Forget Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, we're 99% sure that chris Brown is actually the next large superhero! simply take a look in ~ his Instagram and also you'll view that it's litter with clues about his superhero alter ego.

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2. He's (almost) nailed camouflage

You'd have to be a quite rubbish superhero to it is in blatantly spotted through the bad guys. Breezy's been secretly practicing his camo look, but he still can't shed those trendy jackets. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)


3. He's gained a fast ride

What superhero wouldn't have a fast car? Batman's gained his Batmobile and also Chris has his Lamborghini... I m sorry we've chose to call the Breezy-mobile. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)


4. The looks good undercover

If The Dark Knight has actually taught united state anything, it's that incredibly rich superheroes walk to formal parties - and Chris looks smokin' warm in a tux. Relocate over Bruce Wayne, there's a brand-new smooth mover in town! (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)


5. He's already got a sidekick

Batman and also Robin can be the most famous superhero and also sidekick combo, but give it a couple of years and Chris' daughter aristocracy will be whoopin' ass with Breezy! POW! (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

6. He's a global hero

Pitbull might case to be mr Worldwide, but with chris flying off on his very own private jet every the time, we're certain he's an international superhero. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

7. He's completely fearless

Nobody wants a coward as a superhero, and judging through the lot of squid dotted over Breezy's body, this man has no fears once it pertains to pain! (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

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8. He can entirely fly

We never twigged as soon as heard his monitor 'Flying Solo' - yet this photograph proves it. Chris Brown deserve to fly! move over Superman. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)

9. He's got a LOT walking on!

Whether it's ladies, money or poor guys, there's constantly SOMETHING walking on in every superhero's life. We're 99% sure that this photo was Breezy's subtle way of coming out to us as a totally fledged crime-fighter. (Picture: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial)