over Randy Couture and also Tito Ortiz, lining Liddell established himself as the UFC"s optimal light heavyweight player for lot of the last three years. However, chuck is coming off of 2 losses. The first was a speed knockout loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, with that ns the belt adjusted hands and Quinton came to be the brand-new light heavyweight champ.Chuck"s 2nd loss is an ext interesting. It involved Keith Jardine, now many MMA fans would certainly argue the Jardine is strong and tough, but Chuck got in that fight as the favorite. The fight to be close and the judges gave the decision to Jardine. Over there wasn"t a solitary take under in the fight an interpretation that Chuck, formerly the many feared striker at 205lbs has been beaten twice in a row, both time ~ above his feet.In the fight v Wanderlei Silva, if Chuck deserve to keep his composure and land some huge straight shots inside of Wandy"s wild looping punches he can make a brief night"s work. Chuck hits an extremely hard, however most that his really hard shots it seems ~ to it is in looping overhand rights, i don"t think those will certainly be an especially effective versus Wanderlei Silva; Chuck requirements to litter straight. Also, lining Liddell need to avoid the clinch with Wanderlei at all costs, if he needs more incentive he must watch Wandy"s two fights through Quinton Jackson.Let"s all simply hope that this fight happens together the rumors state top top December 29th. I"m not picking a winner or a favourite in this fight, I simply want to view it happen.
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