Forobtain Bruce Wayne and also Peter Parker, we're 99% certain that Chris Brown is ACTUALLY the next massive superhero! Just take a look at his Instagram and also you'll view that it's litter with ideas around his superhero alter ego.

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2. He's (almost) nailed camouflage

You'd need to be a pretty rubbish superhero to be blatantly spotted by the bad males. Breezy's been covertly practicing his camo look, yet he STILL can't shed those trendy jackets. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)


3. He's obtained a rapid ride

What superhero wouldn't have a fast car? Batman's obtained his Batmobile and also Chris has his Lamborghini... which we've determined to call the Breezy-mobile. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)


4. He looks excellent undercover

If The Dark Knight has actually taught us anything, it's that very wealthy superheroes go to formal parties - and also Chris looks smokin' hot in a tux. Move over Bruce Wayne, there's a new smooth mover in town! (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)


5. He's ALREADY gained a sidekick

Batmale and also Robin might be the many well known superhero and sidekick combo, but provide it a couple of years and Chris' daughter Royalty will be whoopin' ass via Breezy! POW! (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

6. He's a worldwide hero

Pitbull can insurance claim to be Mr Worldwide, yet with Chris flying off on his very own exclusive jet all the moment, we're sure he's an worldwide superhero. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

7. He's entirely fearless

Nobody desires a coward as a superhero, and also judging by the amount of ink dotted over Breezy's body, this guy has actually no fears once it concerns pain! (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

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8. He can TOTALLY fly

We never before twigged as soon as heard his track 'Flying Solo' - yet this photo proves it. Chris Brvery own can fly! Move over Superguy. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

9. He's acquired a LOT going on!

Whether it's women, money or bad men, there's constantly SOMETHING going on in eextremely superhero's life. We're 99% sure that this photo was Breezy's subtle method of coming out to us as a completely fledged crime-fighter. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)