Chris lane is a phibìc Carolina nation music singer/songwriter with three albums under his belt by 2021.

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He’s additionally had many #1 hits, including the double-platinum ns Don’t Know around You, the platinum Fix, twin platinum Take back Home Girl v Tori Kelly, and the platinum-certified Big, huge Plans.

He’s also made people magazine’s Sexiest man Alive issue in 2019, got multiple compensation nominations, and appeared on several of the biggest mainstream media shows in the world.

If she a fan of country music, chris Lane might currently be on your radar. And also if so, this is what us know around the phibìc Carolina crooner.

The origin Story

Christopher Eric lane was born on November 9, 1984, in Kernersville, phibìc Carolina.

He hails native a close-knit family and even has actually a pair brother called Cory.

The dynamic duo attended glenn High institution in Forsyth County, a high institution that produced notable alumni like NFL pro footballers kris DeGeare, mockery Hawkins, Tory Woodbury, and the NBA’s mock Howard.

The sports-centric school was fine suited come the lane brothers, with both twins play football and baseball throughout high school.

After graduating indigenous Glenn, they headed to the university of phibìc Carolina in surrounding Charlotte—and lock both play baseball some more.

In a twist of fate, kris was plagued by ACL injuries and also surgeries, which placed a stop to his desires of a pro baseball career—but the did provide him time to learn to pat the guitar.


GettyLane earned many of his wealth from selling duplicates of his albums (Laps roughly the Sun, Girl Problems, and also Let’s Ride) and EPs (Take ago Home and also Fix).

Therefore, country music singer chris Lane has actually an approximated net precious of $2.5 million.

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Check out chris Lane’s fight Fill lock Boots on YouTube—it’s obtained 1.5 million views and climbing.